New things!

New things are necessary in life. As complex living beings, we all want to grow, improve, and have the best things in life. Whether this is material goods, full bellies, perfect relationships, extravagant worldly trips –  we all want and expect something from this life. New things (change), is how we get these things that we want in life. Take at least one step a day towards what you want in life. This is my new motto.

What I want in this life is to live in the now. I’m 26 years old – an age where rather than spending time thinking about “what” and “who” ill be some day changes to who and what I want to be now. Life is now! We don’t have forever.

One of my passions is running. I’ve always ran alone – around the neighborhood – and I love doing so. I will continue to do so! But lately, I’ve realized that there is a ginormo (yes, that’s a word) community of people all over the world – near and far – who love doing the same thing I do! Running! I want to connect with runners and do more social runs!

I’ve recently shown a social media presence on Twitter and Instagram (keeping Facebook to just family and close friends) – and I am LOVING connecting with runners from all over the place! I mean ALL over the place! It’s so neat to see their different routes, views, and races.

So, as an official introduction to my “running blog,” welcome! I hope you enjoy following me in my journey – runs, meeting new people, trying new things. I can’t wait.

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “New things!

    • jennarunslikeagirl says:

      Thank you so much! Awesome! I’ve been running since forever but just decided to get social with it and I’m loving it! Everyone is so nice and encouraging! Being part of something is really motivational. Thanks for connecting… Have a great day!

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