Week 29: Marathon Training

Wow! We leave THIS FRIDAY for the RnR Las Vegas marathon! I can not believe it! Needless to say, I am EXTREMELY excited! I have already told myself that I am committing to at least one run-cation a year after this (this will be my first out-of-town run!)

I think I’ve pretty much figured out everything I need for race day – I’m not 100% sure how I’ll be carrying my phone and gels but I have a few different belts to choose from. A friend tipped me off to a little trick to go to Good Will and get a jacket to wear before the race that I can just toss when I get warmed up. (Las Vegas is in the desert, so it can get really hot AND really cold).

Other than that – flight and hotel are set, I just need to remember to pack everything and figure out what I’m wearing! Oh, and not hurt myself in the next 6 days! I’m really confident going into it and just plan to enjoy the experience.

So, I’m currently in my last week of training (tapering!), but let’s see how last week went.

[ week 29 / ONE WEEK until 26.2! ]

Sunday – Long run, 14 miles, 2:12:00, 9:26 min/mile.

So, two week out from marathon day, this was a “short” long run. I went into this mentally thinking of it as a pretty “short” run (compared to 20 miles it is!), and I noticed that this affected my running. In a good way. I was more relaxed and just enjoyed. Oh, and played with my GoPro (yay new toys!).

I was reminded of the saying “it doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger” today, because never did I think that 14 miles would sound “easy” to me. You’d be surprised what you’re body can handle once you get used to something!

Monday – No run. Strength training.

I was “off” today, so I did some strength training at the gym – squats, dead lifts, curls, and a leg presses. Nothing too intense, but enough to feel a little sore afterwards!

Tuesday – Easy 3 miles, 28:00, 9:20 min/mile.

Legs felt GREAT today! Easy run, excitement kicking in that the race is next week!

Wednesday – Easy 5 miles + strides, 44:24, 8:50 min/mile.

I was really tired today, but I still got out there and once I did and finished my run, I felt better as usual. Run felt nice again today.

Thursday – Easy 5 miles, 44:40, 8:55 min/mile.

I was really tired again today, but I got my 5 miles in. 2.5 miles easy, 2.5 miles “tempo” – tempo was noted at 9min/mile, so nothing too fast. My legs felt really great, so I was at around 9 minutes the whole run.

Friday – 4 easy miles, 36:44, 9:11 min/mile. + 45 min bike.

Cause what do you do when you’re tired? Set a 4:30 alarm and get a spin class in! I got my cross-training in early, then did a quick 4 miles a few hours later and was ready for tomorrow’s rest day!

Saturday – Rest day!

Miles for the week – 31

I had an overall great week and feel confident and prepared going into my last week of training and ultimately running 26.2 miles – this coming SUNDAY!

I truly cannot thank my coach enough, Coach Andrew Simmons with Lifelong Endurance.

He is truly the reason for my confidence going into this. His workout plans, week after week, pushed me to dig deep and do what it takes to prepare my body to take on the miles. Feel free to contact him with coaching questions. Trust me, the best thing you can do for yourself is invest in yourself. It’s a wonderful experience.

Have an amazing week!

What do you use to carry your phone and gels on long runs?

What do you use to replenish electrolytes on long runs?


19 thoughts on “Week 29: Marathon Training

  1. htt573 says:

    Oh sure everyone get’s a BIG thank you and I don’t even get a response LOL. I take my throw aways. Yesterday I threw mine away to soon as I was waiting for the cannon. So I asked someone to toss me a shirt.I caught a large and threw it back asking for a small. What I got was a NY send off lol.All true.It was all in fun and broke the tension at the start for a lot of us. Your strong and ready. HAVE FUN .Thank you for sharing you’r journey with us. It was funny and crazy. No need to thank me for all my help. Your thanks just oozes from the page :). Good luck Ms Texas!


    Liked by 1 person

    • jennaruns says:

      Ok I can’t help it… thank you!! Really, I appreciate all your support. You better still comment when I train for the next one! Yeah I found a throw away at Good will… now I kind of like it tho… how ugly does it have to be for me to throw it away? Haha. I’m ready! Hope all is well!


      • htt573 says:

        Recovering nicely- sorry too disappointment u ha ha. Walking around the hospital quite a bit. I will be out of this joint Monday. It will take a good 6 months to determine if running is in my future.Spirits are good- I guess it’s the meds- who cares why lol. Are you finished with all the thanking everyone for all the support during you’re training. Just saying – No Oscar award here lol ha ha. Oh deal with it. I’m writing this from the hospital – so you’re welcome in advance the well deserved thanks for my effort. Toss the ugly starting line garb – Again can you act like you’ve been there before lol. OK MS TEXAS GOOD LUCK AND GO KICK SOME ASS TOMORROW.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Jake Taylor says:

    Good luck! I either use my Ultimate Direction SJ 2.0 backpack with 2 x 600ml bottles on the front and 2 x 420ml hydrapak bottles in the back all filled with Tailwind which replaces gels and food as it’s a liquid nutrition with electrolytes or my Camelbak with 2L of Tailwind. Both are fine for a marathon.

    Liked by 1 person

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