Orange Mud HydraQuiver: Review

This is just a brief review on the Orange Mud HydraQuiver (Single Barrel). Some of you were wondering my thoughts on this.

If you’re wondering why I chose this hydration vest – Orange Mud sponsored a Bibrave #Bibchat in which I won this! And I’m so, SO glad I did. (Check out @Bibrave on Twitter for details on that).


Here’s a photo of it:


As you can see, it has straps like a backpack (no front straps). This was my first ever hydration pack/vest of any kind so I was a bit skeptical… thinking it would probably jiggle around a lot and the water bottle would fall out, etc. After using it on my long run yesterday I quickly learned that it did none of these things. It truly stayed in place (I didn’t feel like I was running with a backpack on), I didn’t notice the water sloshing around at ALL, AND the water bottle was surprisingly easy to get in and out of the holster.

After about a mile, I had to reach back and make sure the water bottle was still there – it truly felt so light and non-bouncy, I thought something must be wrong… but sure enough, it was still there!

Ok, time to test it out and get a sip of water. I reach back and grab the bottle (no problem) and think “OK, getting this thing back in is going to be fun…”

I just aimed for the holster and pushed it in… and it just went right back in it’s spot… didn’t have the jam it or shove it in… or really even aim very accurately. The opening of the holster for the water bottle is big so that you can get it back in easily. It’s more snug at the bottom of the holster so that the bottle still stays in place.

There’s padding on the vest making it comfortable, yet breathable (I didn’t get any more hot and sweat than I normally would), it had two pockets on the straps that would easily fit 2, maybe 3 gels each or probably a small iPod, and a zipper pocket that you could put a key, money, ID, granola bar… etc. I didn’t test putting my phone in it – I have an iPhone 6S+, so it doesn’t fit in ANYthing… and I doubt it would fit in the zipper pocket, but it may fit a smaller phone (I’m not 100% on that).

The straps are comfortable – I thought I’d get irritation/chafing, but not at all. The straps don’t need to be SUPER tight or anything… at first I had them so tight I couldn’t move my arms, because, ya know, I wanted it to stay on… but I found that if you just keep them a bit loose, the thing will really stay put – and it won’t irritate your pits (it didn’t irritate mine… I’m sure a little Body Glide wouldn’t hurt, though).

As for the actual water bottle – it’s a water bottle. Not much else to say… I think its about average size, so I suspect you’d be able to use other water bottles in the holster if you had a special preference.

The overall design seems really well thought out. I’m really happy to have received this and know for a fact that it will be getting LOTS AND LOTS of use. It may as well just be attached to me. I really like it.

Just as an FYI – I have never used a hydration vest with a bladder (or any other hydration vest for that matter) – so I don’t have a comparison for you, but I hope this helps if you were looking at this one and wondering how it works.

It also comes in orange and pink – and they also have a Double Barrel version (holds two water bottles).

Hope this helped!


Thanks for reading!

***UPDATE*** the zipper pocket DOES fit an iPhone 6 PLUS! I’m even more in love!!! Not that I will put it there all the time, but it’s nice to have the option. The zipper opens and essentially opens up to the entire vest (you can put your whole hand in there). I wouldn’t put anything you need easy access to in there, but it’s nice that it can carry something if needed. It even has a little headphone hole so you can put your phone in there and listen to music! I actually really like running with my phone in the pocket!

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