Training Update: Progress

Progress isn’t always (or ever?) a direct route from point A to point B. It’s more like a frantically drawn squiggly line (by a seven year old) from point A to point C, then over to F, then Z, then Q, R, back to F, THEN B. Maybe. Or maybe you land at point Z and it’s really cool over there so you decide to stay and hang over there for a while. Who knows? No one…

Anyway, I hung out over at “point Z” for a while but I’ve finally moved on. I’m feeling good again. Just a few weeks ago I thought maybe I’m just getting worse at running. A year ago this was easier!… Maybe you’ve had similar thoughts. I’ve come to realize that reaching a goal isn’t always as easy as “just getting better and better” until you reach it. It’s a journeyand it’s that journey that keeps us going and striving for more.

Thank you to Lifelong Endurance for allowing me to continue to the journey and helping me reach my goals. Let’s see how my week of PROGRESS went!


5 miles easy

It took 3 whole miles to feel “warmed up” (and yes – I did my warm up!) The last two miles were the only ones that felt good. I even had to stop and walk a few times the first few miles – I felt heavy.


2 miles easy, 8 x 1:30 @ 8:25-8:45 + 1:30 easy, 2 miles easy

Early morning drizzly run – it felt good! It’s been tough warming up lately – my left leg is still just not really wanting to participate. I had to stretch a lot and felt stiff at times but the run felt “NICE!” overall according to my notes!



4 miles easy

Early miles! I was done before 7:00 am! I was a little sore yesterday after my run so I wasn’t sure how it’d go this morning, but I warmed up and headed out the door. What do you know… it felt GOOD! Even though it was already hot and humid (welcome to Texas), it was very enjoyable. I’m not complaining… soon it’ll still be almost 100 degrees at 5 am (HA!)


6 miles – 3 miles easy, 3 miles @ 8:50-8:25

It felt GOOD! YAY! It took a bit to warm up (as usual these days) AND it was HOT and HUMID (91% humidity) but despite everything, I FELT STRONG.


3 miles easy + strength

The run felt just “OK” – I ran so early in the morning I don’t really remember… maybe I was sleep-running. I was done with my run before 5:00 am to get to Gold’s Gym boot camp (which is not near as scary as it sounds) by 5:30 am. So, I had a solid workout in by 6:30 am! I’m on a roll with the early mornings!


11 miles – 8 miles easy, 3 tempo (in the 8:00’s)

YAY YAY YAY! It felt so good!!! According to my journal I “kicked it up” the last three miles! I guess I was feeling good after my run and created a new lingo. I noted that my glute pulled back a tiny bit (darn left leg not wanting to play nice again) but was otherwise fine! I ran with a group of guys in my running group that were game for my miles and I led the pack back picking it up into the low 8’s for the last 3 miles! Woo hoo! Girl power :)!

I also went to the Cottonwood Art Festival afterwards and got a little too much sun but had a great time!!!



Today my running group hosted a book drive to collect books for two of our local schools in need – it was a good time and we had a great turnout and lots of books that these kids are enjoying today!!! Word from the teachers is that the kiddos can’t wait to take home a book from their new little library.

What makes you feel like you’ve made “progress?” – the way you feel, speed, strength?

6 thoughts on “Training Update: Progress

  1. First, pizza looks amazing! When I feel like I am making progress, my running feels more effortless. Everything just clicks. I am doing speedwork, trying to get faster, and I just have to remind myself that, as you say, progress is never in a straight line.

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    1. I completely agree! When running feels good, I feel like I’m doing something right. It can be frustrating but I have to remind myself of that too. Oh, and the pizza was AMAZING!

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  2. I’ve been struggling with a string of injuries. It’s annoying and frustrating. A bit over a year ago I ran Boston. Now I’m hoping to maybe do a 5K or sprint triathlon over the summer. That will be progress.

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    1. Sorry to hear – I hope you recover soon! Sometimes we just have to be ok with not being at a place we once were or know we can be and just keep working towards a goal. Training for different distances sounds like a fun new challenge!


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