I’m going to Tulsa! Tulsa Run Challenge: 5K + 15K

Disclaimer: I received entry to The Tulsa Federal Credit Union Tulsa Run to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

I’m so excited to announce that I’ve recruited my dad (thanks, Dad!) to go up to Tulsa, Oklahoma with me for an adventure! I will be running The Tulsa Federal Credit Union Tulsa Run Challenge! The challenge consists of a 5K race and 15K race – in the same day! Yep, both runs are on the same morning. How’s that for something different? And Tulsa, Oklahoma! I’ve never been, so I’m really excited! Dad is going to bring his bike and find somewhere in Tulsa to ride while I run! (suggestions welcome!)

8-31-2017 5-07-44 AM

So, what is this “Tulsa Run,” you ask?

From their website:

“The Tulsa Federal Credit Union Tulsa Run is turning 40! Come celebrate four decades of running in Tulsa by participating in the most historic race in Oklahoma. From its humble beginnings in 1978 with a little over 1,000 runners the Tulsa Run has been a marquee event in the Tulsa Community. With over 150,000 finishers of the 15k race we want you to add your name to the list!

With a 15k, 5k, and 2k distance there is a race for every athlete and fitness goal. Starting in downtown Tulsa, participants experience a diverse course that encompasses Cherry Street, Woodward Park, Veterans Park, Arkansas River, Red Fork District, Route 66, and finishes in the historic Art Deco District. The Tulsa Run is the host of USA Track and Field 15k Masters Championships. Join us for a Tulsa tradition!”

I’m so excited to be a part of this amazing tradition! Word is, it’s a fast course, swag is epic, and post-race party is unbeatable! I can’t wait to take a trip to Tulsa and experience this race and make an adventure out of it! Registration is confirmed and hotel is booked! Woohoo! See you soon, Tulsa!

Tulsa 2

The excitement of the Start Line!

Tulsa 3

Hoodies are my favorite! The swag has already won me over!


Excited to be a part of the Tulsa tradition!


Have you ever run the Tulsa Federal Credit Union Tulsa Run or other Oklahoma races?

Have you ever done two races in one morning? Any suggestions or thoughts?


Review: 5K Crate

Disclaimer: I received a 5K Crate to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

What is 5K Crate? 5K Crate is a subscription service for RUNNERS! It is a curated quarterly box for runners of all levels.

You choose Women’s or Men’s preferred sizes, and they put together a box of 5-7 handpicked items and ship them to you each quarter. The price is $59.99 per quarter and the box is guaranteed to have a retail value of over $100.

From their website, “5kCrate is about offering subscribers a premium subscription that provides the best apparel, accessories and nutritional products on the market today. We promise not to be just another subscription box filled with just snacks and gels, but rather deliver to you a box filled with products that you will happily be able to use over and over again.”

So, is it worth it?

Let’s take a look at what came in the box!

@epicwipes The Massive Wet Wipe (2) – $2.50 each retail

@zensah no-show compression socks (these look/feel awesome!!!) – $19.99

@missionathlete VaporActive cooling towel – $19.99

@lafreshgroup Travel Lite sunscreen wipes – $1.00 each

@spigenworld Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – $45

@missionathlete VaporActive Alpha Running Shirt!!! (excited to try!) – $35.95

​So, what do I think?

I think the 5K Crate is totally worth it! I LOVE that it’s not just a bunch of snack samples. The products are things I will actually use and are of great quality. They guarantee a value of over $100, so you know you’re going to get your money’s worth (and more!). They also partner with great brands. I’ve seen Momentum Jewelry in their boxes!!!

The 5K Crate is a great gift to yourself for that extra motivation or even a great gift for a special runner in your life! I know I’d be stoked to receive this as a gift. These boxes do sell out super quick, so if you’re thinking about it, I’d say jump on it!


Have you ever tried a runner’s subscription box?

Have you tried 5K Crate? What do you think?

Half Marathon Training: Week 3

Monday! A fresh start, a chance to set the tone for the week, the day to set goals, the day to stop wishing and start DOING.

A day to reflect.

As I jump into week four of half marathon training, let’s see out how week three went!


Plan: 6 miles easy/6.00/58:17/9:43 min/mile

Ran: 6.03/57:18/9:30 min/miles

Today’s run felt good! It had been a while since I’d felt like this – having energy, having to actually slow myself down… and I was really reminded of why I love running. That feeling you get… the feeling like I had today… feeling like you can take on anything!


Plan: Fit Test! 2 miles easy, 20:00 @ threshold, 2 miles easy/7.5 miles/1:07:38/9:01 min/mile

Ran: 7.53 miles/1:08:08/9:03 min/mile

I was a little nervous for this one – with the word “Test” in the name… but I knew the point was just to do my best so Coach could set my zones so I could crush it this fall! This was a TOUGH run. But it was supposed to be! The 20 minute “threshold” was supposed to be the fastest I could go for 20 whole minutes. My threshold ended up being about a 7:50 min/mile, which I was a bit bummed with  since I know I can run a 5K in the low 7’s. Looking back, I’m hoping it was just the heat. I gave it my full effort, and that’s what matters!


Plan: 5 miles easy/5.0 miles/48:45/9:45 min/mile

Ran: 5.02 miles/46:56/9:22 min/mile

“Runch” run today – I ran at lunch, and unlike most Texas lunch runs, the weather was nice! It was overcast with a nice breeze, still 89 degrees, but Texans will take the 80’s any summer day with a smile! This one felt good! I even had to slow myself down a few times (again!) and it just felt overall nice and easy like it should.


Plan: 3 miles easy/3.0 miles/28:15/9:45 min/mile + Crosstraining

Ran: 3.02 miles/28:55/9:35 min/mile + Spin class!

Did a morning spin class at a new cycling studio a little closer to home. I was amazed at how much harder it was with such small changes – different movements, different bikes, different instructors. It was a nice challenge!

Ran my 3 easy miles in the afternoon and felt stiff, sluggish, and blah. But I got it done!


Plan: “Pyramid” – 2 miles easy, 1:00 @ 5K pace, 2:00 @ 10K pace, 3:00 @ 13.1 pace – 1-2-3-2-1-2-3, 2 miles easy/6.0 miles/55:30/9:15

Ran: 6.02 miles/53:09/8:50 min/mile splits: 9:24, 9:20, 7:44, 7:37, 9:20, 9:34

I liked this one! This was a completely new run workout for me (I had to read it a few times to even figure it out!) and this is one of the best things about having a coach – this is a workout I would’ve never (EVER) done without it being written out for me! It was not easy but I loved the focus on the 1, 2, or 3 minute at a time. The 2 up-tempo miles flew by. It helped that the weather was nice – I did this run right at Hurricane Harvey was making its way to the Texas gulf. Dallas is far enough away that it wont affect us directly, but we’ve gotten some cooler weather because of it. Hoping to see this workout again!


Plan: Long run! 14 miles/2:16:13/9:45 min/mile

Ran: 14.06 miles/2:19:14/9:54 min/mile

I had a GREAT long run this morning! I know that “on paper” it looks like I didn’t quite hit my mark, but the goal was to run 14 miles at a comfortable, easy pace, and I did just that. Our Saturday morning route has some decent elevation, so there’s that to consider as well. I felt really great – the weather was nice and I felt strong until the very end. It was a MUCH better experience than my 14 miles two weeks ago. I was overall extremely happy with how this long run felt!


Rest day! And treated myself to a new running watch! Happy runner here!

Total miles for the week – 41.6 (67K)

As always, I am so very thankful for Lifelong Endurance for guiding me through this journey and helping me transition from wishing to DOING. Having a coach has truly been a game changer!

What are some goals that you have that scare you a little (or a lot)?

What is something that is holding you back from going for your goals?

Half Marathon Training: Week 2

I can hardly believe I’m already on to week THREE on half marathon training!

One (extremely important) thing I’ve learned in this short amount of time of training is to take it one. step. at. a. time. Sometimes when I look too far ahead into the training plan or even think about the goal in sight, it seems impossible. I must remind myself to take it one workout at a time. One mile at a time. Some days, quite literally one STEP at a time. 

I’ve also learned and realized how thankful I am to have Lifelong Endurance by my side every step of the way. The accountability surely helps, but trusting the process is a great feeling. I know I couldn’t be in better hands and that the plan is laid out for me – it’s just up to me to put in the work!

Let’s see how week 2 went!

(8/14/17 – 8/20/17)


Plan: 6 miles easy/6.00/58:17/9:43 min/mile

Ran: 6.05/57:44/9:33 min/mile

It was a warm afternoon run, but wasn’t too bad – it was “only” 92 degrees! The first mile I felt stiff but felt better and better as the miles went on and felt great afterwards!


Plan: 2 miles easy, 5x 3:00@8:30-8:00, 2:00@9:30, 2 easy/7.5 miles/1:07:38/9:01 min/mile

Ran: 7.51 miles/1:10:08/9:21 min/mile splits: 10:13, 9:34, 8:45, 8:41, 8:47, 9:42, 9:39, 9:43

Another warm day but I didn’t let that ruin my run! I took my warm up and cool down seriously, though 🙂 and I hit all my paces! It wan’t easy… but it’s not supposed to be! Pushing myself like this is a little much different than I’m used to (I usually just run slow and easy), but I am loving the challenge. The specific workouts make the miles fly by!


Plan: 5 easy miles/5.0/48:45/9:45 min/mile

Ran: 5.01/48:30/9:41 min/mile + kickboxing

I have been starting realllly slow. I have a bit of a bothersome muscle (left upper hamstring) that has been taking a while to warm up. It bothered me to start today but was fine after a few miles. I spoke with Coach about it and have a plan of action (warming up & self massage) so I’m not too worried at this point. The “feels like” temp today was 105 so I was pretty wiped after this run! This whole running-in-the-summer-heat thing is starting to get to me!


Plan: 3 easy miles + cross training/3.0/29:15/9:45 in/mile

Ran: 3.02/28:43/9:30 min/mile + spin class

It was GROSS outside. Not to be a Negative Nancy, but I was glad when this run was over. It was humid, and about 6 thousand tiny bugs plummeted to their death on my sweaty body in a matter of a little over 20 minutes. Straight to the shower I went and felt slightly better afterwards. Even small tasks like grocery shopping are pretty miserable in this heat and I think that being sticky with sweat throughout the day was making me just plain grumpy! Keepin’ it real here…


Plan: 6 miles “Out and Back” – 3 miles easy, 3 miles @ 8:30 or faster/6.0/55:30/9:15 min/mile

Ran: 6.01/54:48/9:07 min/mile splits: 10:31/9:41/9:31/8:29/8:24/8:05

I needed a huge attitude adjustment today! I did a lot of walking. I felt discouraged. I found myself getting way ahead of myself and thinking I’m tired… I won’t hit my paces… I won’t be able to do my long run tomorrow… I will never be fast… woah woah WOAH! I made myself stop. I made myself stop thinking so far ahead and focus on TODAY’S run. THIS mile. I had to do this a couple times and take it one single mile at a time. After this run is when I learned I can’t think too far ahead. I CAN handle today’s workout. And I proved that with this run. And that’s what matters.




Plan: Long run/6 miles easy, 3 miles @ 8:30, 2 miles easy, last mile hard/12.0 miles/1:57:00/9:15 min/mile

Ran: 12.01/1:50:20/9:11 min/mile splits: 9:21, 9:43, 9:44, 9:58, 9:38, 8:14, 8:29, 8:14, 9:37, 9:42, 7:53!

IT FELT GOOD! Don’t get me wrong, it was TOUGH. BUT! I did NOT expect it to feel good. At all. After last week’s 14 miles being… how do I put this… MISERABLE… I was feeling a little pessimistic about this week’s long run.

The humidity was down a bit and I got an early start, so it didn’t feel terrible outside. I also had a great running buddy who paced me the entire time and made sure I was on track. I brought my apple sauce and had water stops along the way. I did stop to walk a couple times, but not much. The run felt much more manageable than I thought it would! I just felt overall really great about this run. I needed this run.


Rest day!

Total miles for the week: 39.5 (64K)

How have you been managing in the heat?

Have you ever had a streak of “bad” runs? Did it pay off in the end?

Upcoming races: Plano Balloon Fest Half Marathon (September 24), Portland Marathon, Half (October 8), BCS Marathon, Half (December 10)

Half Marathon Training: Week 1

There’s nothing like starting something new that get’s you excited. Unlimited potential, excitement, curiosity, and eagerness. All great feelings as I start my new journey to run a fast half marathon. My (ULTIMATE) goal is to run 13.1 miles in the 1:30’s.

I am fortunate to be working with an amazing group of coaches at Lifelong Endurance. Having a coach is a huge game changer! Knowing my workouts day by day and not “guessing” which plan is right for me is a huge relief and really motivates me to nail each workout. I know I’m in good hands! Now I just need to put in the work!

Let’s see how Week 1 went!

(8/7/17 – 8/13/17)


Plan: 6 miles easy/6.00 miles/58:17/9:43 min/mile

Ran: 6.02 miles/57:02/9:29 min/mile

DAY 1! I was so pumped to get out there and RUN! It was a perfect “day 1,” too – the weather was nice. It rained, but felt good. The temps lowered a bit and it felt refreshing. I felt powerful running in the rain. I CAN DO THIS!


Plan: 2 miles easy, 5x 2:00 @ 8:30-8:00, 3:00 @ 9:30, 2 easy/7.5 miles/1:07:38/9:01 min/mile

Ran: 7.51 miles/1:10:23/9:22 min/mile

I hit all my paces despite feeling like it would be impossible the first mile. It was hot. I’ve been slow and stiff the first few miles lately and today was no exception. I felt sluggish, but I got it done!


Plan: 5 miles easy/5 miles/48:45/9:45 min/mile

Ran: 5.01 miles/48:14/9:38 min/mile

During that first mile (again), I didn’t think I could run any more! The heat is rough in Texas these days. But, as usual, I got into the groove around mile two and managed to get a nice, easy 5 miles in!


Plan: Crosstraining & 3 miles easy/3 miles/29:15/9:45 min/mile

Ran: Spin class/3.05 miles/29:00/9:31 min/mile

It felt really good to start my day with a 5:30 am spin class! Got the blood flowin’ and the legs movin’. I ran right afterwards and it was nice! I was already warmed up and just got in the groove for an easy 3 miles. It felt great to get this entire workout done before 7:30 am! I beat the heat AND had an energy boost for the day!


Plan: “Out and Back”/3 miles easy, 2 @ 8:30 or faster/5miles/56:15/9:15 min/mile

Ran: 5.01miles/44:30/8:53 min/mile splits: 9:40/9:24/9:21/8:11/7:52

I’ll start by saying the “feels like” temp was 107 and I ran at 5:00 pm (the heat of the day). My choice, so not complaining (ok, just a little bit). 🙂 BUT! It wasn’t as bad as I thought. I was worried about hitting these paces during the heat of the day but I really surprised myself. I am really proud of this one! It was a tough last two miles but I felt extremely accomplished. Negative splits! 🙂


Plan: Long run/14 miles easy/2:16:30/9:45 min/mile

Ran: 14.01/2:16:07/9:43 min/mile

This is another one I am extremely proud of!!! It was TOUGH. I ran with a group and it was a tough day for everyone. We got an early start – 6:00 am. Even still, the humidity was almost 90% and it was WARM. I stopped and walked a few times. I thought I was dying a few times. I wanted to give up a few times. But I didn’t. I got it done! Having a group to run with really kept me going. And thinking about breakfast tacos.

Tacos never tasted better.


Rest day!

Total miles for the week: 40.5 (65K)

There you have it! Just like that! On to week two! I’m excited for what’s to come! I can’t wait for the cooler weather and for all this hot-weather running to pay off (it will, right?!)! Stay tuned for week 2!

Have a great week!

Are you training for an event?

Have you ever used a coach for training?

Upcoming races: Plano Balloon Fest Half Marathon (September 24), Portland Marathon, Half (October 8), BCS Marathon, Half (December 10)

The perfect run bun!

This one is for the ladies (and gents!) with long hair! This is how I usually wear my hair during runs and it always stays… AND isn’t a nightmare to detangle afterwards! Win win!

FYI – this works best with fresh/tight elastics. Wrap it around the pony and bun as tight as possible – and the KEY is when wrapping the elastic around the bun, wrap it in the middle (not right at the base, or it’ll fall!). Hope this helps!

How do you wear your long hair during runs/workouts?



Ready, Set, GO! Half Marathon Training!

Guys! I am up at 7:00am on my REST DAY because I am SO excited to share this news!

I am thrilled to announce that training starts MONDAY! Yes, this Monday! Tomorrow! AND! Best part…

I have a COACH! I get to work with an awesome group called Lifelong Endurance. Amazing coaches! I know I’m in good hands. Now I just need to put in the work!

I’m sure you know that feeling of setting a plan. THE best feeling. It feels great to have a plan AND to have someone knowledgeable guiding my on my way to my goal.

Speaking of – what is my goal?

I have 3 half marathons coming up this year – September 24th, October 8th, and December 10th.

I want to run a Half Marathon in the 1:30’s. It’s a lofty goal (for me), but it’s something scary enough to get me motivated and something to work towards. I can manage a 1:50:00 without training, so I believe I can do this. Believing is the first step, after all!

What really matters to me, though, is progress, bettering myself, and becoming an overall stronger runner through the process.

So, let’s do this! I will keep a journal of my training runs and workouts and update – right here on the blog – weekly. So keep up with my journey and train with me!

Also, if you’ve ever wondered or thought about working with a running coach – they aren’t just for elite athletes or rich people. It’s important that everyone has a plan based on their personal goals! Feel free to reach out to a coaching company I know and trust – Lifelong Endurance.

Ready, set, go!

After this rest day! 😉 Happy Sunday!