Review: Orange Mud Endurance Pack

Disclaimer: I received an Orange Mud Endurance Pack to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

To see full details on the Orange Mud Endurance Pack, check out the Orange Mud website!

Let’s get right in to the deets:

The Orange Mud Endurance Pack:

Cost $134.95
Use Mountain biking, Running, Hiking
Weight 9.5oz.
Bladder Hydra-pack 2L
Dimensions 10″ wide x 13″tall
Volume 6L (storage space)
Storage 3 compartments + shoulder storage + front storage, both sides
Material Abrasion resistant, tough stretch fabric
Other Male and Female friendly (straps adjust to fit curves)

Comes in three colors – Orange, Grey, and Green

So, I’ve been testing the Orange Mud endurance pack for about a month now and it continues to impress me. I’ve tested it while running (long runs up to 10 miles so far) and while hiking (up to 4-5 hour hikes). It’s incredibly easy to use – easy to strap on, cinch up, clean, fill, and use. The tube is long so that it can also be used while biking. If you’re like me and won’t be using it for biking, you can cut the tube to make it shorter/personalize the length. I have not done so yet as I feel as though I shan’t be trusted with scissors around a $100+ dollar item.

The Orange Mud Endurance Pack is lightweight and easy to run with, yet does have plenty of storage for hiking or long runs. The chest straps have two cinch-up front pockets (each side) and two velcro closure pockets (each side). The pockets are perfect for gels and EVEN (as I just discovered) phones. Any phone. I have an iPhone 6S Plus and it fits perfectly in the cinch-up front pocket. I love putting it there on runs and hikes because its secure, won’t fall out, yet I can easily grab it if I need to change the music or snap a photo.

There is also a good amount of storage in the back – the material is stretchy, so it’s not bulky but you can fit almost anything in there! I easily stored a full-size sunscreen spray bottle in the back zip compartment while on a hike (with room to spare). You could easily fit a wallet, cell phone, sun screen, sunglasses, and probably even a pair of flip flops or something larger in the back zipper. It holds 6L of storage space.

Brand new Orange Mud Endurance Pack!:IMG_8273

My new necessity:IMG_8633

Close-up of pocket (the one I put my iPhone 6S Plus in) – just cinch up and it’s secure:IMG_8655


Stays secure while running:IMG_8713

Front view of the “spout” where you drink out of:File_000-1

I have front straps  adjusted to fit curves (though minimal) and I tuck tube under:File_004

As I continue to use the Orange Mud Endurance pack, I will think of any updates, tips, and/or tricks and add them here! For now, that’s all I have and I hope I’ve helped someone in their search for a hydration pack! I think that Orange Mud is a very genuine company and has very thoughtful designs. Bottom line, I would definitely recommend this product.



6 thoughts on “Review: Orange Mud Endurance Pack

  1. Joey says:

    HA HA WISE GUY. I just read your comments from you regarding my last entry. Top 101 LOL. Go eat a donut and find some CO DUCKS TO HARASS LOL. Enjoy your vacation funny gal! I guess the top 100’s stayed to work through the summer LOL!!!!. You better not be smoking that legal stuff out there LOL.


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    • jennaruns says:

      Lol!!! Somebody IS busy… just now getting to that comment… I guess they keep the top 101 pretty busy too. Vacation was great! I’m already back in HOT Dallas. And we won’t discuss what legal things I did there! Lol!


  2. Joey says:

    LOL. Ok new slogan with the Ms Jenna patent.”What happens in CO stays in CO”.Just remember, they drug test the top women finishers in major marathons. Ah, who are we kidding like that will be an issue for you HA HA :). And NO they don’t keep the top 101’s pretty busy, it just takes us longer to complete an assignment :). Hmm did I just insult myself. Done in by that 101 again LOL. On a serious note – closing in on that PhD.Don’t worry I wont forget the little people when it becomes official. Work is going well,however, being in the administrative aspect of things is not so fun.You really don’t have the power to make the changes you thought you would. I actually have been thinking about moving into the training aspect of the position. Anyway,thanks for the well wishes on my injuries.I run my 60 miles a week- every week. I do my 15 to 17 miles on Sunday run, and that one hard 10 miler. I keep the additional 33 miles pretty tame. It is my hope that it will be sufficient to bring me a sub 3 hr time for my last one. Ok Ms Texas, keep up your GREAT training,you really are killing it!!!!!. I will touch base with you in September when I will hopefully be finished with school. BTW – Sweating as you walk to the mail box.Slacker, you should be running :).

    The real glory is being knocked to your knees and then coming back. That’s real glory. That’s the essence of it. Vince Lombardi


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    • jennaruns says:

      Oh where to begin! Lol. I love my new slogan. And I’m glad that PhD is coming along! That is a huge accomplishment! And with a new job and running 700 miles a week! 🙂 really, though, 60 miles is very impressive! Every week. Wow. Keep it up and I’m glad you manage to still find time to come read about my adventures, make me laugh, give me some advise! Thanks, Joey!


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