Hot Chocolate 15K Countdown: 2 Weeks (Things Don’t Always Go As Planned)

Just two weeks until I run for chocolate! I’d say that’s running for a good cause. 🙂 In all reality, though, the official charity of the Hot Chocolate 15K, the Make-a-Wish Foundation, which benefits children with severe illnesses. What better reason to run? I can’t wait for a fun run with friends!

Thank you to Lifelong Endurance for coaching me through each of my races and continuing to help me grow as a runner. Let’s take a look at how last week went…


Plan: 4 miles easy + functional strength

Ran: 4.00 miles/37:56/9:28 min/mile

I’d previously been dealing with a sore toe/foot, and today it didn’t hurt! (YAY!) I took it easy and really focused on a soft landing. I think cutting Saturday’s long run short and then having the entire day Sunday to rest really helped. I am hopeful that it’s nothing!


Plan: 6 miles – 2 miles easy, 10 x 400m as 2 (5 x 400m) with 4 minutes between sets, 60 seconds between reps, 2 miles easy

Ran: 3.03 miles/27:40/9:09 min/mile

Sad face. I had to cut it short. I could feel the toe/foot again (Turf Toe?) and was worried it was going to be a problem, so I stopped. It hurt to walk afterwards, which was really discouraging.


Plan: 5 miles easy

Ran: 0 miles

I opted to rest my foot today and not continue to “test it.”


Plan: 5 miles with 5 x 100m strides + cross-training

Ran: 0 miles + spin class

I rested again (hoping a few days rest now will save me in the long run) and did a spin class, which didn’t hurt at all because of the low impact.


Plan: 6 miles – 2 miles easy, 3 @ moderate progression (8:50-8:35), 1 mile easy

Ran: 6.00 miles/52:38/8:46 min/mile

I talked to Coach and he recommended the last few days off, with this day being the determining factor in a doctor’s visit. If my foot hurt today, the plan was to get in to a foot doctor. So, I was very hopeful that today went well and… it did! IT FELT GREAT! My toe/foot didn’t hurt and it felt nice and easy as it should.


Plan: Long run – 10 miles – 3 miles easy, 3 miles @ 90 seconds @ 8:15, 90 seconds @ 9:15, 2 miles easy, 2 miles hard like a race!

Ran: 10.01 miles/1:30:11/9:01 min/mile

I was excited for this one! I mean, look how fun this one sounds! So, I’m really glad those few days of rest did me some good so I could get out there and run. And I DID IT! I was a little worried the foot would act up, but I got this run in with no problems! It wasn’t an easy one – especially those last two miles in the 7’s, but I felt accomplished.



So! I’m hopeful that my foot doesn’t act up (EVER) again, but will be sure to update! Wish me luck so I can run for chocolate in 2 weeks!

If you register for The Hot Chocolate 5 or 15K Dallas, use code BRHCDAL18 for a free hat and be sure to check my Race Discounts page for more race promo codes!

What are your (running or non-running) goals this week?

13 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate 15K Countdown: 2 Weeks (Things Don’t Always Go As Planned)

  1. I hope your foot doesn’t act up anymore. Foot issues are no fun at all! I have a really nice roller from the Roll Recovery people that I use on the bottom of my feet sometimes so that might be a good option? Or even a massage if it starts to act up weirdly (sometimes a good sports massage nips injuries in the bud). Glad your 10 miler was strong and best wishes with training this week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Amy! I appreciate the suggestions. I did get a lacrosse ball to use to massage it and I agree with the sports massage – I’ve been a few times and am always amazed! Thanks again and hope all is well!


    1. Oh wow! You’re the first person that’s even known what it is, seems like. No one else has been able to relate. Did you have to rest it for a long time? Hope you never have to deal with it again!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Each time varied but usually anywhere from a week to a month and it was gone. It’s hard because you can’t really tell when it’s gone until you test it out. I took a month off in December and that seems to have done the trick!


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