Week 7: Marathon Training

Hey, guys! It’s been a crazy week… just got back to Dallas from Kentucky (I live in Dallas) for my cousin’s wedding. It was great! I had tons of fun but now it’s back to reality and I’m exhausted! Just got in last night (this morning) at 1:00am and I’ll spare you the boring details but will tell you that it was a LONG flight.

BUT! I managed to get to work this morning and hope to catch you guys up on how the training is going!

I DID manage to get ALL my runs in even with the traveling. I actually even found beautiful places to run (with the exception of the one treadmill run!) πŸ™‚

So, let’s dig in!

[ week 7 / 23 weeks until 26.2Β ]

Sunday – The Official Sunday RUNday! 6 miles, 52:23, 8:43min/mile. In my journal I wrote “HOT AND HUMID” in GIANT letters and underlined humid like a mad woman. So, I guess you could say it was a hot one. This was a tough run. Did I mention that it was HOT? This was partially my own fault as I didn’t head out for my run until noon. I didn’t think it’d be too bad though since it had rained the night before and it looked dark and overcast all morning. Note to self: never assume it “won’t be bad” out. This is Texas, people. The sun cam out in FULL FORCE as soon as I start my run (of course). The humidity was unbelievable. I think you get the point.

My legs were stiff to start… I kept stopping about every mile to stretch and to attempt to wipe off sweat (with what? every piece of clothing was drenched in sweat). I’d stretch my legs for about 20 seconds and get back to it. My hamstrings and the little muscles in my ankles and calves were stiff. It was like the muscles that pick my feet up were fatigued. If that makes any sense. It really helped to stretch a few times by rolling my ankles around.

Despite the heat, the stiffness, and fatigue, I was feeling great towards the end and after the run. Mostly after the run. Though I wasn’t speciaically going for this, acoording to my Nike app I did my fastest 10K. I was proud and happy to see improvements.. I truly believe that I just continue and continue to improve and improve. The thought of it just makes me wonder what I am capable of!


(my face really captures the essence of the hot day… and there was sweat all over my phone, hence the blurry photo)

Monday – Happy Memorial Day! Did a nice easy 3 miler today (9:50 pace). Legs felt a little stiff (again) but butter after a few miles (again).

I also did a spin class (cycling) today… I couldn’t resist since I was off work! I did a 60 minute class with a short arm sequence afterwards. Cycling is really great for endurance and really helps me with my running. Cardio-wise, I feel like I could run forever. I really think cycling is to thank for that.

I felt really great after the little run and after spin.


Tuesday – 3 mile lunch run! 3 miles, 27:29, 9:10 min/mi. It was HOT. Again. And I mean REALLY hot. The hottest run of the year so far.Even though it was a short run, I was drenched afterwards.

I went at noon with the sun beating down. I didn’t bring water (er even shades!) because I thought, it’s just 3 miles… so I just threw on some shorts and ran out the door. Well, I’ll think twice before I don’t bring water on a run just because it’s “just 3 miles.” When it’s THIS hot, water is you’re best friend whether it’s a 2 mile run or 10 mile run.

I did the Gold’s Fit (Cross Fit) class today, too in the afternoon and it was a very good class. It was challenging and had a good mix of upper body strength as well as leg strength workouts, and even some cardio. We did some isolated leg workouts, which as I am told by coach is very good for runners. I never thought about it, but as a runner you are never really on both legs at a time and many leg workouts use both legs. Isolating your legs really helps with balance and focusing on each leg, which a runner needs. I have already seen improvements in my balance in doing these types of workouts.


Wednesday – 4 miles, 36:13, 9:04min/mile. (To-Do per Coach’s workout – 9:10/mi)

Global Running Day!

Nice weather today (YAY!) It was overcast, humid but not too hot. This run seemed to go fast – I was also doing a scavenger hunt for #RunChatHunt (check out @therunchat on Twitter if you want to play! I’ll write more about that in a separate post).

I started off slow thinking, HOW am I going to average 9:10/mi for 4 miles today? My legs felt stiff and heavy to start and I just felt tired. Sure enough, as I’ve noticed in other runs, after about a mile or so, I felt warmed up and found myself easily in the 9/sub-8 minute miles. The run felt good today overall.


(me + a picnic table for #RunChatHunt)

ThursdayΒ  – 5 miles, 47:43, 9:33min/mile.

Per Coach’s workout, did 2 miles easy, 6x (1:00 hard, 2:00 easy), 1 mile easy. This made time fly.

I did my run early this morning (learned my lesson from those hot noon runs). I was tired and sore from Gold’s Fit – thought (again) HOW am I going to run 5 miles today? I started off slow and stiff, but after those first 2 “slow/easy” miles, I felt better and got into the groove doing the 1 minute hard, 2 minute easy reps. My “hard” was about 7:30-8min/mile and my “easy” was about 9-10min/mile.

Time flew while I was concentrating on this, then that last easy mile was over before I knew it! Who would’ve thought 5 miles would go by just like that – especially feeling the way I did when I woke up and started the run (sore + tired).


Friday – 5am run! Flew to Kentucky today, so in order to make sure I got my run in, I got it in before we took off. I was dressed and ready for my run by 5am and it was still pitch black outside so I just drove over to my gym and got on the much dreaded treadmill (I’m being slightly dramatic – I just prefer the outdoors!).

I did 4 miles – my watch said 10min/mile but I stopped the treadmill to stretch (ugh) and the treadmill said 9min/mi pace so… yay, treadmills!

Either way, I got my run in!


Saturday – rest and recovery day! I was in Kentucky doing family things and having lots of fun!


Total miles for the week – 25

THANK YOU, as always, to Andrew Simmons with Lifelong Endurance for being an amazing running coach and guiding me through my training. He really knows what I can handle and I feel like I’m improving immensely yet within my limits. The training process has been difficult, tiring, energizing, inspiring, and fun – making it all worth while. It wouldn’t be all these things without him. I feel like I’m in great hands and can truly trust my training.

I love that I can reach him any time, anywhere and that he puts my workouts in Training Peaks so I can just pull up the app and see what my workout is (I’m not getting paid to say this, it’s jut oober AWESOME!)

Anyway, thank you again, Coach!

I hope you all had a great week and I look forward to hearing how things are going with YOU!

Thanks for reading!


9 thoughts on “Week 7: Marathon Training

    • jennarunslikeagirl says:

      I do too! Sometimes it’s nice to just zone out and not think about time, but when you do think about time/focus on those 1-2 min at a time it really does go by faster. Thanks for looking on IG, too! πŸ™‚


  1. Pratyusha says:

    Hi Jenna, its lovely to see your blog. I had kept my workout on hold for a while. Your blog is inspiring me to head back to it. All the best on your marathon training! You are doing a great thing πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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