Week 6: Marathon Training

Happy Memorial day! I hope you are all having a great day and remembering our fallen soldiers. I have had a very productive morning, but let’s get straight into this past week and how training went! If you’re new to my blog, I am training for the Rock n Roll Series Las Vegas Marathon (in November). I am fortunate to be working with an amazing coach who is guiding me through these workouts and preparing me for race day. His name is Andrew Simmons with Lifelong Endurance. If you have any questions about how having a coach is going, feel free to ask!

[ week 6 / 24 weeks until 26.2 ]

Sunday – Long run! 8 miles/1:17:58/9:44min pace. Despite it being really HOT this day, I felt good. I had to slow myself down at first (for the first 4ish miles) because my legs just felt great and bouncy! Then the heat started to get to me. Around mile 6, I thought to myself how on earth am I going to finish? I was drenched in sweat. Water was my lifesaver. IMG_4286

Thank you, water!!! So, I did it – and nothing hurt! Just had heavy legs for the last few miles but overall the run felt pretty good. I drew a smiley face in my notes on this run, so it must’ve been pretty good. 🙂

Monday – 3 miles/27:46/9:15min/mile. Today I tried waking up early for a run – that was a no go… (darn snooze button!) but I ended up squeezing in a lunch run. I really was trying to keep my pace at 10min/mile but it ended being 9:15. I still felt like I was keeping an easy, aerobic pace. It was HOT (again!) – lot’s of sweat, sun, and heat. The run started off overcast, but of course just as I begin running the sun beats down (yay, Texas!). The run still felt good. Since it was so short, I didn’t get TOO hot. And I took a little handheld water with me.

I wouldn’t usually bring water on such a short run, but since it’s SO hot in Texas this time of year (it will be 100+ degrees F) I have been bringing at least a handheld on almost every run.

I also did my Monday Gold’s Fit class (Crossfit) and I forgot to take a pic of the board like I usually do so I wrote down as much as I could remember that we did.

Warm-up – arms & chest

Skill – dips and chest press (lots of chest today)

Training – push ups, wall balls, arm-ups (?), back press

(I try to take a pic of what we did because some moves have strange names and I can’t remember what they are 🙂 )


Tuesday – Another nice 3 miles run today – 3miles/28:55. Hot again (85 degrees F) didn’t seem too bad, though, since it was a short one… nonetheless, I was absolutely drenched in sweat afterwards! Sweat is good!


Wednesday – 4:30AM alarm! I tried a spin class at Gold’s Fit this morning. I usually cycle at Flywheel Sports which I LOVE, but this is closer to me, so I tried it out. The class was fine – got a good workout… but it was very different. At Flywheel you use cycling shoes (even if you don’t have any, they rent shoes out to you) and at this place, you strap your shoes in. The bikes are nice – but that part was different for me. I didn’t even know you could tighten the shoe straps so my feet were on the verge of flinging out for the first 10 minutes. I think I’ll like it okay once I get used to the bike… but as of now, I get a much better workout and feel more challenged at Flywheel Sports, so I will continue there at least until my membership contract is up. 🙂

I went ahead and did my run once I got home from spin. 3 miles again. 3miles/28min/9:20min/mile. I was completely SOAKED in sweat after this and cycling. It was great. The run felt really nice since I was already warmed up. All around I felt great during and after this run and felt like I got an awesome workout in – all before 7am! That’s the best feeling.


Thursday – Ran 4.56miles/40 min/8:47 average pace (min/mi). 10 minutes easy, 20 minutes hard (5K effort), 10 min easy.

The run today was a tough one. It was 80 degrees (felt like 90) and 65% humidity. To specify – I don’t quite know what my “5K effort” is – as I am fairly new to the whole racing/training thing. But, I tried to keep a pace that I thought I could hold for the entire 20 minutes, which ended up being about 8:00 min/mile. It was hot again, and I noted that my hamstring was a little tight on this run. Nothing too major.

Friday – 4 miles/37:36/9:24 pace. Stayed aerobic (no heavy breathing) throughout this run (as usual for most runs so far unless hills or sprints are involved). It was rainy and “cool” out (72 degrees) which was nice. Hamstring felt a bit tight again but other than that – mostly due to the nice weather – it was a good run. I did note, though, that I encountered some “questionable” ducks (I’m a city girl, y’all).

Saturday – Rest and recovery day! I had donuts for breakfast and had a great day overall. I wanted to ask if any of you have a really strict diet – or do you eat donuts every once in a while, too? I don’t think the occasional junk food has really effected me… I usually try to eat as many healthy and wholesome foods as I can. I have an extremely fast metabolism (even when I don’t run, eve more so when running) so I try to jam pack everything I eat with healthy foods but also eat donuts once a week and may or may not be eating Cheetos Puffs as I write this blog. Just was wondering your thoughts on that.

Total miles for the week – 25.56

Total miles for the month of May! – 122.40

I hope you all had a great week!

Thanks for reading!

Week 5: Marathon Training

Good morning and Happy Monday! It was hard to wake up with this rainy weather… but here I am! I hope you all have a great start to your week. Let’s get right in to the nitty gritty…

[ week 5 / 25 weeks until 26.2 ]

Sunday – Long run – 8 easy miles, easy pace (10min/mile). This run felt GREAT – I think mostly sue to the fact that the weather was extremely nice. It actually started off chilly and I thought about wearing arm sleeves… didn’t quite end up needing that (was fine in tank top and shorts) but it still was just the perfect amount of chilly for running. I didn’t need a ton of water and didn’t ever feel hot at all. (the BEST feeling). My legs felt great and I was never out of breath.

I just got in the zone, ran to my music and let my legs take me where they wanted to go. I never really have a planned route – just out the front door and run. I ended up running around 2 parks nearby. It was nice to explore. I was really happy about this run feeling great because a month ago, I never ever would’ve considered 8 miles to be “easy.” It’s still a challenge, but with the great weather it was quite honestly very nice.


Monday – Easy 3 mile run. 3 miles at 10min/mile. Did this run right before strength training (I’m doing Gold’s Fit every Monday for strength training). I’ve found that the only way I can get to the class on time at 5:45 is to go to the gym (where the class is) right after work and run on the treadmill – I then go straight to class. I don’t like running on the treadmill, but at least it’s a short run. I think next time I will try to run in the morning, though – then do the class after work. Anything to avoid the treadmill…

The strength training (Gold’s Fit) class was TOUGH this week. So, first you warm up (which is nice since I just finished running) with stretches and things like that. The warm-up today was 8 min x (10 dive bomb push-ups, 10M duck walk, 10 V-ups, 10M bear crawls). Then, you move on to “skill” which, today, was 3 x (10 split squats + dips to failure). For the dips to failure, I did about 4 (I lack a bit in upper body strength). Then you do “training,” which is really getting into the tough stuff. For training, we did 10 x (10 squats + 10 push ups + 10 AbMat sit-ups + 5 burpees). You can adjust reps according to your level. For example, I only did 8 push-ups each time, on my knees.

So, needless to say I was sore the next day.


Tuesday – Did NOT feel like running today. I waited until the LAST minute to get this one in. It was 7pm… about the latest I’ll start a run this time of year (outdoors) because, as a general rule, I don’t run in the dark. My vision isn’t the best, I live in the city, and don’t really have the proper gear for it – so I don’t feel safe. I manage to get my runs in during the daytime.

Anyway, I probably needed to do this workout on a treadmill in order to really do it properly, anyways, but I thought I’d try to do my best outdoors. I did hills today – my first “hill” workout during this training. Though I always encounter hills on all runs, I specifically found the toughest hills I could. So, the workout was 2 miles easy, 10 min uphill, 2 min down, 1 mile easy. Though it wasn’t quite possible to go uphill for 10min straight outdoors, I kept my pace up and went uphill as much as possible. It still felt very challenging – at times I felt like I was sprinting and was going 10min/mile uphill.


Wednesday – 5:30 am spin class! Always so excited for these no matter HOW early they are. For some reason I wasn’t very fast today… well, I didn’t win ALL the sprints… (I’m a bit of a competitive one here, if you haven’t noticed). Also I was EXTREMELY tired after the ride… I went home and had to lay down for a few before I got ready for work. I kept thinking there was no way I’d get my run in today…

I did it, though. I ended up getting my run in after work – and despite being EXHAUSTED that morning – the run actually felt great! I thought for SURE I’d be lagging, dragging heavy legs – you know… one of those runs. But it wasn’t! I felt great and actually had to slow myself down at first. 4 miles felt just right – not too long, not too short.


Thursday – 5 miles/46 min/9:10/mi. I mentioned in my journal that I had a “LONG DAY” at work – this is one of my biggest work events of the year… well, the one time a year when I pretend to be an event coordinator. Anyway, had a terrible headache after work but laid down, took some Excedrin and got ready for my run.

Surprisingly (again), I ended up having an OK run despite all the external factors. It did seem long, though. After about 3 miles I felt DONE. But, I’m glad I pushed on. I went around the park and I felt so, so much better after my run. Headache gone, energy back, feeling good!


Friday – 5 miles/9:21 pace. By Friday I was thinking to myself, how am I possibly going to run 5 miles today? I got out there… started off at about an 11:00/mile pace feeling stiff and  tired. It was one of those days I just wanted to think of excuses. But I know these are the days that make you stronger.

I kept thinking – there’s no way I can do this for 5 miles… But I felt better (finally!) after about 3 miles. It took that long for me to really warm up and get in the zone. I just kept trudging along and managed a 9:21 pace (goal was 9:30). One thing helping me overcome those thoughts of doubt was the reminder that tomorrow was going to be rest day!


Saturday – Much needed rest day! It really did the trick, too – I felt completely and fully recovered after today in order to get back at it on Sunday.

Total miles for the week – 29.3

HUGE THANKS as always to my amazing coach, Andrew Simmons with Lifelong Endurance, for guiding me through my training journey. Having a coach and having these runs and workouts lined up for me is helping IMMENSELY. I am really enjoying the challenge of the marathon training and will proudly thank my coach not only on the day of the Rock ‘n Roll Las Vegas Marathon, but for years to come. This is an experience I will never forget.

I also want to thank all of YOU – the AMAZING running community. You are all so, so supportive, kind, and encouraging. I truly think that runners are the happiest kind of people on this earth. I hope to encourage you as well.

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it” – Greg Anderson.

Thanks for reading!

Week 4: Marathon Training

Happy Monday, again! I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to show this week who’s boss. I sure am – I have an OOBER busy week at work, but have my workout classes booked, runs planned (thanks, Coach!), a fridge full of food, and managed to clean all my laundry (which is 88% running clothes)! No excuses!

So, let’s get right into how this week went.

[ week 4 / 26 weeks until 26.2 ]

Sunday – Sunday RUNday! Long run (7.5 miles planned, actually ended up doing 7.78) – first 1:00:00 easy (10 min/mile), last 15:00 moderate breathing. Last half mile was challenging and my legs felt heavy. Though the first 3-4 miles seemed to go by quickly, I was definitely feeling “done” at the 7.5 mile mark. The weather was pretty nice today, nice and overcast.


Monday – 30 min/3miles – on the treadmill. I truly avoid the treadmill at all costs. I’d rather run in pouring rain, even snow. But, I was doing a Gold’s Fit class at the gym and in order to get there on time I squeezed in my run right before at the gym… at least it was a short and slow 3 miles. I feel like I run weird on a treadmill.

The Gold’s Fit (like Crossfit) class was HARD today. I mean, I hung in there but was seriously struggling. I’ll admit, the push-ups really got me. Here’s what we did –

5x (15 box jumps, 20 goblet squats, 20 push ups, 20 Kettle Bell swings, 20 ring rows, 20 hollow rocks)

We had 6 min for each set, so did this for 30 min.


Tuesday – Tempo run – 42:00/4.62 miles/9:06/mi. Butt kicks, high knee warm-up, 7x (1:00 hard, 1:00easy, 2:00 hard, 2:00 easy). Time went by pretty fast since I was so focused on time, but it was a challenge. My “hard” times ended up being around 8:00/mi, “easy” was about 10:00/mi. My chest was REALLY sore from Gold’s Fit (nothing was too sore to effect my running gait or anything, I just noted in my journal that I was very sore in the chest area… thanks push-ups!)

Wednesday – Easy run – 40:00/4.08/mile (about 10:00/mile pace). It was hot today, 88 degrees (I shouldn’t complain yet). Did an evening run, noted that I was dodging lots of kids on bikes. Had a little tiny twinge in my knee after a few miles but I stretched and that went away. Lots of hills this run, too. One of those days where I felt speedy… caught myself going about 8:30/mile to start and had to slow myself down.

Thursday – 5miles/47:27 – took a few miles to get in the groove on this run, quite the opposite of yesterday, felt like I was going 8:00/mile but really was doing about 11:00/mile to start… (blame the watch!) but after a mile or two I got into it and found my steady pace. It actually turned out to be a nice run and a lovely night.


Friday – Today it was really hard to wake up – alarm went off at 4:30AM for a spin class. I was still sore from Gold’s Fit and had just finished that 5mile run last night, but drug myself out of bed and I’m so glad I did. I LOVE my spin classes. It felt great to get my sweat on and jam out. Needed some coffee afterwards knowing I had work then another 5 mile run later that evening.

The run was tough – I was pretty tired and so busy that I didn’t eat as much as I probably should have that day. The run felt OK at first, but was ready to be done at about 3miles. I pushed through and, as usual, was glad I did. I felt good afterwards, especially since I knew that the next day I had a rest day!


Saturday – Recovery day! I ate lots of delicious food and rested up! Lots of couch-lounging!

Total miles for the week – 29.48

I hope you all had a great week and I can’t wait to update you on THIS week already! I’m feeling really excited and optimistic about my training and am truly enjoying the journey to 26.2. Nobody said it would be easy (and it’s not), but it really pushes you to stay on top of your game, be accountable, make NO excuses, and dig deep!

THANK YOU again to Andrew Simmons with Lifelong Endurance for providing me with these workouts and guiding me through my training. If you guys are interested, feel free to click for details and reach out to them if you have any coaching needs! I know I’ve said this before, but I’m learning more and more through this process that coaching isn’t just for professionals or people wanting to Boston Qualify… I’m just your ordinary gal who loves running… and I have already benefited SO, so much from having a coach.

I hope to show you what it’s like through my weekly workouts but please feel free to let me know, too, if you have any other questions about how coaching/training/anything else is going! I LOVE having you guys to talk about these things with. The online running community has been SO incredibly motivating and encouraging and I hope to do the same! Thank you all!

Thanks for reading!

Orange Mud HydraQuiver: Review

This is just a brief review on the Orange Mud HydraQuiver (Single Barrel). Some of you were wondering my thoughts on this.

If you’re wondering why I chose this hydration vest – Orange Mud sponsored a Bibrave #Bibchat in which I won this! And I’m so, SO glad I did. (Check out @Bibrave on Twitter for details on that).


Here’s a photo of it:


As you can see, it has straps like a backpack (no front straps). This was my first ever hydration pack/vest of any kind so I was a bit skeptical… thinking it would probably jiggle around a lot and the water bottle would fall out, etc. After using it on my long run yesterday I quickly learned that it did none of these things. It truly stayed in place (I didn’t feel like I was running with a backpack on), I didn’t notice the water sloshing around at ALL, AND the water bottle was surprisingly easy to get in and out of the holster.

After about a mile, I had to reach back and make sure the water bottle was still there – it truly felt so light and non-bouncy, I thought something must be wrong… but sure enough, it was still there!

Ok, time to test it out and get a sip of water. I reach back and grab the bottle (no problem) and think “OK, getting this thing back in is going to be fun…”

I just aimed for the holster and pushed it in… and it just went right back in it’s spot… didn’t have the jam it or shove it in… or really even aim very accurately. The opening of the holster for the water bottle is big so that you can get it back in easily. It’s more snug at the bottom of the holster so that the bottle still stays in place.

There’s padding on the vest making it comfortable, yet breathable (I didn’t get any more hot and sweat than I normally would), it had two pockets on the straps that would easily fit 2, maybe 3 gels each or probably a small iPod, and a zipper pocket that you could put a key, money, ID, granola bar… etc. I didn’t test putting my phone in it – I have an iPhone 6S+, so it doesn’t fit in ANYthing… and I doubt it would fit in the zipper pocket, but it may fit a smaller phone (I’m not 100% on that).

The straps are comfortable – I thought I’d get irritation/chafing, but not at all. The straps don’t need to be SUPER tight or anything… at first I had them so tight I couldn’t move my arms, because, ya know, I wanted it to stay on… but I found that if you just keep them a bit loose, the thing will really stay put – and it won’t irritate your pits (it didn’t irritate mine… I’m sure a little Body Glide wouldn’t hurt, though).

As for the actual water bottle – it’s a water bottle. Not much else to say… I think its about average size, so I suspect you’d be able to use other water bottles in the holster if you had a special preference.

The overall design seems really well thought out. I’m really happy to have received this and know for a fact that it will be getting LOTS AND LOTS of use. It may as well just be attached to me. I really like it.

Just as an FYI – I have never used a hydration vest with a bladder (or any other hydration vest for that matter) – so I don’t have a comparison for you, but I hope this helps if you were looking at this one and wondering how it works.

It also comes in orange and pink – and they also have a Double Barrel version (holds two water bottles).

Hope this helped!


Thanks for reading!

***UPDATE*** the zipper pocket DOES fit an iPhone 6 PLUS! I’m even more in love!!! Not that I will put it there all the time, but it’s nice to have the option. The zipper opens and essentially opens up to the entire vest (you can put your whole hand in there). I wouldn’t put anything you need easy access to in there, but it’s nice that it can carry something if needed. It even has a little headphone hole so you can put your phone in there and listen to music! I actually really like running with my phone in the pocket!

Week 3: Marathon Training

Happy Monday!

This past week of training went really well. I feel like I’m on track and kind of getting the hang of how things are going. I also have a pretty solid plan for what I’ll be doing for cross training (Gold’s Fit class 1x/wk, Swim at least 1x/week, cycle at least 1x/week – on run days, so I can still have my off day).

AND! I started a journal so that I can better keep track of how my workouts went so I can be a little more detailed for you guys. It’s also been nice to jot things down afterwards and reflect a little bit.


[ week 3 / 27 weeks until 26.2 ]

Sunday – Skyline Half/10K/5K (I did 10K, or about 6 miles), I wrote a bit about this in my previous post. It was really fun! And just a PERFECT day. I kept about an 8:30 pace and, though not really having a “goal time” since this was my first official 10K, finished in 55min (to my surprise pulled 5th in my age group!)

I also did a short swim Sunday after the race – I had all this energy and wanted to use my brand new gym membership. Really loving having access to a pool! I just did 750yds. It felt great. I was definitely ready for a large meal and a nap afterwards.

IMG_3016 IMG_3088

Monday – 30:00min run easy – 3.14miles. Ok, I clearly need to work on my note-taking skills – in my journal I wrote, “felt good.” I think it’s hard to say a lot about a short, easy run. It just kind of either feels good, or doesn’t.

I also did a one-hour Gold’s Fit class (Cross Fit). This was my first class like this. I think it’s just what I need in the mix to help with my strength training. Coach gives me strength training exercises, but it’s nice to have a class to follow – especially when strength training is something you somewhat dread and is like a foreign language to you.

I was definitely sore after this class (good thing!) – we did “challenging new moves,” per my journal, wall balls, squats, chest presses, things of this nature. I did think it would be a little more fast paced than it was, but maybe it just seemed this way because I wasn’t lifting heavy (we had time in between reps, which I could see necessary for those working with heavier weight). I’ll be going again this week, so I’ll keep you updated on how the class changes/doesn’t change or differs by instructor. I think it’ll be really different each time.


Tuesday – Tempo run, 42:21, 4.59 miles, 9:13/mi – this was a really interesting run for me. I had never done anything quite like this. I actually really enjoyed it. I was feeling great that day, the weather was nice, and time FLEW as I focused on my watch and keeping time. Coach listed in Training Peaks: 1 mile easy, 8x(:40 hard, 1:20 easy, continuous), 1 mile easy. I had never focused on time so much – since this run, it’s basically been x miles easy, y miles hard – or something to that extent. So, I enjoyed this challenge. I also took an etirely new route this day – so new things all around! It was a nice change of pace (literally).


Wednesday – EARLY morning run to beat the heat! Alarm went off at 4:30am, then 4:40am, 4:45… it was hard to drag myself out of bed – suddenly that Gold’s Fit class hit me and muscles were sore that I didn’t even know existed. I got up and out the door and did another easy 30:00min jog 10min pace/3 miles easy. I wasn’t SO sore that it was difficult to run or changed my gait or anything like that, in fact – it was mostly my upper body that was sore. Running actually felt good and loosened up those sore muscles. It felt ESPECIALLY good because it was actually CHILLY out (What!??? I live in Texas, y’all). I actually wore my arm sleeves AND they didn’t even come off!!! (?!). It was ah-maze-ing.

I jotted down that I really wanted to do a cycling class after work, but didn’t. With running 6 days/week now, I can’t cycle as much as I’d like to (yet!) or else I’d be, as coach says, “pooped.” Pooped, indeed… my body was content with ending the workout at 3 easy miles today. Hopefully once I adjust to this amount of running I can get more than 1 spin class in per week… plus swim… and Cross Fit… there’s just too much I want to do! I think I genuinely love cross-training just as much as running. I love switching it up.

Thursday – Easy 4 miles – 37:34, 9:23/mile. Woke up early again to beat the heat, and my body was not enjoying the whole “waking up” part… but I did it and got my run in. It was cold again this morning! (Yay!) Waking up early really helped this week – it was chilly in the mornings, but 80+ by mid-day. Today my legs/body/cardio felt GREAT – like I could just keep going and going. I wanted again to cycle after work, but held off as I knew the next day I was waking up at 4:30am (again) to cycle and do a progression run.

Friday – 4:30am alarm! I must be getting used to it, because the alarms didn’t seem as evil today. Today I put in work (or, dare I say, Torque). Spin class early morning (got 1st on the ‘Torq’ board and 1st in all the sprints… I must admit I’m a speedy devil and LOVE the competition of those sprints… my favorite!!! Excited just thinking about it!) Anyway, spin class was over by 6:30am, went home then got ready for my progression run.

Fortunately it was still nice and cool out at this time. I did 5 miles, 44:35, 8:55 avg pace. What is it called when your split time is faster each mile? Well, I did that thing! And I am oober proud of myself. My splits for each of the 5 miles: 9:12, 9:03, 9:00, 8:48, 8:32. Knocked off just a few seconds each mile and am super happy with that. I felt like this was a really productive run – my body/legs/cardio felt great yet I felt challenged. I also knew the next day was rest day!



Saturday – Rest day! My body needed it. I slept about 18 hours Friday night and even took a nap on Saturday. I’d say I nailed recovery day.

Sunday – Long run day! Sunday “RUNday,” as I officially call it. Right now my long run distance is at 7.5 miles (I see Coach is upping it by .5 or 1 mile each time! Next week is 8!) 7.5 feels “long” to me right now, and it felt like what it was – a long run. But it felt good. Nothing was hurting (knees, hamstring, anything like that), so I consider a run with no pain, a good run. For the first hour of this run it was an easy, 10min/mile pace and for the last 15min, I stepped it up bit to get to heavier breathing. The first 3-4 miles went by like THAT! It felt really nice out this morning, too, which helped. The last half mile was a challenge – heavy breathing, heavy legs, but all-over a good run.


So here we are! The start of week FOUR! I have a feeling this training is going to go by so fast. Next thing you know I’ll be in Vegas at that start line…

Thank you, thank you to Andrew Simmons with Lifelong Endurance for coaching me through my journey to 26.2. If you guys have any questions about how coaching is going, feel free to ask! Hopefully you can get an idea from my weekly workouts, but I’m happy to answer any other questions you might have! This is a new experience for me and I’m all for an honest opinion and hope to relate, help, and motivate others through my experience!

Thanks for reading!


Week 2: Marathon Training

Before I update on this week’s training – I did a 10K this morning! I was super excited because, right now, 6 miles is my sweet spot – not too short, not too long. I don’t feel dead after running 6 miles but also feel like I put in some work. Anything LONGER than 6 miles (right now) is challenging for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love a challenge (as you can likely tell), BUT it’s nice to do a run in your comfort zone sometimes.

Anyway, I aimed to keep about an 8:30 pace the whole way but ended up averaging 8:40something. To my surprise I placed 5th in my age group! Woo hoo! So what was this race? It was the Skyline Half/10K/5K (I did 10K) in Dallas. I had never done it before but will DEFINITELY be doing it again next year… it was great! Well organized, BEAUTIFUL day, great route, awesome view of Dallas, not too crowded, nice post-race snacks and natural photo ops… the list goes on. I had a LOT of fun. I did review the race on BibRave, so if you’re into knowing details, feel free to check it out here!

So, back to the training deets – it went really well this week! The hamstring is feeling fine and my legs finally feel back to “normal” after the half marathon a few weeks ago. So, this is what my week looked like:

[ week 2 / 28 weeks until 26.2 ]

Sunday – long run (1:15/7.05mi) hamstring still felt a little tight

Monday – easy run (30min/3.1mi)

Tuesday – tempo run (39min/4.06mi)

Wednesday – 45min indoor bike (22.5mi), easy run (29min/3mi) – legs felt GREAT after today, back to “normal”

Thursday – “Fit Test” (4.34min/4.06mi)- dynamic warm up, 10min easy, 20min all-out effort, 10min easy – this was for my coach to see where I am – during both 10min easy I was at about a 10-11min pace, and surprisingly not too much faster during the 20min “fit test,” I thought I could go faster than I did for 20 min but my average pace ended up being 9:50/mi.

Also swam (875 yds/21min)

Friday – easy run (38min/4mi)

Saturday – recovery day!

So, I felt good about this past week and am excited to keep at it! Tomorrow will be doing an easy run and a “Gold’s Fit” class to get some strength training in (Gold’s Gym’s version of crossfit) – I’ve never done a class like this before, so I’m excited to give it a try and let you guys know how it goes!

HUGE thank you to my coach, Andrew Simmons with Lifelong Endurance for setting me up with these workouts and being in constant contact with me. He even took the time to send me some special exercises that should help with my hamstring and my knee issues. Thanks for being there to answer my questions and adjust my workouts according to my needs! Though I have a ways to go, I feel truly confident about my upcoming training and am positive that I will feel prepared on that marathon start line! (Andrew also has a blog! https://runwestward.wordpress.com/)

I hope you all are well and had a wonderful week! Don’t forget I’ll be posting more updates (and mini-workout videos demonstrating some of Andrew’s “super duper strength workout for runners”) on my IG and Twitter!

Thanks for reading!