Whole30: Week Two

I’m already over half way through Whole30!

To be honest, I’m a little (ok, VERY) surprised at the things I’ve read about Whole30 – it seems that the consensus is that it’s “the hardest thing ever” or even “miserable.” It makes me wonder how bad the majority of our diets are to begin with. Not that I am an exception – it’s been difficult at times – but I don’t think that the change has been anywhere close to the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Eating delicious, real, whole foods has been anything but miserable. In fact, it’s been an amazing, eye-opening, delicious experience so far.

Yes, there have been times I REALLY want to go out and buy a box of Girl Scout Cookies (Samoas!) and devour the entire box immediately. I dream about carrot cake. But, I’m cranky for a bit, eat some fruit, and the craving passes. I now crave things like chicken and sweet potatoes. I love carrots. Whole30 had caused me to appreciate the flavors of natural foods. Carrots are sweet! Who knew!

So, week 2 went well, with the hardest days being later in the week around day 14. At this point the newness and excitement for a healthy change is wearing off and I just wanted my bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. And chocolate ice cream. And red velvet cake. But, I have not caved in. I will admit I am probably eating more fruit than the Whole30 plan would suggest, but I keep thinking that it’s better than caving in to cravings and hoping I get better about that. I do run, so I can use the sugar and carbs.

I think the transition has been very smooth for me since I already eat all my meals at home. I have no excuse, really. I imagine this would be very difficult for someone who is used to eating out every day for lunch, or doing a lot of social eating/drinking. I have only gone out to eat one time (For a co-worker’s birthday) – and I did some research about the restaurant beforehand and figured out what I could eat. It was surprisingly easy and, though I was nervous about being “that person” ordering the picky food, the server and my co-workers were very understanding and it wasn’t a big deal at all!

Overall, real food has made me feel great – not extremely different than before – but I feel great about my choices, and it just feels good to eat with a purpose. I’m ready to take on the second half of my Whole30 journey!

Now for the good part, food pics! Here are some of the things that I’ve made lately, many of them being go-to snacks or meals!


Breakfast, round one!

Snack time! Yay, protein!


Savory breakfast!

Go-to sweet snack!


10 thoughts on “Whole30: Week Two

  1. I love this. You are inspiring me to clean up my diet (again). It’s amazing how much we crave sugary crap when we eat it and how great REAL FOOD tastes once we get rid of the hypersweet. Hello, carrots!

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    1. That’s so great to hear (just made my day!) 🙂 It is amazing! When our taste buds expect pop tarts, it’s no wonder we don’t appreciate the flavors of veggies! It may be a tough 30 days, but I already know half-way through that it’s totally worth the way I think about food for many, many days to come!


      1. I am… been making a lot of protein salads. The recipes I’m the book are amazing. Still can’t find any Whole30 approved bacon.

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  2. Oh man those bananas with cinnamon and nuts look AMAZING. Hubby and I have been making huge lifestyle changes with our diet to naturally fuel ourselves more naturally but it’s the sweets that always get me. This will be on my craving crusher list for sure.

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  3. Hey Jenna! It’s Livvy (livvy.duck) and I had some free time so just went online to read your blog – loving hearing about your whole 30 experience!

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