Just Registered: BCS Marathon!

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I just registered for a race! You all know the feeling… don’t think, just do it! This marathon isn’t until December, but I like registering for races ahead of time so that I 1. get the lowest price 2. secure my spot! and 3. forget about what I’ve done until it comes time to train! 😉

I’m really excited for this one, because it’s close enough to home that I won’t need to fly, but still far enough away that I will stay in a hotel overnight.

I’m all registered for the Half Marathon. It was a tough decision between the full or half, so I ultimately went with what I thought I’d have more fun doing. I love the challenge of the full marathon, but I’m not quite sure I’m over the pain of the last one yet. 🙂

So! A little bit about the race:

  • It’s on December 10, 2017 (yay, cool weather!)
  • It’s located in College Station, Texas – home of the Aggies (also known as “Aggieland.” I’ve never been, so I’m excited to explore.
  • It’s a half and full marathon (I’m doing the half).
  • It has a few rolling hills, but otherwise flat course and the course is USAT&F Certified.
  • The swag sounds awesome – a tech tee, finisher’s medal AND a finisher’s jacket! AND a surprise “bonus” item that I am really curious to see!
  • There’s an epic after party with food and beer!

So! I am really excited for this race and can’t wait to have a little weekend run-cation!

Do you plan your events way ahead of time? Do you register last minute?


13 thoughts on “Just Registered: BCS Marathon!

  1. Yay! I love entering races and always plan my race diary at the start of the year. Great until I get injured and end up DNS’ing loads of races. I don’t know how it is in the USA, but in the UK we have to enter some of the really popular races the second entries open. Running is now so popular you aren’t even guaranteed entry into some events. Loads of races – even a local 10k – now have ballots. I suspect that the days of entering races on the day are coming to an end.

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    1. Oh wow! THat is very interesting. We do have some races here that sell out quickly, you have to qualify for, or enter a lottery to get in. But for the most part I can enter in any local race pretty close to the race date. I still like to register early, though. 🙂


  2. Yay!!!! Definitely plenty of time to train. Good luck! I try to register somewhat early, but not too early (if that makes sense). Trying to get my head in the right frame to start training for the MCM in October. I’m better, not fully there yet….

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  3. I ran the BCS half 2 years ago! Great course, but it rained the entire race, which made it a little miserable.

    I’m very much a planner, registering months ahead of time and praying I don’t get injured.

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    1. Oh no! Hopefully it doesn’t rain. I can’t even imagine… glad you liked the course. I’m excited to see a new (to me) area of Texas! I like to plan too. And yes, always hoping to avoid any obstacles… injury being the worst! Do you already have all your races for the year lined up? I always wonder about how many races per year people do too (I’m new to the racing thing) 🙂


  4. You’ll love College Station! I’m a TCU girl, but my family is deeply rooted in all things Aggie… multiple family members and my boyfriend all went there.

    I like your comment… don’t think, just do it! I’ve been taking that same mentality lately and have signed up for my 1st Half Marathon and 1st 10k in the last two weeks! Big step for me, but I’m excited!

    I may have jumped over to your Instagram to see things there too… I see you’re in the Dallas area too! It’s been fun finding a group of Dallas runners through the WordPress community! Also, how do you take those amazing pictures you post?!?!

    Thanks for following my blog today! I look forward to keeping up with you as well! 🙂

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    1. Oh that is so exciting!! Way to commit to those races! Sometimes that’s the way to go – just sign up then you have reason to train!! It has been fun “meeting” people in the Dallas area on here & IG! I use a GoPro for my pics 🙂 (thank you!) it’s really fun to play with and I love getting creative with it… thanks so much and I’m looking forward to following your journey!

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  5. I plan my big races, so any half & full marathons, at the start of each year and sometimes a little more in advance (training for my first half ironman so a lot of prep/training involved). In New Zealand it’s fairly easy to register for races – you can generally sign up online before the cut off day with no trouble of securing a spot & sometimes enter on the day but just pay a little more. We do have a few races particularly in the trail running world that have limited spots so you have to be in quick but otherwise it’s happy running for everyone. I’ve only just entered my first ballot race for next year’s London Marathon as an overseas ballot entry. Now I just have to wait until October to find out! Fingers crossed

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    1. Oh interesting! Fingers crossed for you too for the London Marathon! That one is definitely on my bucket list! I think it’s smart to sign up early and plan the big races way ahead of time – then you can space them out, plan training and travel, etc. 🙂


  6. Usually I like to plan way ahead of time. This year seems to be the exception, though now the calendar is mostly set. We will also be in TX that same weekend and I’ll be representing BibRave at the RnR San Antonio marathon!

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    1. Oh exciting!! I’d love to do RnR San Antonio some year. San Antonio is a fun city, though I haven’t been since I was a teenager. It’d be fun to explore and appreciate as an adult… better yet, run a race there! I’m sure you will have fun!

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  7. Awesome girl, good luck! Funny, with this few weeks I have off in between my Half being done and training for a full I’ve realized that not having something to train for kind of makes me sad. I probably need to simmer down though and tackle my first full before I sign up for anything else! Good luck with training! x

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