BCS Marathon Countdown: 3 weeks

Race day sure does have a way of sneaking up on us, huh? December seemed SO far away, and now looking at the calendar – the BCS Marathon is just THREE WEEKS away! On December 10th, I will be running the BCS Half Marathon in College Station. Am I ready? You bet your bottom! Thanks to Lifelong Endurance for training and preparing me for the “big day.” ๐Ÿ™‚ Let’s see how this past week went!


Rest day!

11/13/16 – it’s been exactly one year today that I ran my first full marathon!


Plan: 8 miles – 2 miles easy, 12:00 @ 8:20-8:05, 3:00 rest, 2 miles easy

Ran: 8.01 miles, 1:11:08, 8:53 min/mile

I did an evening run. I felt stiff and less than motivated to start, but once I hit the 8-minute intervals I felt better and better. I felt good afterwards and decided I really need to focus more on nutrition. I’m a sucker for sweets and I’m starting to feel it… I’m excited because I get to try Luvo meals! That will make quick & easy healthy meals really easy.


Plan: 5 miles easy

Ran: 5.01 miles, 48:56, 9:46 min/mile

It took a while for me to warm up again, but felt great by mile 4! Sometimes by the time I get in the groove, it’s over! Still loving my new Garmin Forerunner 935 (full review here)


Plan: 4 miles easy + Cross-training

Ran: 0 miles + spin class

I did a lunch-time spin class, which went well. Then in the afternoon I bent down to fed my pup and just moved my knee wrong. I was about to head out for my run but it hurt – bad! I was so worried that it would turn into something major. I took some Ibuprofen and opted to rest it and see how it felt in the morning.

“Throwback Thursday” to last month – the Tulsa Run


Plan: 2 miles easy, 5 miles @ 8:40-8:20, 2 miles easy

Ran: 9.02 miles, 1:23:44, 9:17 min/mile

So, I woke up and my knee felt OK (HALLELUJAH!) I went ahead and headed out for my run and the knees felt fine and, though the run was tough – mentally and physically – I was just thankful that I wasn’t injured. I had to stop and collect myself a few times and remind myself “I can do this…” and I got it done. I listened to the BibRave Podcast and they were talking about the importance of sleep, which I think I really need to focus on. I haven’t been sleeping well lately.


Plan: Long run! 12 miles – 6 miles easy, 4 miles @ 8:40-8:20, 2 miles easy

Ran: 12.00 miles, 1:48:37, 9:03 min/mile

This run felt really good, although I did have to stop again a few times to collect myself mentally and physically. I ran on my own today and without music, so it was a little lonely… but the views of the lake made up for it. The first 6 miles flew by and felt easy, then miles 7-12 felt like eternity. I was going against the wind for much of my up=tempo miles which made me a little cranky. I also ended up walking about 40 minutes back to my car because when I run alone I rarely plan my route perfectly. I was exhausted by the time I got back to my car, but tacos made it all better. Overall it was a solid run with some challenges and some silver linings!


Rest day!

Looking ahead at next week, I’m excited for a little bit of a change of pace (literally) in my scheduled runs (a 10-miler tomorrow!) and hope to do lots of group runs since I am off work this week! I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving!

Do you have any end-of-year races coming up?

4 thoughts on “BCS Marathon Countdown: 3 weeks

  1. Hey Ms Texas how have you been.I saw your update and find it hard to believe it’s one year since your first marathon. I remember laying in my hospital bed post op with all types of pain meds and me trying to follow your progress.( Oh the good old day’s LOL). I guess we both have come a long way. You are now the seasoned runner, and I the gym rat :). I did go to cheer on the runners in this years NYC Marathon and must admit feeling a bit relaxed not having to be the race. The whole process of getting up early and pre race jitters was not missed. Oh no is this the start of the DERBY couch potato LIFE STYLE :). No way!!!! I’m actually killing my cardio workouts on the Arc machine. It seems so easy to hit the max resistance for and hour and a half. I hired a trainer who works with former runners who now have serious back issues. I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THE WORD FORMER LOL. However, he put together a kick ass plan that in some ways has me in better shape then my marathon days. I’m doing very controlled machine weight workouts, and actually do approximately 10 hours of pretty intense cardio a week. My weight has stayed at approximately 130- 133 pounds, and my diet remains very healthy. I get my running fix by doing volunteer work with the NY Cares running program. School is very stressful and I will admit that I don’t know if it’s worth it. As you know I’m basically retired and have been thinking about my options. My wedding is off ! On a serious note,it has caused me major heartbreak which has been difficult to overcome. It’s no ones fault, and there is no anger- just pain.I cannot believe the stuff I write on your blog. Oh well, no one knows me. And I do know that with the amount of people you have, many have gone through this. On a happier note, you really seem to be running well.THE GREAT THING IS YOU HAVE NOT HIT YOUR PEAK YET. IF YOU STAY INJURY FREE, I KNOW THERE IS A BOSTON IN YOUR FUTURE! Enjoy you half marathon & Thanksgiving. Sorry I have not been my upbeat self this time. However,I took a hard hit on this break up, and have been trying to recover. Ok now that I depressed & ruined your blog, my work is done here LOL. Good luck in your race. And as always,travel and run safe!!!!!

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    1. Lol great to hear from you Joey!!! I’m glad you’ve become such the gym rat! You will get over the breakup – just some extra time at the gym ๐Ÿ™‚ Ina real note, you’re strong… even mentally. You’re a runner! And a doctor! So there’s that. Glad to hear you’re well. And I’m not quite seasoned but getting there ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for the compliment about Boston. I think I could get there one day!!! Come say hi again soon! ๐Ÿ™‚


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