Race Recap: Rock ‘n Roll Dallas (Cheer Squad Edition)

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Well, well, well.

This was going to be a Rock ‘n Roll Dallas Half Marathon race recap.

But I played it safe.

I’ve been dealing with some piriformis/glute pain in recent weeks and know my body needed a break. After taking with Coach, I was advised to partake in the cheering section. I’m so glad I did. I am continuing to feel better, but at this point running 13.1 miles would have just done more harm than good. I’m not here to prove myself, ruin my body, or run myself into the ground. So, I was happy to join the cheer squad!!!

Really, though. I thought I would be bummed that I wasn’t running – especially on the sidelines (literally) watching people run by. But nope! I was excited! I’d never cheered for a race before. I got with a group of friends (runners also!) and we had signs, donuts, drinks, jello shots (for the runners), and loads of fun.

Believe me, eating donuts and watching other people run is just as fun as it sounds.

Rock n Roll Dallas was a fun time. It was a humid morning, so not the most ideal weather for the runners but hey, for me it just meant the stickers on my sign peeled off a little. Race day is really well organized, there are a lot of spectators, and it’s a fun post-race party. I ran it last year and know the route is a bit hilly but it’s a Dallas tradition. EVERYONE is there. Running, cheering, having a good ol time.

I hope that next year will be “my” year for RnR Dallas… feeling good and maybe even some cool weather!

Congratulations to all the runners. You all looked so strong and you all inspire me! I am so glad I got to cheer for you!

Huge thank you to my amazing coach at Lifelong Endurance for helping me play it smart. Run happy, friends!

St. Patty’s Day Dash Down Greenville 5K!

I RAN! I RAN!!! Rewind… why are you so happy about this? I am dealing with some Piriformis/Gluteus muscular issues. Basically my butt is resisting the running movement and I need to stretch, strengthen, rest, warm-up and pay attention to some things I’ve neglected.

It had been two whole weeks since I ran until this past Saturday, St. Patrick’s Day. Naturally, I was signed up for the Dash Down Greenville, a major run here in Dallas on the day where EVERYONE (and their dog) is Irish. Per my coach and physical therapist, it was OK to try to run. SLOW. Like AS SLOW AS POSSIBLE.

Yes that’s a dinosaur. Yes, St. Patty’s Day is a BIG DEAL here.

So I did just that. I wasn’t sure what to expect considering how painful my last run was, so I didn’t expect much. I honestly figured I’d be walking the whole thing. But to my surprise, I started putting a little bounce in my step and next thing you know… I’M RUNNING! And it didn’t hurt!

I had so much fun with my Oiselle ladies!

I ran my record slowest 5K. Ever. And I am DAMN PROUD.

I did it!

Running pain-free is truly a gift that I will never take for granted again. Just running without a care in the world… THAT is what I love about running. Not that I’m cured or anything, but conversations with Coach have made me feel optimistic that I just need to focus on listening to my body, *actually* warming up, *actually* stretching, and *actually* doing my strength exercises.

I will be running again tomorrow and I am happy about that.

One day at a time.

THANK YOU to Lifelong Endurance for coaching me through it all. With running comes ups, downs, and lots of sideways. It’s about the journey, not the destination!

Race Recap: RnR NOLA Remix Challenge

I almost didn’t make it. I was in so. much. pain. Every step was a struggle. I walked. A lot. I did what I had to do to finish without hurting myself even more. I don’t know what’s wrong. My left hip and leg hurt and my legs are just resisting. I learned something today. This is not an EXCUSE. I ran 13.1 FREAKING MILES. No “butts” about it. Speed is just a minor detail and this race taught me that! But. This is how I felt. It HURT. It was frustrating. Live and learn…

Not every race will be a PR. Since I’m a “new” runner, every half marathon I’d done until now brought a shiny new PR. Not today. Nope. I had a “bad” race. But I freaking did it. I’m just as proud of finishing in 2:15 as I am finishing in 1:42. It was just… different. I struggled every single yep of the way, mentally and physically. I cried.

Mile 1: I ran a bit and walked a bit. I knew something was wrong. I was mad, angry, frustrated, wanted to quit. I hate everyone around me! How dare they run so effortlessly! They suck!

Miles 2-5: Told myself to go slow. Walk if I need to. Will I finish? Should I pull out? How do I even do that? I don’t think I can run.

Miles 6-10: Just get to 10 miles. Just get to 10 miles. 10 is basically 13. Right? I walked a lot. I realized I could do anything. Right? Pain is mental. (Right?!)

Miles 11-13.1: FELT LIKE FOR EFFING EVER. I might die. I might fall over and die. I basically almost just tripped over a pebble. NOPE. I’ve come this far. I’m finishing. I’m going to finish with a 7 minute mile. Ok a 10 minute mile that feels like a 7 minute mile will do.

*Mile 9: lady yells “go Jenna! Looking strong, girl!”

I cried.

And there you have it. I will never ever forget Rock N Roll NOLA.


this trip holds a special place in my heart because I went with my AMAZING dad and my fur baby, and got to spend the weekend with my cousin and her fur baby who live in New Orleans. My dad and I ran a fun 5K the morning before the half marathon/10K race (he ran the 10K while I ran the Half), walked around Audubon Park and to the Mississippi River, rode the trolley, ate some delicious food, and had a great time together. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect and it was just truly a great and unforgettable weekend.

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