Running with Phones, a Love Story

Like many (or all) runners, I MUST have my music while running. That’s like, the whole point.

So, I always run with my (ginormo) phone in my hand. I don’t like the arm bands because you cant do anything on the screen (change the song, take a pic…) without bending your arm in ways it’s not meant to. I don’t like putting it in a fanny pack because of the same reason – you have to unzip, pull phone out, adjust tangled headphones… etc – just to find a specific Missy Elliott song.

So, I was pretty content with my (extremely complex) plan: hold phone in hand while running!

Then, I stumbled upon this phone case advertisement that I started to make fun of. It claimed that – with this case – you will never drop your phone on your face again! (laying down scrolling through IG before bed). I totally thought it was an infomercial spoof. Really? Who needs their phone to be literally attached to their hand.

I DO! About 4 seconds into the ad, I decided I NEEDED this thingamajig.

Behold: the Loopy Case! Feast your eyes! Come one, come all!


Why did I NEED it? So that when a giant bug crosses my path while running I don’t jump and FLING my phone into Never land (not that I’ve ever done that before… OK yes, I have). It’s so simple! It’s brilliant! It’s a durable case with a little rubber loop on it so that you can run with your phone in hand for easy access, but also feel the safety of not FLINGING.

Also, its great for giant phones! Now, I can reach the back button on the way upper left corner! Using two hands was such a hassle. Did I mention that it’s affordable, too? About $30. Anyway, I’ve had it for less that 24 hours now and I guess you could say I totally, a hundo, recommend it. Glad I got it in time for my half marathon this weekend – HOLD UP.

Oh yeah, last night I googled “10K Dallas” and ended up signing up for a half marathon. THIS WEEKEND. I’m a freak of nature. BUT I’M SO EXCITED! If you’re a Dallas-ite and wondering which one, it’s the Big D Dallas Marathon in Fair Park.

Can’t wait!

Thanks for reading!


11 thoughts on “Running with Phones, a Love Story

  1. advocarebylori says:

    I like running with the phone in my hand, too! Where did you find this? Have fun on the Big D Marathon! I will be working at Costco this weekend. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  2. garyspinningbanks says:

    Hey Jenna, loved your post. I must have music too but tend to use iPod shuffles just stuffed in my pocket. I need to leave my 6s at home because I am afraid of throwing it in the bushes. 🙂
    Good luck in Dallas. I am a Pace Bunny for the Ottawa Marathon at the end of May.

    Liked by 1 person

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