Half Marathon Training: Week 8

The week after my races and the week leading up to the Portland Marathon!

It’s been an incredible journey so far and I can’t wait to see where it takes me! Thank you, Lifelong Endurance, for being there every step of the way.

Let’s dig in!


Plan: 4 miles easy/4.0/38:15/9:43 min/mile

Ran: 4.02/38:24/9:33 min/mile

I had a run scheduled today?! After the run-filled weekend, I quite honestly assumed I would have today off! BUT! I was surprisingly excited to see that I got to run today. All day, I couldn’t wait to get out there! Am I even a sane person? Probably not :)!

It is amazing what our bodies are capable of. Yesterday during the half marathon, I thought, I’m not running for a WEEK AFTER THIS! OR EVER! But today, I couldn’t wait! It’s like after this past weekend’s races, I’m more determined than ever.

My run felt OK. I even caught myself having to slow down! AND I stretched and foam rolled AND did an ice bath afterwards! Monday motivation at its finest!

Excited to be running for Run Texas!


Plan: 4 miles easy/39:00/9:45 min/mile

Ran: 4.10/41:03/10:00 min/mile

I did an early morning run. My legs felt tired but I felt OK. A 10 minute mile was just my easy pace this AM! So I went with my body. It felt good to get out there before the sun (even though it was still hot!)


Plan: 5 easy/5.0/48:45/9:45 min/mile

Ran: 5.01/48:32/9:42 min/mile

Slow is about all I could manage right now so I’m glad I had more easy miles! I’m not feeling terrible and the run didn’t feel hard, I’m just tired. Like I need a nap. BUT I am super excited and pumped to be running for Run Texas so I have a fire in me! Ready to work hard and do what it takes.

Stepping up my game with a headlamp that will hopefully allow me to SEE!


Plan: 6 easy miles/6.0/58:30/9:45 min/mile

Ran: 6.20/1:00:58/9:49 min/mile

Woke up TIRED.. I was this close to skipping my run and making an excuse. But once I got out there, it felt surprisingly good! I just took it easy and got it done!

Throwback Thursday – ready for cooler temps!


Plan: Speed work!/7.5 miles: 2 miles easy, 15 x 1:00 @ 7:20-7:15, 1:00 @ 8:30, 2 miles easy

Ran: 7.51/1:04:46/8:38 min/mile mile splits: 9:39, 9:30, 7:38, 7:43, 7:46, 8:09, 9:26, 9:42

Tough run but manageable! It was only 72 degrees!!! It seriously reminded me of Christmas! (you know you’re a Texan when…!) The 15 intervals were intimidating, but I just kept telling myself I could do it. And I did! I’m excited for cooler temps!

Probably time to learn how to enter this stuff into that fancy gadget.


Plan: Long run!/10 miles easy/1:37:30/9:45 min/mile

Ran: 10.1/1:38:11/9:43 min/mile

It was a nice, cool morning!!! It was amazing. It felt nice and easy. I was tired afterwards. Not really physically, but mentally. Just wanted to lay my head down and take a nap! So, I ate my Saturday tacos and went home and laid down! Ready for rest day tomorrow!

Results from last weekend’s 5K! Happy with my 2nd ever 5K race!


Rest day! Enjoying every second and excited for taper week! I leave for Portland (PDX marathon) this Friday!!!

We know how to relax. Lot’s off food was involved as well.

Total miles for the week: 36.9

Total miles for September: 178.6 (287.4K)

How often do you implement cross training into your running? Strength training?

8 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training: Week 8

    1. Thank you! That is amazing! I would be happy if I did strength and/or core once a week. I really need to get in a routine of doing it. Do you go to a gym or take a class?


  1. Strength training has been pretty tough for me to incorporate without impacting my intense running days. Upper body or core stuff is fine, but when I do lunges or squats I pay the price. My plan is to take it easy on those until after Richmond.

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    1. I agree – even with the amount of running I do, I find myself not quite feeling comfortable with certain workout classes too often with the worry of overdoing it. I think I can definitely manage strength once a week and maybe a core routine more than that… but much more than that and I’d never have any recovery time!

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  2. So impressive! BTW, workouts in my Garmin are my favorite thing ever. I don’t have to think about what I’m supposed to do, just plug into my watch and go! Have an AMAZING time in Portland – can’t wait to hear about your race!

    Liked by 1 person

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