Week 14: Marathon Training

Warning: blogging from my phone – I’m in Colorado and updating from the nearby laundromat with free wifi! So, I’m keeping it short, sweet, slightly less detailed, and full of typos for this week’s update!

[ week 14 / 16 weeks until 26.2 ]

Sunday – long run, 8 miles

Legs felt pretty good! A little achy right knee but nothing that lasted very long. My body, especially my abs were sore from Gold’s Fit. Ran early to beat the heat – not too hot (85) but started to feel tired and feel the heat getting to me the last 2 miles. In fact, I was exhausted after this run and had to take a nap. I noted that I was probably tired because I was sore, ran in the heat and went out Friday and ate junk.

Monday – 3.1 miles

3 easy miles. I was supposed to do 10 minute miles but I felt SOO good on my run today! Even though I was exhausted all day & it was 93 degrees, my legs felt great and I was ready to GO! 3 miles flew by. I just wanted to keep going. Such a great feeling and great way to start off the week!

Tuesday – 5 miles

HOT. The heat really got to me today. I’m ready for Colorado weather! (Here now as I write this and it is AMAZING). In fact I think I’ll just quote this join rap entry: “Bugs. Sweat. Static air. Bugs. Hot HOT HOT.”

Wednesday – 3.1 miles

Early run in the morning but it still felt so hot! I also did a Gold’s Fit (crossfit) class after work  – lots of upper body – good workout. The hip is feeling 100% better/back to normal. I was glad none of the Gold’s Fit movements didn’t hurt… Since I just started feeling 100% I didn’t want to mess myself up again! So, great workout today. Also had a lot to do before leaving for Colorado AND my aunt was in town from Illinois. So it was a productive day overall. No excuses!

Thursday – 6 miles

I was supposed to run 5 miles today, but I ended my run about a mile away from home and had only about 20 minutes until I needed to be at work (leaving for CO today so no time after work) SO, I did what anyone would do and SPRINTED a mile home, took a 90 second shower and threw on a dress! Ended up doing 6 miles but felt like a I got a great workout in before getting on the road!

Friday – 4 miles

So, I pulled an all nighter driving to CO, mostly because all the hotels were full or nonexistent for miles. So, I arrived at about 9am Friday morning and used what momentum I had to go ahead and get my run in. My eyes were burning of exhaustion but I didn’t know what was in store for the rest of the day so I went ahead and did it. The adrenaline and pure joy of the mountain views gave me the energy to run. Though the incline was incredibly tough, it was beautiful and amazing and I took a nap afterwards (needed my rest for a hike!)

Saturday – rest day!

No run but I did go on a “little” hike that ended up taking about 4 hours and was practically like climbing up a 90 degree angle. It was about a 5 mile hike… Wore me out but the views were amazing.

Total miles for the week (running only) – 29.1

Thank you so much to my coach, Andrew Simmons with Lifelong Endurance for my workouts and for his constant contact and encouragement!

Stay tuned for next week as I’ll be updating about my runs in beautiful Colorado!

How did your week go?

Do you prefer the mountains or the beach?

Do you keep a journal?


9 thoughts on “Week 14: Marathon Training

  1. fjnardo says:

    Love this little teaser of your Colorado trip! The scenery is just breathtaking and I know the pics just aren’t the same as the human eye! Can’t wait to get out there and maybe not come home.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sophie says:

    Thanks for checking out my blog and following 🙂 Great job this week! I love the scenery in your pics, the mountains are beautiful. Looks a lot like my home country, actually. I’m partial to the beach though, especially for running. Even though I don’t mind summiting a top every now and then.

    Enjoy your Colorado runs.

    I’m excited to follow your journey! Good luck and stay safe and healthy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • jennaruns says:

      Thank you for checking mine out as well and for the lovely comment… I’m the same – love the mountains but not crazy about the beach – yet, I have never been to the beach. I’m excited to follow your journey as well! Happy running! 🙂


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