Review: Project Pink OOFOS

Disclaimer: I received a pair of OOFOS Women’s OOriginal Project Pink Sandal to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!


What are “OOFOS?”

OOFOS are footwear made for post-run. They aid in recovery and comfort after running/activity by cradling your arches, enabling natural foot motion, and absorbing shock. They are also water-proof (OK for showering), machine washable, and light enough to float!

OOFOS have been considered a “Race day essential” by Women’s Running editor along with many runners I follow on social media. I have seen and heard about these things all over the place, and now I will share my thoughts about my first pair!

The pair I received are a part of the “Project Pink,” where for each pair purchased, $10 will goes to breast cancer research. You can view the Project Pink OOFOS here.

The price range for OOFOS ranges from $44.95 to $59.95. The Women’s OOriginal Project Pink Sandal (the pair I received) retails on their website for $44.95. Note that the shoe claims to hold its cushion its entire life, so it is a lifetime investment so long as you don’t lose them or the dog doesn’t get a hold of them! They are sold online as well as in some running specialty stores and other retailers (found here).

For size reference, I have a bit of an odd foot – long and skinny… stick-like, really. I wear a size 10-11 street shoe and slide around in all of them. Unfortunately for me, the longer the shoe, the wider it gets. I wear a size 12 Narrow/2A in running shoes (my foot technically measures a “4A”).  So, I ordered these in a 10 in hopes that they wouldn’t be quite as wide as a 12, and since they’re sandals, I can get away with the shorter length.

I was right! I got them in the mail and was really glad I got a 10. If I would’ve gotten a 12 (my running shoe size) they would’ve been way too large. The 10’s have plenty of room to spare but fit fine. They could definitely fit a much wider foot than mine as well.

Based on the fact that the website says to size up one size from your normal shoe size for women and down a size for men, I’d personally go at your own discretion. In my case I got my normal casual shoe size and probably could’ve even sized down. Whatever sandal size you normally wear is probably fine. They are available in stores, so you could always try them on first. Even if you order online, they have a 30-day return/exchange policy, so rest assured!

So, how do I like them?

I love them! I have been wearing them after all my runs around the house. I have been running after work lately, so I wear them around while cooking when I was normally walking around barefoot. They provide support and are super cushy and just feel like pure heaven no my feet after running. I like the fact that I know if/when I get them all dirty, they are machine washable and will forever hold their “cushyness.” They are fully waterproof so I could see these being great for treadmill runners taking a post-run shower at the gym or even slipping them on after a swim.

All in all, I think they are worth the cost since they are comfortable, practical, and will last a lifetime.

Do you own a pair of OOFOS? Which style? How do you like them?

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