Half Marathon Training: Week 1

There’s nothing like starting something new that get’s you excited. Unlimited potential, excitement, curiosity, and eagerness. All great feelings as I start my new journey to run a fast half marathon. My (ULTIMATE) goal is to run 13.1 miles in the 1:30’s.

I am fortunate to be working with an amazing group of coaches at Lifelong Endurance. Having a coach is a huge game changer! Knowing my workouts day by day and not “guessing” which plan is right for me is a huge relief and really motivates me to nail each workout. I know I’m in good hands! Now I just need to put in the work!

Let’s see how Week 1 went!

(8/7/17 – 8/13/17)


Plan: 6 miles easy/6.00 miles/58:17/9:43 min/mile

Ran: 6.02 miles/57:02/9:29 min/mile

DAY 1! I was so pumped to get out there and RUN! It was a perfect “day 1,” too – the weather was nice. It rained, but felt good. The temps lowered a bit and it felt refreshing. I felt powerful running in the rain. I CAN DO THIS!


Plan: 2 miles easy, 5x 2:00 @ 8:30-8:00, 3:00 @ 9:30, 2 easy/7.5 miles/1:07:38/9:01 min/mile

Ran: 7.51 miles/1:10:23/9:22 min/mile

I hit all my paces despite feeling like it would be impossible the first mile. It was hot. I’ve been slow and stiff the first few miles lately and today was no exception. I felt sluggish, but I got it done!


Plan: 5 miles easy/5 miles/48:45/9:45 min/mile

Ran: 5.01 miles/48:14/9:38 min/mile

During that first mile (again), I didn’t think I could run any more! The heat is rough in Texas these days. But, as usual, I got into the groove around mile two and managed to get a nice, easy 5 miles in!


Plan: Crosstraining & 3 miles easy/3 miles/29:15/9:45 min/mile

Ran: Spin class/3.05 miles/29:00/9:31 min/mile

It felt really good to start my day with a 5:30 am spin class! Got the blood flowin’ and the legs movin’. I ran right afterwards and it was nice! I was already warmed up and just got in the groove for an easy 3 miles. It felt great to get this entire workout done before 7:30 am! I beat the heat AND had an energy boost for the day!


Plan: “Out and Back”/3 miles easy, 2 @ 8:30 or faster/5miles/56:15/9:15 min/mile

Ran: 5.01miles/44:30/8:53 min/mile splits: 9:40/9:24/9:21/8:11/7:52

I’ll start by saying the “feels like” temp was 107 and I ran at 5:00 pm (the heat of the day). My choice, so not complaining (ok, just a little bit). πŸ™‚ BUT! It wasn’t as bad as I thought. I was worried about hitting these paces during the heat of the day but I really surprised myself. I am really proud of this one! It was a tough last two miles but I felt extremely accomplished. Negative splits! πŸ™‚


Plan: Long run/14 miles easy/2:16:30/9:45 min/mile

Ran: 14.01/2:16:07/9:43 min/mile

This is another one I am extremely proud of!!! It was TOUGH. I ran with a group and it was a tough day for everyone. We got an early start – 6:00 am. Even still, the humidity was almost 90% and it was WARM. I stopped and walked a few times. I thought I was dying a few times. I wanted to give up a few times. But I didn’t. I got it done! Having a group to run with really kept me going. And thinking about breakfast tacos.

Tacos never tasted better.


Rest day!

Total miles for the week: 40.5 (65K)

There you have it! Just like that! On to week two! I’m excited for what’s to come! I can’t wait for the cooler weather and for all this hot-weather running to pay off (it will, right?!)! Stay tuned for week 2!

Have a great week!

Are you training for an event?

Have you ever used a coach for training?

Upcoming races: Plano Balloon Fest Half Marathon (September 24), Portland Marathon, Half (October 8), BCS Marathon, Half (December 10)

20 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training: Week 1

  1. Nice work! The weather you’re running is brutal. It will pay off when autumn arrives. Great discipline on hitting your paces, especially on easy runs. I have such a hard time slowing down for my easy days. Keep it up!

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  2. Love that enthusiasm Jenna. This is a huge motivator to say to me, “I need to get out there”. You are incredible disciplined, and I have so much respect. I know you will indeed drop down to the 1:30’s for your half marathon! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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