Week 4: Marathon Training

Happy Monday, again! I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to show this week who’s boss. I sure am – I have an OOBER busy week at work, but have my workout classes booked, runs planned (thanks, Coach!), a fridge full of food, and managed to clean all my laundry (which is 88% running clothes)! No excuses!

So, let’s get right into how this week went.

[ week 4 / 26 weeks until 26.2ย ]

Sunday – Sunday RUNday! Long run (7.5 miles planned, actually ended up doing 7.78) – first 1:00:00 easy (10 min/mile), last 15:00 moderate breathing. Last half mile was challenging and my legs felt heavy. Though the first 3-4 miles seemed to go by quickly, I was definitely feeling “done” at the 7.5 mile mark. The weather was pretty nice today, nice and overcast.


Monday – 30 min/3miles – on the treadmill. I truly avoid the treadmill at all costs. I’d rather run in pouring rain, even snow. But, I was doing a Gold’s Fit class at the gym and in order to get there on time I squeezed in my run right before at the gym… at least it was a short and slow 3 miles. I feel like I run weird on a treadmill.

The Gold’s Fit (like Crossfit) class was HARD today. I mean, I hung in there but was seriously struggling. I’ll admit, the push-ups really got me. Here’s what we did –

5x (15 box jumps, 20 goblet squats, 20 push ups, 20 Kettle Bell swings, 20 ring rows, 20 hollow rocks)

We had 6 min for each set, so did this for 30 min.


Tuesday – Tempo run – 42:00/4.62 miles/9:06/mi. Butt kicks, high knee warm-up, 7x (1:00 hard, 1:00easy, 2:00 hard, 2:00 easy). Time went by pretty fast since I was so focused on time, but it was a challenge. My “hard” times ended up being around 8:00/mi, “easy” was about 10:00/mi. My chest was REALLY sore from Gold’s Fit (nothing was too sore to effect my running gait or anything, I just noted in my journal that I was very sore in the chest area… thanks push-ups!)

Wednesday – Easy run – 40:00/4.08/mile (about 10:00/mile pace). It was hot today, 88 degrees (I shouldn’t complain yet). Did an evening run, noted that I was dodging lots of kids on bikes. Had a little tiny twinge in my knee after a few miles but I stretched and that went away. Lots of hills this run, too. One of those days where I felt speedy… caught myself going about 8:30/mile to start and had to slow myself down.

Thursday – 5miles/47:27 – took a few miles to get in the groove on this run, quite the opposite of yesterday, felt like I was going 8:00/mile but really was doing about 11:00/mile to start… (blame the watch!) but after a mile or two I got into it and found my steady pace. It actually turned out to be a nice run and a lovely night.


Friday – Today it was really hard to wake up – alarm went off at 4:30AM for a spin class. I was still sore from Gold’s Fit and had just finished that 5mile run last night, but drug myself out of bed and I’m so glad I did. I LOVE my spin classes. It felt great to get my sweat on and jam out. Needed some coffee afterwards knowing I had work then another 5 mile run later that evening.

The run was tough – I was pretty tired and so busy that I didn’t eat as much as I probably should have that day. The run felt OK at first, but was ready to be done at about 3miles. I pushed through and, as usual, was glad I did. I felt good afterwards, especially since I knew that the next day I had a rest day!


Saturday – Recovery day! I ate lots of delicious food and rested up! Lots of couch-lounging!

Total miles for the week – 29.48

I hope you all had a great week and I can’t wait to update you on THIS week already! I’m feeling really excited and optimistic about my training and am truly enjoying the journey to 26.2. Nobody said it would be easy (and it’s not), but it really pushes you to stay on top of your game, be accountable, make NO excuses, and dig deep!

THANK YOU again to Andrew Simmons with Lifelong Endurance for providing me with these workouts and guiding me through my training. If you guys are interested, feel free to click for details and reach out to them if you have any coaching needs! I know I’ve said this before, but I’m learning more and more through this process that coaching isn’t just for professionals or people wanting to Boston Qualify… I’m just your ordinary gal who loves running… and I have already benefited SO, so much from having a coach.

I hope to show you what it’s like through my weekly workouts but please feel free to let me know, too, if you have any other questions about how coaching/training/anything else is going! I LOVE having you guys to talk about these things with. The online running community has been SO incredibly motivating and encouraging and I hope to do the same! Thank you all!

Thanks for reading!

19 thoughts on “Week 4: Marathon Training

  1. I think you are really putting together a great training plan.Your scheduled longs runs are perfect. Slow and steady increases as the weeks go by.You have nothing but time.Dont worry about the heavy legs, normal, and prepares you for what might or might not happen in the late stages of your race.I don’t think it will since both you and your coach have put together a great plan. You will be amazed at how quickly the first 13 or 15 miles of a marathon go.Great week – Not trying to overstep the boundaries of your coach.

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    1. Not at all, Joey! Thank you for the kind words and encouragement. Coach is defiantly putting together a great plan for me and I fully trust that I will be prepared come race day. I have already noticed that the distances are going by faster. It really depends on the day, though. Some days even 4 miles seems like asking a lot. Hanging in there! Thanks again for reading and the kind words!


      1. That is awesome – the RnR events are so much fun, a great party and commemorative bling!! Done several over the past couple years and will be running our hometown one in Seattle again next month! Good luck with your training and racing.

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  2. You ARE having hot weather where you are Jenna…wow 88 degrees. We had a bit of snow on Sunday, but it did not stay. I know the warmer weather is on its way. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love your discipline and your motivation Jenna. The Gold’s Fit class sounds really gruelling, but I know it will pay dividends.

    You are doing awesome, and are going to be SOOO prepared for your marathon.

    Have a wonderful rest of the week! ๐Ÿ™‚


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    1. Thank you so much!!! I hope so ๐Ÿ™‚ and yes, I am feeling that Golds Fit class today… Hoping it will help with some muscle imbalances though. Thanks for the kind words and I can’t believe you had snow!!! I wish I could send you a few degrees ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Hi, as you move towards the middle stages of your marathon training it is all about finding that right balance between running and recovery. In my experience (Sub 2:35 marathons) the importance of any program is that long run. Try and grab rest or easy days when you can.As you progress in building up the weekly mileage legs will tire.Summer heat also takes a toll on your runs. Friday โ€“ ( Today it was really hard to wake up โ€“ alarm went off at 4:30AM for a spin class. I was still sore from Goldโ€™s Fit and had just finished that 5mile run last night, but drug myself out of bed and Iโ€™m so glad I did. I LOVE my spin classes. It felt great to get my sweat on and jam out. Needed some coffee afterwards knowing I had work then another 5 mile run later that evening.) Start thinking about cutting back on this a little bit.It would have been ok to skip the spin or the 5 mile run. Think long term – This can cause tired legs in Sept or Oct, not what you want. Trust me, been there done that LOL.We often think of sacrifice as doing the extra workouts.However, it also means sacrificing some of the sports we enjoy just until the marathon is completed.Your goal is to reach August and September ready for those 20’s that must be done.Not trying to overstep. You can finish a marathon or RUN a marathon.Two different things.You don’t strike me as the type that just want’s to finish.Read 14 minutes and Duel in the Sun. Shows how important rest is.Dont be afraid to shorten a workout.Look for a half in July and August to test yourself. Please realize that I never mean to come across as a know it all.We all just learn and owe it to each other to pay it forward. Good luck-I will check in from time to time before your BIG DAY. EAT – GET SOME CARBS ON FOODIE FRIDAY LOL.

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    1. Ron, thank you for the advise! I really appreciate taking your time to talk about your experience. I agree – and I have cut down on the cycling. I just love it and hope to do it once a week or maybe a couple times a month. I am sticking to Coach’s run workouts, which is 6 days/week (1 long run a week). I am seeing how the long run is most important. My rest day is the day before my long run, which actually helps I think. I have been really good at resting on rest day! I always listen to my body and, though I like to push myself, I am always aware of anything that seems out of the ordinary and will rest. And yes – I am ALWAYS eating! Will do! Thanks again for your words of advise and encouragement!


  4. Sounds good.6 days a week is about what it takes. Believe me ,I get it with the biking, and have to cut back on it myself when training for the marathon. Next stop Tour de France then I will complain about having to cut back on the running LOL.Good luck to you my friend.

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  5. Looks like you had another great week of training that ended with a gutty 8 miler. Money in the running bank! The hot days do drain you however,as you know acclimation will kick in. As I mentioned in the past, Bill Rodgers would crank up the heat in his apt during the summer in preparation for the warm weather races. You are doing Vegas even in November – you never know.Soon those cool Texas days we expect that house heat up LOL. You are really in that zone-such a great feeling.46 minute workouts in Texas heat is some GOOD RUNNIG! Keep up the great mid-week workouts.What you do now pays off so much in the fall. Keep posting, you are motivating even the seasond runners who sometimes need to be reminded of the fun this hobby brings us!


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