Week 8: Marathon Training

So we’re really getting into the nitty gritty of this marathon training! I feel like I’ve worked so hard so far (and I have!) but also have so far to go.

Some days (most days) I really wonder how in the world I am ever going to run 26.2 miles. At once. In one day. I mean, am I crazy?


So let’s get to it!

[ week 8 / 22 weeks until 26.2 ]

Sunday – 7 miles, 1:01:44, 8:49min/mile. The plan for this long run was a 9:00min/mile pace and to finish fast. I was in Kentucky for this run (I live in Dallas) and actually managed to find the perfect running spot. The arboretum at UK – it was absolutely gorgeous and the weather was perfect (minus the humidity). The only thing was the hills. This was probably the hilliest (is that a word?) run I’ve ever done. Even so, a 9 min/mi pace felt good. The run was tough overall but I just enjoyed the completely new scenery and took it all in. It was a run I’ll never forget!


Monday – 3.25 miles, 30min, 9:14min/mile pace Only planned for 3 miles but was enjoying the run in the unknown Kentucky. I ran in the city today (Lexington) since it was a short run. I loved the scenery and getting to see downtown close-up. Seeing things, really seeing things, while running is so much better and different than from the view of a car. This run was still pretty hilly but easy run. The temperature was perfect even though I went right at noon (I’m sure it was about 100 degrees by that time back home).


Tuesday – I don’t really even know how I got this workout in considering we got back to Dallas at 1:00am (all day/night flight) and I had to get to work extra early, but I did.

4.05 miles, 37:36, 9:17min/mi pace + Bike 23 miles (spin class)

The cycling felt great – I had a lot of power this ride (brag moment: 1st place in the ride + in all the races). My legs felt great – I hadn’t cycled in a while so I felt rejuvenated. I ran later in the day and had some muscle fatigue but nothing too bad. My knee hurt after work (why?) so I laid down for about 5 min before my run and had no pain at all after that (woohoo!). It also wasn’t too hot for this run either so overall it went well. I started trialing off in my journal about being busy… it was a frantic day after bring out of town.


Wednesday – Still exhausted from the trip. I procrastinated – waited until the last minute before it got dark outside to do my run. My eyes were watering I was so tired. But I got it done and felt great afterwards, as I always do after a run.

5 miles, 46:16, 9:15 min/mi pace. For the first 3 miles, my muscles in my lower leg/shin were very fatigued. I had to stop and stretch a lot… just to roll out my ankles and stretch calves for about 10 seconds at a time. After about 3 miles I was fine and feeling great.


Thursday – So tired today! I thought seriously, this time how will I EVER run 5 miles today? and with an 8:40 pace? Are you crazy? Am I crazy?

Well, I did it. I did my run and I was proud of myself for it. You know those days when you just think it’s impossible – it was one of those. These kinds of days makes us stronger for it, though. I was a tad slower than the pace I was aiming for, but I am proud for this one.

5 miles, 44:16, 8:51 min/mile pace. 2 miles easy, 5x(1:30 hard/1:30 easy), 1 mile easy. I was tired. My legs were tied. My body was tired. But I did it.


Friday – Did a Gold’s Fit class (Cross Fit) and it was TOUGH! But they make it fun. We did a lot of legs and did some partner relays (detailed pic below of our workout). It was a great class.

I really thought I’d be “dying” during my run after that class, but to my surprise, I felt great! Isn’t it weird how are bodies work?

For my run I did 4.05 miles, 38 min, 9:23 pace. It felt great. I noted that I felt like I was running on clouds. Nothing ached or hurt, I just ran.


Saturday – MUCH needed rest day!


Miles for the week (running) – 28.35

Overall, very productive and challenging week!

FYI – I get all my workouts from my amazing coach, Andrew Simmons with Lifelong Endurance. Thank you so much for coaching my through my very first journey to 26.2. I know I’m in good hands and can’t wait to unlock my full potential.

Let me know if you guys have any questions about how training is going, what it’s like to have a running coach, etc. I love hearing from you guys and hope we can all learn from each other! Happy running!

Thanks for reading!



12 thoughts on “Week 8: Marathon Training

  1. jackiethom says:

    I was happy to get to 4 out of 5 of my workouts last week. You kicked butt!

    I agree, the most challenging workouts make you feel like you can take on the world. So empowering! I imagine I’ll have a lot of tough runs on my way to 26.2. Let’s hope I can channel motivation like you do!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. johnf says:

    Strong week + travel = committed! My runs started feeling repetitive around week 8 and I needed to find new routes to mix things up. I hope you stay focused and enthusiastic.

    Liked by 1 person

    • jennarunslikeagirl says:

      Thank you so much! Agreed – I can’t imagine NOT swimming, biking, or some other cross training. I love switching it up! Even if its a run and swim… always look forward to doing something different!


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