Review: SPIbelt

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So, what is a “SPIBelt?”

The SPIBelt, which stands for Small Personal Item Belt is, according to the website,

“A bounce-free, comfortable genius. A discreet and convenient way to carry your phone, keys, credit cards, and ID while running or on the go.”

Here are the different types of SPIBelt’s and a list of SPIBelt qualities and specifics:


  • Bounce-free
  • 4 loops for energy gels
  • Weather-resistant pocket and zipper (NOT waterproof/rainproof – it can withstand some light precipitation but don’t wear it out in the pouring rain)
  • Fits larger phones like iPhone 6 Plus
  • Comfortable, soft elastic prevents chafing
  • Pocket expands to 8″ x 4″ x 2″

Below is a photo of how to wear the SPIBelt as well as a video on how to pack it.


See how to pack and use your SPIbelt HERE. Note: there is a plastic bag/LokSak in the video but this is a separate product, not included w/ performance belt.

The one *tiny* thing I did not like about this was the size of the pouch. In the video, the guy gets his phone in the pouch easily. This was not the case for me. I do have an iPhone 6S Plus with a case on it (a thin/average sized case) so, if you have a smaller phone, or don’t mind taking the case on/off each time you use it, this shouldn’t effect your experience. I’m not taking the case on and off every time I run. In fact, that is when I will likely most need it, because I’ll probably drop it trying to jam it into the pocket. Anyway, if you can’t already tell, I don’t appreciate how difficult it is to get my phone in there. Once it’s in, it’s in, and there practically no using it the entire run unless you stop and spend a frustrating 30 seconds getting it out. Now, I have not heard these complaints with other people. I’m 100% sure that if you have a bit smaller phone, or don’t use a case on your phone, you’ll be fine. This is just an honest concern I have. I may get used to getting it in and out over time, but so far it’s been a bit too much of a struggle for my personal liking.

*UPDATE: if you think this may also be a concern for you, consider trying the LARGE SPIBelt. This should allow your giant phone to go in and out with ease.*

Despite this one frustration (keeping it real, here) I DID find that the SPIBelt held up to its claims. The belt is soft, and didn’t chafe, AT ALL – even on my 20-mile run. There were even times the belt was on bare skin and it was soft and comfortable. I had my iPhone 6S Plus in it and arm sleeves tied around it the whole time and, though it bounced a bit with my body as expected, it didn’t bounce in any way that bothered me. I actually didn’t even have to tighten it extremely tight in order to feel that it was secure. It is also very lightweight and easy to wash (I hand-washed after my run and it after towel drying, it was practically already 100% dry).

I do think the SPIBelt is definitely worth a try and can really be a lifesaver on runs where you need a few small items. I think my problem is just that I need a smaller phone! Please let me know if you try it and if so, how you like it!

Use code bibchat2016 for 20% off a SPIBelt until 11/18!

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5 thoughts on “Review: SPIbelt

  1. I use an SPI Belt usually when I’m at races. I have the additional elastic ties for attaching my race bib. It sounds like you have the original size SPI Belt. The larger one shouldn’t be too difficult to insert or remove your iPhone 6 or 7 Plus. Side by side, the original and the large pocket look almost the same size but both have a lot of stretch to expand for your phone, etc. When I’m running and don’t need to carry hydration, I love the SPI Belt.

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  2. After reading your review and our quick message on IG I dug mine out of my bag of gear and used it for my race this weekend. I’ve been using a flip belt but wanted something that I could put on much faster and a little lower profile with my race being a triathlon. It worked great as long as my tri shirt was also over it to keep it from bouncing while a ran. Might be a mix of me being a little skinnier and my PSIbelt being at least 4 years old. For as long as I’ve had it and the huge size phones have become since I got it I was still able to fit my Iphone 6s with a lifeproof power case into with little trouble with no plans to actually take it out but to provide position tracking for my family.
    It does look like they don’t make my model any longer with 2 pouches, one larger and one smaller on it. I originally purchased it to hold gels and a small nokia phone during my first marathon.

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    1. I’m glad it worked for you! It is growing on me… I does keep everything in place since everything fits so snugly in the pouch. I agree – if you just want to put your phone in and not get it in/out, it’s perfect. But with the huge phones, and if you’re wanting to use it for pictures or anything like that, it’s been a bit of a struggle for me to get it in and out without stopping. Also, my Glukos gels are too big to fit in the loops. I might try the bigger pouch. I do like the design and material.

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