BCS Marathon Countdown: 2 weeks

Just a few weeks out from race day! This was Thanksgiving week, so you know what that means – lots of pie! Did you indulge on Thanksgiving? Did you still run? I was off this week and had my fair share of pie AND awesome runs! Let’s see how this week went!

Thank you, as always, to Lifelong Endurance for coaching me towards my next goal!!!



My goal this week (and every week ongoing) is to focus more on my nutrition. It was tough this week with Thanksgiving and I didn’t restrict myself, nor do I plan to, but hope to continue healthy eating habits as I feel that that is my next step in furthering my training and becoming faster. Luvo meals are helpful – healthy meals on the go – which I will soon review as I’ve picked up quite a few bowls to try! I’d love to hear nutrition tips that you have as well – how you fuel for running and eat to feel your best.

Quinoa & Veggie Enchilada Verde Luvo Bowl


Plan: 10 miles – 2 miles easy, 3 @ 8:20-8:10, 3:00 easy, 3 x 1 mile @ 8:10-7:55, 3:00 recovery, 2 miles easy

Ran: 10.3 miles/1:29:36/8:42 min/mile

This was a TOUGH one! I definitely took my recoveries seriously! 🙂 Though it was tough, the weather was great and I managed to hit my paces. I felt strong… at times… it’s not supposed to be easy! I got it done and I’m happy with that. 🙂

Tough but solid run!


Plan: 5 miles easy

Ran: 5.0 miles/46:50/9:22 min/mile

This one felt good – I did this run in my parent’s neighborhood and it was a nice change in scenery. It’s amazing how a change in views can make the miles fly. This run seemed like it was over before I knew it! According to my nifty new Garmin Forerunner 935, my Training Status is “peaking!” I felt great!

I love running in my parent’s neighborhood!

Thursday (Thanksgiving Day!)

Plan: 4 miles easy + Crosstraining

Ran: 4.0 miles/37:08/9:16 min/mile

This run felt good, too! Nice, cool weather and ran with a buddy which made time fly. I also did a spin class at Flywheel, which I hadn’t done in forever! I really missed the classes here. It’s amazing how different each cycling studio is. I much prefer Flywheel to the other place I tried out! I snagged a Black Friday deal on some classes and am excited to be back at my favorite place. It was just an awesome day overall, I got in a great workout, then helped Mom cook Thanksgiving, and had lots of good food!

Happy day!


Plan: 6 miles, last 4 moderate (8:40-8:20 min/mile)

Ran: 6.01 miles/51:36/8:35 min/mile

Another great run! I’m beginning to think that pumpkin pie the night before a run is the key to feeling fresh! Seriously. I’ve been having some tough runs lately and have felt much better this week. And it’s Thanksgiving week – best believe I’ve had my fair share of pie! Anyway, this felt nice and easy, even during the last four moderate paced miles!

Seen on my run!


Plan: Long run – 2 miels easy, 6 miles with 2:00 @ 8:25 mixed in, 2 miles easy + test nutrition/fuel

Ran: 10 miles/1:32:03/9:12 min/mile

This run truly felt amazing! The weather was absolutely perfect – nice, brisk running weather. I actually had to slow myself down some, especially the first few miles. I actually looked forward to my 8:25 intervals and found myself having to slow myself down some. That’s always a great feeling – especially since I’d been feeling sluggish last week! It is amazing how some days, running in the 8’s seems impossible, and other days it feels like nothing! I was happy to end the week on a high note!

The amazing view of White Rock Lake for my long run.



I did absolutely NOTHING today! And it was GLORIOUS.

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you still run/work out? Did you run a Turkey Trot?

What eating/nutrition habits have you found helped your running or wellbeing?

2 thoughts on “BCS Marathon Countdown: 2 weeks

  1. My thanksgiving was awesome I spent 2 days cooking and still managed to run 7 miles on Wednesday and 3 Miles on Thursday. The eating habits that help my running are not eating a weeks worth of food in 2 days because that makes me slow and sluggish. I did not observe that practice over the holiday

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  2. I know how you feel! I can put away some food. It’s tough when you’re always so hungry from running (and because food is delicious) not to overeat. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!


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