Training Update: Come-back

Sometimes we get so hyper-focused on the details that we forget to appreciate the small things in life. After all, the “small things” are really the biggest things in life. Being able to love, being happy, health, mobility… being ABLE TO RUN.

It’s easy to get worked up in the details of “how far” or “how fast.”

Being able.

That’s important.

I’m happy to be able to run.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have goals. I also know that I CAN DO HARD THINGS. Lifelong Endurance is helping me not only be ABLE but to be able to REACH MY GOALS. Thank you.

Let’s see how my week went!


4 miles easy

This felt nice! The weather was lovely and I felt good overall. I’m still being consistent and persistent with warming up and stretching. It’s becoming a part of the routine – just like picking out my socks and putting on my headphones.


2 miles easy, 12 x 1:00 hard + 1:00 easy, 2 miles easy + Strength

I had a great run! It felt good to work on some speed (without pushing it) and I just felt overall STRONG. I ran early – in that perfect early morning chilly weather. I also got my strength in – all before 7:30 am! Yes!


4 miles easy

This one just felt “pretty good.” Legs were a little heavy and a bit fatigued. I ran in the evening when I generally have less energy, and these days is much hotter. Better runs will be had!


“Light Workout” – 5 miles – 3 easy, 2 @ 8:50-8:25

THIS ONE FELT GREAT! I’m back in the Saucony Kinvara, which I ran in for the last two miles (they feel like air compared to my heavy yet reliable Asics Nimbus) and I was flying. I felt light and I got in a nice groove for the first time in quite a while! Yes yes yes!



Did an early morning functional strength routine at home. It was good. Strength is boring for me. Hard. And boring. So I no comment other than “I did it!” 🙂


10 miles! 7 easy, 3 tempo

It felt pretty good! I did it! I was kind of tired and wondering when it’d be over. But I wasn’t in pain and I ran 10 miles so I am happy! I did stretch, warm up, and cool down. I seem to oddly be the exception as the person who does these things in my running group. But it’s a necessity now so. There!

I did note that right when I finished the 10 miler, I felt slightly nauseated for a split second. Like, I held my stomach with “uh-oh face. Just for a moment. May be because of the heat. I ate, went home and walked my dog for about 20 minutes – at this time it was in the 80’s – and felt a little sick again. Nothing some food, electrolytes, and a little nap couldn’t cure, though!



Stay tuned! Coming soon: full warm up/cool down routine AND functional strength workout by the amazing coaches at Lifelong Endurance!

How do you manage running in the heat? Do you alter paces and/or distances accordingly?

4 thoughts on “Training Update: Come-back

  1. So glad you’re able to run consistently again, strength train, and even do some speed workouts! You’re so right about just being grateful to run after an injury- I find myself longing for my “bad races” of pre-injury days because what I wouldn’t do to be back at least RACING or giving hard efforts in running? I hope things continue to go well for you!

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  2. but look, I always laugh … in front of every difficulty. in what you wrote, you asked questions and answered yourself. as I think it. details? slow down people … good luck.


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