Week 10: Marathon Training

Once again, nobody said it was going to be easy. That’s what I keep telling myself.

So, let’s see how this week went!

[ week 10 / 20 weeks until 26.2 ]

Sunday – Long run – 8 miles, 1:11:09, 8:53 min/mile pace.

I got my run in early today to beat the heat (which makes a HUGE difference) and it worked – it wasn’t too hot yet. Nevertheless, 8 miles was still tough. I kept rationalizing how many miles I had left… in one more mile, I’ll only have one more mile!… point-nine more miles then I’ll only have one more mile! Then, the hills killed me at the end (there are a few unavoidable hills in my area). But! I did it. I gave it my all.


Monday – 3 easy miles and Gold’s Fit (Cross fit) class.

I went all out today! This was by far the toughest workout I’ve had in a while. The Gold’s Fit class that we did was named one of the top 3 “toughest workouts of all time.” I forgot to take a picture of the board that listed everything we did… but it involved not only strength, but endurance. Burpees were involved. I toughed it out to the very end (many of the class members were understandably done about 2/3 of the way through) so I’m proud of myself for that. Very proud.

That made my 3 miles run really fun. Really, though – I wrote down in my journal that “I didn’t think I would make it.” I felt “oober wobbly” from the workout, but I felt capable. I wasn’t to the point where I thought I was going to hurt myself or anything like that, though. I was just to the point where I had to dig deep within myself and pull out the mega-super-motivation! And I did. I managed an easy pace of 9:28 min/mile for 3 miles. Needless to say, I felt like Super Woman after this workout. Completely and utterly exhausted Super Woman.


Tuesday – 4 miles, 37:19, 9:20 min/mile pace.

I was sore/tired from the workout yesterday but running at this pace felt OK. I’m starting to get used to the hot weather. It was 97F, “feels like” 107, on this run but it actually didn’t seem too bad. Sounds suspicious, I know. But really. It wasn’t bad! Until the last mile… it seemed like FOR – EV – ER. But, once again, I made it!


Wednesday – 5 miles, 45:55, 9:11 min/mile pace.

I didn’t think I could do my run today.

I was exhausted, sore, (from strength training on Monday), and did I say exhausted? I’ve been having to get to work super early and work a bit longer lately and just have a lot of life happening in general (like everyone else) and I just did not think I could pull the mega-super-motivation out of me today.

But I did.

And to my surprise, the miles flew by (what?!). Once I got going, I felt good. I waited for the sun to go down a bit and, though it was 95 degrees out, it didn’t feel too bad (I know, I know… just trust me). I felt great after this run and was simply proud that I did it (and even beat my goal of a 9:15min/mile pace!). Whew.


Thursday – Tempo run – 5 miles, 43:31, 8:42 min/mile pace.

For the first time really this week, I was eager to get out there for this run! I added a few songs to my running playlist and was ready to jam out and get my sweat on. I felt great. Especially for the first 2-3 miles. The last mile really got me with my pace being a little faster and the heat really kicking in. Overall, a great run. Coach noted first 2.5 miles easy, last 2.5 hard. My “easy” today was about 9:00-9:15min/mile and my “hard” was about 8:15-9:00min/mile.


Friday – 4 easy miles, 36:08, 9:02min/mile and cross-train (cycle) 45 minutes.

The run felt good – heat got to me on that last mile again but other than that, nothing is currently hurting or aching so life is good. My bigger water bottle is really helping with the heat, too. I went straight to spin class after and was pumped (LOVE my spin classes!!!). I did a 45 min class and it was intense… definitely got my sweat on. It was hard. I did well but my legs felt lethargic (well you did just run..duh!) but for some reason if I cycle then run, I don’t notice any lethargy or feel slow. Today was the first time I did it the other way around (run the bike) and I noticed a huge difference! Has anyone else noticed this? Anyway, I kept reminding myself tomorrow is rest day… tomorrow is rest day… and that helped. I was wiped out after this workout (in a good way). I was more than ready for rest day!


Saturday – Rest day! I did do yoga again this week and it felt great. It was a little more stretch-focused and less flow-focused, which is what I was looking for. Who knows maybe I will be able to touch my toes after a while! (tight hamstrings are something I’ve been used to since… forever). All in all I had a very successful rest day!

Total miles for the week (running only) – 29

I am SO, SO thankful for Coach Andrew Simmons with Lifelong Endurance for planning out my workouts and allowing me to focus on my training while trusting that all the effort I put in is going to get me to my goal (full marathon). I know for a fact that I am in great hands and after working with him now for 10 weeks, would definitely recommend him to runners and athletes of any level. I am not a professional by any means and I think a lot of people (including myself) are intimidated at the thought of reaching out to a coach. You won’t regret it. Training plans are great – but personalized training plans, constant encouragement, and reliable contact you have with a coach is priceless.


Do you ever run + bike back-to-back? Do you prefer one first then the other?

What are you reading or watching?

Are you training for an upcoming race? 


Thank you all for reading, you are so amazing and encouraging!



How to Properly Fuel During A Marathon

If you’re like me, and starting to run longer distances and perhaps training for a full marathon or other endurance events – you may be wondering what all this talk about energy “gels” or “chews” is.

What is an energy supplement? Why do we need energy supplements? How do you choose a gel or energy supplement? When do you use them? How do you use them?

Trust me; I had all of these questions, too. I am teaming up with Glukos Energy and have done a bit of research in hopes to answer some of these questions and give you a perspective on fueling. Like they say, you get out what you put in. So, if you expect maximum results and effort from your body, you should certainly think about what you are putting in to your body! Simple as that!

So, let’s dig in and keep in mind I’m not an expert. I’m just a fellow runner putting together some information in hopes to help. Also, as an FYI, I will be mentioning Glukos Energy but all opinions are my own!

What is an energy supplement?

An energy supplement is something that you eat or drink in order to gain quick energy. The absorption into the body needs to be very quick because you are eating/drinking during your run. If the energy isn’t absorbed until, say, an hour later, you may possibly already be finished with your event! So the idea is to eat something that will quickly be absorbed – this is why the energy supplements are in the form of a gel, chew, or drink.


Gels come in little packets (as seen above) – easy to carry and dispose of during a run.

Why do we need energy supplements?

Muscles need two things while you’re running in order to keep going – fat and carbohydrates (carbs). Both of these elements are pre-determined before our run (already stored in the body). Even when you load up on carbs before a big race, your muscles can only store a certain amount. So, what can we do during a run to gain energy?

Your entire body (and all life forms) gain energy from a substance called glucose, which is stored in the blood. The more strenuous the activity, the more glucose your body requires. Glucose is the only substance that, when ingested, absorbs immediately in order to effectively give your body an extra source of energy. So, since we are asking our body to go the distance (literally), we need to give it what it needs to preform! Energy supplements can be helpful for anyone doing any endurance activity – for example, running a half-marathon or marathon.

How do you choose an energy supplement?

Because glucose is the only form of energy our bodies can use and immediately absorb, and because it is a pure form of energy, that’s exactly what we want! I do recommend checking out Glukos’ website for further information on this. They have all the science on why glucose is so important and necessary. I like to see the evidence, the facts, the why – so if you’re like me, check out their science!

So, once you have a supplement, you still have options – gel, chew, drink? I think it all depends on your preference. I love chews! I just love gummies and chewy things in general. During a marathon, though, I would probably use gels just because it’s more convenient. If you carry water with you on your runs, you can put an energy tablet or powder in your drink. There are also energy bars, if you prefer that.

I, personally, will be doing a little bit of all of the above. I think it’s nice to at least have a few different options for convenience, and so that you don’t get sick of one thing. Luckily, there are also lots of sweet flavors to choose from so you don’t get sick of the stuff.



When do you use energy supplements and how?

You can use energy supplements before, during, and even after a run. Glukos recommends taking one (gel, for example) 20 minutes before activity and then again every 30 minutes to prevent fatigue. Have a gel with a meal after your long event in order to aid in a speedy recovery. You could consider revising by taking half a gel every 15 min (still equaling 1 gel per 30 min) if you have stomach issues. As always, listen to your body!

So, with this in mind, what would your race day look like with energy supplements?

Before race – energy gel 20 minutes before

During race – 1 gel about every 30 minutes

After race – post-race meal + one energy gel, chew, bar or drink

Bonus! What do I eat?

Besides knowing how to use your energy supplements for fuel, it’s important to fuel properly through your meals as well.

As for your meals on race day, don’t eat anything “new.” Nobody wants stomach issues when we already have butterflies! Also, experiment with what works for you before race day. Eat a small pre-race meal about three hours before the race and keep drinking water (not chugging) throughout the day.

An example of something to eat before your run would be oatmeal and fruit or a bagel and a banana. I personally like to have two waffles and yogurt. Different amounts and types of foods work for different people, though. I, personally, need a substantial amount of food or else I get hungry and feel fatigued straight away. Others may need less food and feel better. Also think about how dairy or other sometimes sensitive foods may affect your stomach during a run.

After the marathon, you may find that you have a decreased appetite. Still try to eat something afterwards. Have some post-run snacks (usually available at the race) but also pack your own just in case. You could have a banana and nuts about 30 minutes after (with your gel to help replenish glucose), then a turkey sandwich or a smoothie shortly after that. Again, listen to your body and eat like you normally would. Hold off on trying that new Indian restaurant for another day.

I hope this helped!

I can’t wait to update you guys on how using energy supplements is going for me. I really can’t wait to try the chewies! I am going to try the gels, chews, and drink tablets.

I will let you know what flavors I like, how it effects my runs, and all that good stuff!

Feel free to comment with any other advice or additional information you have on energy supplements and how you use them! I found the information from Glukos to be very helpful. (Here’s their FAQ). Feel free to ask me questions as well and I’m happy to answer to the best of my knowledge as always!

View on the Glukos website here!

Week 9: Marathon Training

Nobody said it would be easy!

I just want to start off with thanking my coach, Andrew Simmons with Lifelong Endurance. I would definitely be slacking off if it weren’t for him. I am so determined to complete all my runs that he lays out for me, and because of this I’ve already noticed huge improvements and surprised myself at what I am capable of.

Though I am still in the early stages of training, I can already see how marathon training not only makes you stronger physically, but mentally. If you can prepare yourself to run 26.2 miles, you can prepare yourself for anything.

[ week 9 / 21 weeks until 26.2 ]

Sunday – 7 mile run planned.

Due to the crazy storms here, I ran inside on the treadmill (sad face). I did about 3 miles and my muscle in my ankle/calf was just killing me – I had to keep getting off the treadmill to stretch every about .3 miles. I text Coach and asked if I could finish out with swimming.

I think I run weird on a treadmill, plus with treadmills it’s such a pain to stop and stretch (do you leave it running and just hope off? turn it off then have to turn it back on?). I could just feel that the longer I stayed on the treadmill the more this muscle was aggravating me. You know when something just doesn’t feel right…

Anyway, Coach told me to call it – it’s not worth an injury. So, I finished out with some laps in the pool (825 yd). I still feel like I got a great workout – without injuring myself.


Monday – Easy 3 mile run. 9:32 mi.min, 28:39.

I thought I was going to have to use the treadmill again… it was pouring rain in the morning. Fortunately it stopped and I went outside ASAP to run before it started again. It wasn’t too hot out because of the rain (yay!). My muscles were still sore, but better than yesterday. Way better. I just kept an easy pace.


Tuesday – Easy 4 miles. 4.2 miles, 39:09, 9:19min/mi.

Hot, hot, HOT run! I was drenched in sweat after this run (sweat is good!). Because of this I had a slight headache afterwards… luckily it wasn’t to bad – sometimes I get terrible headaches after running in the Texas heat. Oh, and that muscle pain from Sunday’s treadmill running was completely nonexistent today (WOOHOO!!!)! That in itself made this a great run no matter how hot it was!


Wednesday – Easy 3 miles. 3.1mi, 28:31, 9:29min/mi.

Today I had stiff legs/hamstrings to start but stretched after about a half mile and was fine. This run felt good besides the fact that it was SO hot and humid that I was cooking.


Thursday – 4.46 miles, 40:10, 9:00min/mi.

Ok. Any run before this that I ever said was “hot,” I take it back. THIS RUN was HOT. I didn’t think I’d make it. It was “only” 95 but the heat index was something like 110 because of the humidity. It was suffocating. But I did it. 10 minutes easy, 20 minutes hard, 10 minutes easy. Note to self: run early. My work schedule is kind of crazy right now so I haven’t been going early, but really at the hottest part of the day – noon or 5. Fortunately next week I should be able to run early. I do what I can to avoid treadmills, though, as you may have noticed. Though the air conditioning sure is luring…

I also did a Gold’s Fit (Crossfit) class today and it was great! It was challenging and fun! I’m really loving this class and getting to know people. Everyone is so nice – I’ve even made friends! We did a relay workout today which was fun and different… there’s a pic below with everything we did!


Friday – Today I did a cycling class (45min) and a run (4 miles, 36:22, 9:06min/mile).

Cycling class was at noon and was amazing. I LOVE my spin classes. I was speedy today and really feeling it. I got an amazing workout and really sweated it out, as always.

I did my run later in the evening – It was extremely hot again but I think I’m getting used to it… kind of… maybe… I think. It went from unbearable to slightly bearable. Overall this run actually felt really great and during my run I was thinking about how much I’ve improved and how this amount of running would’ve seemed near impossible just a few months ago.


Saturday – Rest day! I’ve decided that on rest days I am going to do yoga. Or at least try to do yoga at some point in the week, 1-2x/week. I always feel so much better afterwards and I think it’ll help stretch and condition my muscles.

I did a one hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga class and it was actually quite challenging. It felt great on my body and, as always, I felt amazing afterwards. It was definitely a great start to my rest day. This was my first time taking this class and I really enjoyed it. So, I’m really happy to start doing some yoga! Yoga is great for runners! and everyone 🙂


Total miles for the week (running) – 21.76

I hope you all had an amazing week and I look forward to any input you might have! Questions, comments, suggestions… I love them all! I also look forward to catching up on your training and journeys lately! Thanks so much for reading!

Week 8: Marathon Training

So we’re really getting into the nitty gritty of this marathon training! I feel like I’ve worked so hard so far (and I have!) but also have so far to go.

Some days (most days) I really wonder how in the world I am ever going to run 26.2 miles. At once. In one day. I mean, am I crazy?


So let’s get to it!

[ week 8 / 22 weeks until 26.2 ]

Sunday – 7 miles, 1:01:44, 8:49min/mile. The plan for this long run was a 9:00min/mile pace and to finish fast. I was in Kentucky for this run (I live in Dallas) and actually managed to find the perfect running spot. The arboretum at UK – it was absolutely gorgeous and the weather was perfect (minus the humidity). The only thing was the hills. This was probably the hilliest (is that a word?) run I’ve ever done. Even so, a 9 min/mi pace felt good. The run was tough overall but I just enjoyed the completely new scenery and took it all in. It was a run I’ll never forget!


Monday – 3.25 miles, 30min, 9:14min/mile pace Only planned for 3 miles but was enjoying the run in the unknown Kentucky. I ran in the city today (Lexington) since it was a short run. I loved the scenery and getting to see downtown close-up. Seeing things, really seeing things, while running is so much better and different than from the view of a car. This run was still pretty hilly but easy run. The temperature was perfect even though I went right at noon (I’m sure it was about 100 degrees by that time back home).


Tuesday – I don’t really even know how I got this workout in considering we got back to Dallas at 1:00am (all day/night flight) and I had to get to work extra early, but I did.

4.05 miles, 37:36, 9:17min/mi pace + Bike 23 miles (spin class)

The cycling felt great – I had a lot of power this ride (brag moment: 1st place in the ride + in all the races). My legs felt great – I hadn’t cycled in a while so I felt rejuvenated. I ran later in the day and had some muscle fatigue but nothing too bad. My knee hurt after work (why?) so I laid down for about 5 min before my run and had no pain at all after that (woohoo!). It also wasn’t too hot for this run either so overall it went well. I started trialing off in my journal about being busy… it was a frantic day after bring out of town.


Wednesday – Still exhausted from the trip. I procrastinated – waited until the last minute before it got dark outside to do my run. My eyes were watering I was so tired. But I got it done and felt great afterwards, as I always do after a run.

5 miles, 46:16, 9:15 min/mi pace. For the first 3 miles, my muscles in my lower leg/shin were very fatigued. I had to stop and stretch a lot… just to roll out my ankles and stretch calves for about 10 seconds at a time. After about 3 miles I was fine and feeling great.


Thursday – So tired today! I thought seriously, this time how will I EVER run 5 miles today? and with an 8:40 pace? Are you crazy? Am I crazy?

Well, I did it. I did my run and I was proud of myself for it. You know those days when you just think it’s impossible – it was one of those. These kinds of days makes us stronger for it, though. I was a tad slower than the pace I was aiming for, but I am proud for this one.

5 miles, 44:16, 8:51 min/mile pace. 2 miles easy, 5x(1:30 hard/1:30 easy), 1 mile easy. I was tired. My legs were tied. My body was tired. But I did it.


Friday – Did a Gold’s Fit class (Cross Fit) and it was TOUGH! But they make it fun. We did a lot of legs and did some partner relays (detailed pic below of our workout). It was a great class.

I really thought I’d be “dying” during my run after that class, but to my surprise, I felt great! Isn’t it weird how are bodies work?

For my run I did 4.05 miles, 38 min, 9:23 pace. It felt great. I noted that I felt like I was running on clouds. Nothing ached or hurt, I just ran.


Saturday – MUCH needed rest day!


Miles for the week (running) – 28.35

Overall, very productive and challenging week!

FYI – I get all my workouts from my amazing coach, Andrew Simmons with Lifelong Endurance. Thank you so much for coaching my through my very first journey to 26.2. I know I’m in good hands and can’t wait to unlock my full potential.

Let me know if you guys have any questions about how training is going, what it’s like to have a running coach, etc. I love hearing from you guys and hope we can all learn from each other! Happy running!

Thanks for reading!


Run Chat Hunt!

Who would’ve thought a scavenger hunt would be so fun?

I saw talk of a “#RunChatHunt” on Twitter and wondered what the heck it was… once I heard it was a game, my automatic response was, of course, can I play? 

So, here we are!

What is #RunChatHunt? It’s a scavenger hunt that @runchat (on Twitter) has for the month of June (do they do it every month? I’m not sure…) that anyone can play (for free).

Basically, you post pictures of the things you find on the list and for each item on the list you find you also get entered to win something! Not entirely sure what, but something!

It’s just fun.

It makes miles go by like that while you’re looking for things…

Deets are on www.therunchat.com

PS. this is not an advertisement or anything like that… they don’t even know I’m posting this… it was just really fun and thought I’d share!

So, the fun part! What I’ve found so far…


All the letters in #RunChat


Garage sale (?) hope this works…


Basketball hoop (creeper)


Country flag


Park bench (not even on the list, oops)


Picnic table (this one was on the list!)


Shore? (I’m pushing it… this is a creek but I’m landlocked! maybe it will count!)

So, as you can see… I had fun with it. And that’s really the point. I’m still looking for a few things… like a more appropriate “shore” photo and a picture with a firefighter/police officer/EMT. My brother is a firefighter (and my Twitter/IG friend, Frank!) so maybe if I can find him somewhere that will take care of that.

I think we should have more scavenger hunts in the run of life.

Thanks for reading and happy Hump Day!


Week 7: Marathon Training

Hey, guys! It’s been a crazy week… just got back to Dallas from Kentucky (I live in Dallas) for my cousin’s wedding. It was great! I had tons of fun but now it’s back to reality and I’m exhausted! Just got in last night (this morning) at 1:00am and I’ll spare you the boring details but will tell you that it was a LONG flight.

BUT! I managed to get to work this morning and hope to catch you guys up on how the training is going!

I DID manage to get ALL my runs in even with the traveling. I actually even found beautiful places to run (with the exception of the one treadmill run!) 🙂

So, let’s dig in!

[ week 7 / 23 weeks until 26.2 ]

Sunday – The Official Sunday RUNday! 6 miles, 52:23, 8:43min/mile. In my journal I wrote “HOT AND HUMID” in GIANT letters and underlined humid like a mad woman. So, I guess you could say it was a hot one. This was a tough run. Did I mention that it was HOT? This was partially my own fault as I didn’t head out for my run until noon. I didn’t think it’d be too bad though since it had rained the night before and it looked dark and overcast all morning. Note to self: never assume it “won’t be bad” out. This is Texas, people. The sun cam out in FULL FORCE as soon as I start my run (of course). The humidity was unbelievable. I think you get the point.

My legs were stiff to start… I kept stopping about every mile to stretch and to attempt to wipe off sweat (with what? every piece of clothing was drenched in sweat). I’d stretch my legs for about 20 seconds and get back to it. My hamstrings and the little muscles in my ankles and calves were stiff. It was like the muscles that pick my feet up were fatigued. If that makes any sense. It really helped to stretch a few times by rolling my ankles around.

Despite the heat, the stiffness, and fatigue, I was feeling great towards the end and after the run. Mostly after the run. Though I wasn’t speciaically going for this, acoording to my Nike app I did my fastest 10K. I was proud and happy to see improvements.. I truly believe that I just continue and continue to improve and improve. The thought of it just makes me wonder what I am capable of!


(my face really captures the essence of the hot day… and there was sweat all over my phone, hence the blurry photo)

Monday – Happy Memorial Day! Did a nice easy 3 miler today (9:50 pace). Legs felt a little stiff (again) but butter after a few miles (again).

I also did a spin class (cycling) today… I couldn’t resist since I was off work! I did a 60 minute class with a short arm sequence afterwards. Cycling is really great for endurance and really helps me with my running. Cardio-wise, I feel like I could run forever. I really think cycling is to thank for that.

I felt really great after the little run and after spin.


Tuesday – 3 mile lunch run! 3 miles, 27:29, 9:10 min/mi. It was HOT. Again. And I mean REALLY hot. The hottest run of the year so far.Even though it was a short run, I was drenched afterwards.

I went at noon with the sun beating down. I didn’t bring water (er even shades!) because I thought, it’s just 3 miles… so I just threw on some shorts and ran out the door. Well, I’ll think twice before I don’t bring water on a run just because it’s “just 3 miles.” When it’s THIS hot, water is you’re best friend whether it’s a 2 mile run or 10 mile run.

I did the Gold’s Fit (Cross Fit) class today, too in the afternoon and it was a very good class. It was challenging and had a good mix of upper body strength as well as leg strength workouts, and even some cardio. We did some isolated leg workouts, which as I am told by coach is very good for runners. I never thought about it, but as a runner you are never really on both legs at a time and many leg workouts use both legs. Isolating your legs really helps with balance and focusing on each leg, which a runner needs. I have already seen improvements in my balance in doing these types of workouts.


Wednesday – 4 miles, 36:13, 9:04min/mile. (To-Do per Coach’s workout – 9:10/mi)

Global Running Day!

Nice weather today (YAY!) It was overcast, humid but not too hot. This run seemed to go fast – I was also doing a scavenger hunt for #RunChatHunt (check out @therunchat on Twitter if you want to play! I’ll write more about that in a separate post).

I started off slow thinking, HOW am I going to average 9:10/mi for 4 miles today? My legs felt stiff and heavy to start and I just felt tired. Sure enough, as I’ve noticed in other runs, after about a mile or so, I felt warmed up and found myself easily in the 9/sub-8 minute miles. The run felt good today overall.


(me + a picnic table for #RunChatHunt)

Thursday  – 5 miles, 47:43, 9:33min/mile.

Per Coach’s workout, did 2 miles easy, 6x (1:00 hard, 2:00 easy), 1 mile easy. This made time fly.

I did my run early this morning (learned my lesson from those hot noon runs). I was tired and sore from Gold’s Fit – thought (again) HOW am I going to run 5 miles today? I started off slow and stiff, but after those first 2 “slow/easy” miles, I felt better and got into the groove doing the 1 minute hard, 2 minute easy reps. My “hard” was about 7:30-8min/mile and my “easy” was about 9-10min/mile.

Time flew while I was concentrating on this, then that last easy mile was over before I knew it! Who would’ve thought 5 miles would go by just like that – especially feeling the way I did when I woke up and started the run (sore + tired).


Friday – 5am run! Flew to Kentucky today, so in order to make sure I got my run in, I got it in before we took off. I was dressed and ready for my run by 5am and it was still pitch black outside so I just drove over to my gym and got on the much dreaded treadmill (I’m being slightly dramatic – I just prefer the outdoors!).

I did 4 miles – my watch said 10min/mile but I stopped the treadmill to stretch (ugh) and the treadmill said 9min/mi pace so… yay, treadmills!

Either way, I got my run in!


Saturday – rest and recovery day! I was in Kentucky doing family things and having lots of fun!


Total miles for the week – 25

THANK YOU, as always, to Andrew Simmons with Lifelong Endurance for being an amazing running coach and guiding me through my training. He really knows what I can handle and I feel like I’m improving immensely yet within my limits. The training process has been difficult, tiring, energizing, inspiring, and fun – making it all worth while. It wouldn’t be all these things without him. I feel like I’m in great hands and can truly trust my training.

I love that I can reach him any time, anywhere and that he puts my workouts in Training Peaks so I can just pull up the app and see what my workout is (I’m not getting paid to say this, it’s jut oober AWESOME!)

Anyway, thank you again, Coach!

I hope you all had a great week and I look forward to hearing how things are going with YOU!

Thanks for reading!