Review: Athlinks

What is Athlinks?

From their website:

With the largest collection of results at your fingertips, let Athlinks do the tracking for you. If you’ve crossed a finish line in the last 10 years, you’ll find yours here. Athlinks makes finding, claiming and sharing all your hard-earned results easy.

Athlinks is a website and App on your phone that shows all of your race times in one place (yes, really!). It is essentially a social network – you create your profile, follow friends, and even select “rivals.” I downloaded the Athlinks app about a month ago and have added a profile picture, claimed race results, and followed all my friends. They really did have all my run times when I searched my name. I was amazed! Even a 5K I did back in High School! My first impression was amazement. This is so COOL!


As a new runner and someone who doesn’t always memorize everything, I love that I know I have a place where I can quickly refer back to what times I ran during which race. I can also see my personal best times and even see what time friends ran in during the same race! I love the competitive edge – the ability to see other people’s times and set up rivalries between local runners or running buddies that you know.

Claiming your race results is easy – simply search your name and claim race results that you recognize as yours. This could take more time if you have a more common name, but when I searched my first and last name, all of the results were indeed my own. For example an Ashley Smith might have to sift through a few and select only the races she recognizes that she ran.

Adding friends and rivals is also a breeze – its very similar to other social media set-ups – add friends, view the timeline, view your “page,” and view a friend’s page with easy navigation. You can also see upcoming events, events near you, and events that your running buddies plan on participating in. On your page, you will see your overall stats, race results (including time, place, average pace, etc), total miles run, and a list of all your races.


I just think it’s brilliant and amazing to have all of this in one place! To say the least, I am truly enjoying Athlinks and can’t wait to take it further by adding rivals and keeping track of PR’s to come!

Claim your race results between now and January 8, and you’ll be entered to win a free 2018 race entry from one of our amazing partners or a one-year premium TrainingPeaks subscription!

Do you have Athlinks? Add me! My Athlinks profile:

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