Review: COROS PACE GPS Multisport Watch

Disclaimer: I received a COROS PACE GPS Multisport Wacth to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

This is a review of the COROS PACE from a fellow runner (me). I am not an official “techie” or a gadget “expert.” I have USED many gadgets! I love watches, cameras, wireless headphones, etc. So I AM a very thorough and consistent USER of gadgets. The COROS PACE GPS Multi-sport watch is brand new to the market, retailing for $299.99.

I will cover some specifics but this watch does so, so, SO MUCH. I am here to give you my honest onion, thoughts, and impression of a running watch simply as a runner who has experience with 3 other GPS running watches in my lifetime. So, there are my credentials! If you have specific questions about the watch that go unanswered here, please ask me in the comments!


The COROS PACE is a multi-sport watch with built in wrist-based heart rate monitor (HRM). This watch is sure to help someone reach their fitness goals by providing a plethora of data – running, cycling, swimming – it does it all. Here are a few specifics:


I received the watch a few weeks ago and was really impressed with the packaging and the aesthetics upon opening. The screen is so CLEAR.


The other thing I noticed right off the bat as I put the watch on my wrist was the COMFORT of the band. Far superior to any other watch band I have placed on my wrist. It’s soft – almost stretchy – extremely flexible and comfortable. I’ve never been able to wear a watch 24/7 like some people, but this one I think I could!


The watch is available in 3 colors – red, grey, and blue. I got red. It is a nice deep red, not neon. Did I mention the screen is so clear? That is, by far, my favorite part of the watch. The back light turns on when you move your wrist up to look at it and it’s just amazingly readable – day or night. My other favorite part is how FAST it syncs after runs.


After running with the watch for the first time, I could not believe as soon as I clicked “SAVE,” the run was already in my COROS app and Strava. Never ever has anything synced so quickly. In fact, that is the #1 trouble I have with other watches – not connecting/syncing.

Other features of this watch are really similar to watches I have experienced in the past. The time, pace, and distance all seems accurate as far as I can tell. One thing I did note was that this watch is defaulted to the Imperial system (kilometers), so if you are in the US/use the Metric system (miles), you will need to change a few settings. Fortunately the COROS app and watch itself are very user-friendly and I had no trouble at all changing over (without using instructions!)

The COROS app is great and easy to maneuver. Your running stats are at your fingertips – distance, pace, elevation, cadence, heart rate – all in one spot. These all seem accurate as far as I can tell. If you’re like me and use Training Peaks – COROS is working on that update as we speak.

The battery life is exceptional. To take the watch from “dead” to full charge only takes 2 hours. The watch lasts 30 days of “standard” use or 25 hours of use in GPS mode. I have only charged the watch once since I have had it (a few weeks) and even then, it was not drained. It was a “just in case” charge before a work trip.

So what is the bottom line? Do I love this watch? Yes. I really do. It is everything I want and need in a watch. The only exception is that it doesn’t (currently!) sync with Training Peaks. This multi-sport watch is brand new to the market (as of May 15, 2018), so the updates will only continue to make the watch better and “smarter.” I do know that it currently does sync to other apps I use, including Strava. 

Do I think the watch is worth the price? Yes. I think this is a fair and on-par price for a good-looking GPS multi-sport watch with wrist-based HRM and stunning screen quality and band comfort. I know the band doesn’t seem like top priority when making a decision on a watch, but who wants to wear something that’s not first and foremost, comfortable? I think the band and screen quality set it apart from the rest.

You can find the COROS PACE here:

What do you look for in a running watch? What features do you consider must-haves?

6 thoughts on “Review: COROS PACE GPS Multisport Watch

    • jennaruns says:

      It seemed accurate to me! It pretty much reflects my previous HR on other watches! It’s hard to know what’s accurate if you’re just comparing to other watches but it wasn’t all over the map or off in any way that I could tell! 🙂 Love ya!!!


  1. VicD says:

    I bought one after reading multiple reviews. I’m totally disappointed and am investigating return options. The problem is that there aren’t sufficient instructions in the box or on line. It looks great and the strap is perfect … but how to actually set it up? I’m really really disappointed.


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