Winging it (and Vegas)

Happy Saturday!

So, tomorrow I am doing a half marathon. Have I been training for a half marathon? In my own way!

I always see articles and posts about very specific training schedules and plans, and think “maybe I should try that…” yet, I just continue to train on my own. I’ll run 6 miles one day, cycle the next day, do yoga and a short run the next day – I just kind of listen to my body and do what I think is necessary to get a good workout in yet get the recovery and strength training I need.

I do think that I will try to find and stick to a “training plan” sometime before my full marathon in November (IN LAS VEGAS!!!) (more about that later) but for now, I’ve just been winging it! And I’m quite happy and feel like I am totally ready for tomorrow. I guess that’s all that matters, right? Who knows, maybe when I update you guys about how the half went, I’ll retract everything I’ve said. Anyway, for now I’m winging it and hope to have fun and cross the finish line!


I’m so so so excited to tell you that I have officially registered for a full marathon (?!?) in Las Vegas (?!?) I know it’s out there – but I guess with my “wing it” lifestyle, it’s pretty in line with what I’d expect myself to do. I am so, so happy I did it (registered) – I was hesitant at first (26.2 miles? Las Vegas?) but you know, as cliche as it sounds, you really only have one life, and it’s not going to last forever.

If you weren’t afraid of taking risks or failing, what would you do? I’d do a marathon in Las Vegas! EEEK! I seriously can not wait. Counting down the days! (217)

It’s the Rock N’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon (Rock N’ Roll does marathons all over the place, I also want to do Dallas – my hometown – and NOLA). It’s at night (start tine is 4pm) and it’s down the Las Vegas Strip! And I’m going with a couple of my barre buddies! That should be an interesting after-party!

I look forward to updating you guys on tomorrow’s half and on the Las Vegas Marathon (and everything in between)!

Thanks for reading!



8 thoughts on “Winging it (and Vegas)

  1. All the best on your half marathon tomorrow Jenna.]

    And WOW, I admire you for making that Vegas full marathon registration. That 1st one is always SO daunting, but I know you will be awesome.

    Thanks also for the Twitter follow, which led me to your blog! 🙂


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  2. I thought about registering for that Vegas one (the half though). I think I’m going to do the Rock n Roll in San Antonio though in December. All the Rock n Roll ones seem so fun!

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