Run Chat Hunt!

Who would’ve thought a scavenger hunt would be so fun?

I saw talk of a “#RunChatHunt” on Twitter and wondered what the heck it was… once I heard it was a game, my automatic response was, of course, can I play? 

So, here we are!

What is #RunChatHunt? It’s a scavenger hunt that @runchat (on Twitter) has for the month of June (do they do it every month? I’m not sure…) that anyone can play (for free).

Basically, you post pictures of the things you find on the list and for each item on the list you find you also get entered to win something! Not entirely sure what, but something!

It’s just fun.

It makes miles go by like that while you’re looking for things…

Deets are on

PS. this is not an advertisement or anything like that… they don’t even know I’m posting this… it was just really fun and thought I’d share!

So, the fun part! What I’ve found so far…


All the letters in #RunChat


Garage sale (?) hope this works…


Basketball hoop (creeper)


Country flag


Park bench (not even on the list, oops)


Picnic table (this one was on the list!)


Shore? (I’m pushing it… this is a creek but I’m landlocked! maybe it will count!)

So, as you can see… I had fun with it. And that’s really the point. I’m still looking for a few things… like a more appropriate “shore” photo and a picture with a firefighter/police officer/EMT. My brother is a firefighter (and my Twitter/IG friend, Frank!) so maybe if I can find him somewhere that will take care of that.

I think we should have more scavenger hunts in the run of life.

Thanks for reading and happy Hump Day!



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