Week 12: Marathon Training

Well, I’m back at it now – but in this week’s recap I’ll mention my speed bump with the minor hip injury and how there was ultimately a silver lining. I now understand (more than ever) the true importance and necessity in stretching and keeping balance in the body. As my coach made me realize (I had just never really thought about it) – running is a sport in which you are constantly challenging one side of your body at a time (think about it – you’re never on both legs at a time). So, an imbalance in the body (skeletal, muscular, etc.) can really cause things to go out of whack and can essentially create a domino effect of injuries. For example, weak hips can in turn cause knee pain.

With my recent hip pain, advise from my coach and chiropractor- I’ve realized that working on stretching, isolated leg workouts, and balance are going to help keep my body balanced, happy, and (hopefully) injury-free. In order to execute this I’ll be stretching more often at home, doing some single-leg workouts, as well as making an effort to do yoga when I can. (Telling you my plan will help hold me accountable – trust me, like seemingly most other runners out there – I tend to slack off in the stretching department).

So, let me thank my coach, Andrew Simmons for all his efforts in planning my workouts and for always being there for advise or whatever I need – and let’s get into it!

[ week 12 / 18 weeks until 26.2 ]

Sunday – Cycle + Yoga

I had a long run scheduled today, but with the hip just starting to feel better (yay!) – I didn’t want to push it (anything to avoid a full-blown injury), so I did a spin class. It felt great to get a good sweat on since I had just been stretching and going to the Chiropractor for the past two days in lieu of  my scheduled runs.

I also did yoga, which felt great. It was actually very challenging today (Vinyasa Flow yoga). I learned a few new great stretches for the hips, which is a bonus. (So much silver lining happening!)


Monday – I ran today! 3.01 miles, 25:30, 8:29 min/mile

My hip was feeling fine and I felt comfortable with attempting an easy 3 mile run today. I got out there and felt great. I was just really happy to run. I didn’t even look at my watch for time or pace – I just ran. It was still nice and cool out (“cool,” meaning below 95 degrees) and it just felt great overall. The hip still isn’t 100% (it was still a bit irritating during certain stretches) but with stretching, yoga, and regular Chiro visits I think I’ll be A-OK.


Tuesday – 3.01 miles, 27:49, 9:15 min/mile pace + Pilates

Easy aerobic miles – it wasn’t too hot today, either – which is always noteworthy. The hip felt OK today – still a bit uncomfortable (noticed it around mile 2) but not really noticeable while running – mostly just with certain stretches at this point.

I also did Pilates… by accident, actually – thought it was a yoga class (whoops)! BUT it is DEFINITELY  going in the routine when I can make it happen (I had never done Pilates before). It was really amazing for stretching my hips. Something actually happened in the middle of class when we were laying on our backs – my hips hurt for a split second then POPPED (big time) and holy macaroni… it felt great. Like it needed to happen. In fact, as I’m writing this now a few days later I’m realizing that the pain has been virtually non-existent after that moment. May be just a coincidence,  or maybe by stretching and Chiro-readjusting, and more stretching… my hip fixed itself and was happy. Who knows, I’m not a doctor. But whatever happened. Thank you.

(I didn’t get a photo of Pilates, so you get a picture of my pup doing Pup-lates)


Wednesday – 3 miles, 27:27, 9:08 min/mile + Cycle

I mistakenly waited until 9:00am to run today – it was already BLAZING hot. 95 or so and intense sun… BUT. It wasn’t too bad. Actually. I’m not sure how that’s possible, but I have it right here in writing that it was “95 degrees but not too bad.” Probably because the hip was feeling good. A pain free run is an amazing run. I noted that I could still feel “it” there – but it didn’t hurt and was practically unnoticeable unless I thought about it.

I also did a spin class – had a great ride… we did a few races (which I love!) and I had a little time in between my run and cycling (about 2 hours) so my legs didn’t feel too fatigued.


Thursday – Swim, 1,350 yards, 34:56.

Today I didn’t have a run scheduled, just cross-training. So, I swam laps. I did front stroke one direction then frog stoke the other direction for 1,350 yards. I’ve noticed that my swimming endurance has improved. When I first started adding in swimming to my cross-training, I was completely breathless after just a few laps. I was even sore immediately after… in areas I didn’t know existed. Not any more! It’s always nice to noticed the ways in which you’re getting stronger!

(I also started reading “Hit Reset” by Erin Taylor)


Friday – 4 miles, 36:09, 9:09 min/mile.

Other than it being ridiculously hot (even early in the morning), I had a nice run today. My legs and hip felt fine and that was really all that mattered. This was my last run before the 15K this weekend (which will be mentioned in next week’s weekly recap) so it was kind of a “test-drive” for how my hip was doing and I’m happy to day that my body felt great and pain-free.


Saturday – Rest day!


Total miles for the week (running only) – 13.02


Did you race this past weekend?

Do you have an upcoming race?

When/how often do you stretch? Do you have a routine stretch?

Thanks for reading!


14 thoughts on “Week 12: Marathon Training

    • jennarunslikeagirl says:

      Thank you so much! And that sounds fun!! Running with friends is the best. I’m doing a 5K with the bf towards the end of the month and yeah, we wont even be timing ourselves 🙂 have a great run!!


  1. jackiethom says:

    I’m happy to hear your hip is finally popping back into place again! That can be so annoying and de-motivating battling through an injury.

    Stretching something I do when I remember, but I know as miles ramp up in my training I’m going to need to make a conscious effort to stretch. I’m actually looking into doing at least one yoga class a week (starting August) to help this even more, so we’ll see how that goes!

    Liked by 1 person

    • jennarunslikeagirl says:

      Thanks so much! Me too! And yes it can be – I was really bummed the first day when I knew I shouldn’t run on it and needed to get it checked out. But fortunately I have plenty of time until the marathon. I realized that a few days rest wasn’t going to be the end of the world. I think that yoga is a really great idea! I recently started doing yoga once a week, too 🙂 I’d LOVE to do it more and add in Pilates every now and then, but ya know, life… 🙂 so we’ll see! Best of luck with your training!

      Liked by 1 person

    • jennarunslikeagirl says:

      Oh really? There are too many yoga studios to choose from here (Dallas)! There are constantly at least 10 studios with Groupon deals, which is nice. I like the book a lot! So far I’ve only been reading it right before bed and haven’t been actually doing the movements, rather just taking the info in… going to go through and do the movements and it has a page for you to note what you need to work on after each chapter! They actually have videos too! I haven’t watched any yet but I’ve heard they’re good (it’s called “jasyoga”) and I think they’re free (?) – not 100% sure on that – but that or something similar might be a good option since you don’t have yoga nearby 🙂


  2. Elizabeth C. says:

    Great training week. Isn’t it crazy how it can be so warm at 9:00am! Unfortunately, some days you need to get out there just before the sun rises for it to be bearable. So relieved to hear that your hip is doing well.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jess@Run Pink! says:

    Glad your hip is working itself out! That pop may have been the key. 🙂 I did race yesterday adding a shiny new pr to boot! And as a corrective exercise specialist personal trainer I’m a HUGE advocate for balance, stability and flexibility training. I’ve ran 6 marathons successfully while remaining injury free and I think cautious stability work helped. Either that or I’m not challenging myself enough lol 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • jennaruns says:

      Oh that is wonderful! I bet it is the strengthening that you do that keeps the injuries away. And yes, I do think that pop made everything go back to “normal” (weird!) because all has been good since then! Your specialization is very interesting!

      Liked by 1 person

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