Training with Coach, DAY 1:

So, I am feeling REALLY, REALLY lucky to be collaborating with Andrew Simmons with Lifelong Endurance to prepare me for my very first full marathon!

This will be my first week – things are great so far! He’s set me up on Training Peaks, my workouts are looking good – everything is in gear! I’m SO excited to get started!

And then… (dun, dun, dun…)

I wake up early Sunday morning (first day of training) to get my first workout in. And it’s my favorite kind of workout! Easy, long jog (1hr, easy pace). I look outside – POURING rain. Ok, no worries. I look at my phone – 8am, 30% chance of rain, the rest of the day, 100% chance of rain. I better go NOW, it’s just going to get worse!

Rushing out the door in my most water resistant clothing (HA!), I start my easy jog. Something’s not right. My left leg near my rear, behind my leg feels tight. It’ll go away once I warm up… I keep stopping to stretch thinking it’ll go away… Not to mention I’m already soaked head to toe; sloshing through puddles. At least it was cool (temperature “cool”). No sun is good sun in my book (you understand if you live in Texas).

So, I go about my easy run with my left leg continuously nagging me with this pain and of course here I am the next day with my left hamstring and knee just not feeling right. Way to fugde up the training schedule, Jenna!!! On the FIRST day! I’m bad at things sometimes.

I think my hammy is strained but don’t think it’s anything TOO bad – hoping a little rest of the leg/not pushing it will get me back in the game. Feeling so bummed, though! First week (first DAY!) of training and already have this going for me. I guess we can’t be 100% not-hurt all of the time. Fortunately, I have plenty of time til the big sha-bang; the full marathon.

Point being, I’ve learned a lot just in the first few days of training. First of all, having a coach is a totally new ball game for me… I’m just an ordinary gal who wants to run a marathon! Yeah, I’ve always been physically active – a runner, a volleyball player, a dog walker – but I’m not breaking any world records. Even so, I really want to succeed and feel like this is an accomplishment, something I’ve really worked for and earned!

I think part of me being bummed about my leg is also feeling like I’d be letting my new coach down. BUT! I’ve since talked to Andrew about the leg, goals, etc, and feel way better about the whole thing. In fact, THIS is what having a coach is all about! Having someone to work with you through the ups AND the downs. Someone to communicate with throughout your fitness journey.

As for the plan: I’m going to work on some strengthening that doesn’t hurt the leg while I give it a few days to heal AND… wait for it… you guessed it… learn how to foam roll! According to coach I’ll be doing it on the reg now.

One more thing (tangent alert) – HUGE Congratulations to ALL that participated in the Boston Marathon yesterday! I really enjoyed seeing all the runners (from behind a computer screen) and ALSO seeing and hearing all the supporters! You are all amazing.

More updates on the training soon!

Thanks for reading!




10 thoughts on “Training with Coach, DAY 1:

  1. Good luck! I’m pretty injury prone and had to pull out of a marathon last year. I completed the same marathon last Sunday and because I pulled out last year this one was even sweeter. Remember, if you get injured (I so hope you don’t!) there is always a plan ‘B’, a plan ‘C’ and so on as plans are not set in stone. Good luck!

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  2. The foam roll was my biggest enemy until I learned how to use it properly. It’s still a love/hate relationship but I’ll take it! I also had a minor hamstring strain and the “rolling pin” massage really helped it out. Keep up the hard work! I hope to hear that I got into my first marathon tomorrow (Chicago)!!

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  3. Ah – so sorry about the hamstring pain. I hope it clears up pretty quickly. Rest/ice/foam rolling is my usual recipe for quick treatment with a minor issue. Hope it works and you’re back at it soon! I’ve never had a coach before but I am thinking of getting someone to create my next marathon plan for me so that I don’t overdo it.
    Good luck! I look forward to reading more about your first marathon journey 🙂

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  4. Thanks for sharing Jenna. I so appreciate running posts that are honest. Yeah, those times when we work through those physical set backs. We all have them.

    It is so good that you are listening to your body. You will be awesome with your upcoming marathon. Keep up the great work! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for the kind words! I really appreciate it! I definitely believe in listening to your body – if you’re going to ask it to do what you want, you have to treat it right! PS. with a few days of rest, foam rolling, and Ibuprofen, the hamstring and knee are already almost back to 100%! So it wasn’t anything too bad, I think I just tweaked that whole leg one day running in the rain. Thanks again for your support!

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