Race Recap: Rock ‘n Roll Dallas (Cheer Squad Edition)

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Well, well, well.

This was going to be a Rock ‘n Roll Dallas Half Marathon race recap.

But I played it safe.

I’ve been dealing with some piriformis/glute pain in recent weeks and know my body needed a break. After taking with Coach, I was advised to partake in the cheering section. I’m so glad I did. I am continuing to feel better, but at this point running 13.1 miles would have just done more harm than good. I’m not here to prove myself, ruin my body, or run myself into the ground. So, I was happy to join the cheer squad!!!

Really, though. I thought I would be bummed that I wasn’t running – especially on the sidelines (literally) watching people run by. But nope! I was excited! I’d never cheered for a race before. I got with a group of friends (runners also!) and we had signs, donuts, drinks, jello shots (for the runners), and loads of fun.

Believe me, eating donuts and watching other people run is just as fun as it sounds.

Rock n Roll Dallas was a fun time. It was a humid morning, so not the most ideal weather for the runners but hey, for me it just meant the stickers on my sign peeled off a little. Race day is really well organized, there are a lot of spectators, and it’s a fun post-race party. I ran it last year and know the route is a bit hilly but it’s a Dallas tradition. EVERYONE is there. Running, cheering, having a good ol time.

I hope that next year will be “my” year for RnR Dallas… feeling good and maybe even some cool weather!

Congratulations to all the runners. You all looked so strong and you all inspire me! I am so glad I got to cheer for you!

Huge thank you to my amazing coach at Lifelong Endurance for helping me play it smart. Run happy, friends!

5 thoughts on “Race Recap: Rock ‘n Roll Dallas (Cheer Squad Edition)

    1. It was my first time! Pretty fun! I definitely recommend getting a group together if you do 🙂 and makes signs and bring food & beverages… jello shots if you want the runners to love you! 🙂

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