RnR Seattle: City Guide

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Who’s running Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle?!

This one is on my bucket list. I LOVE RnR races. In fact, the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Marathon was my first race and full marathon! So these races are always special to me. Well-organized, always in fun cities, and have great crowd support!

Seattle is a place I’d also love to visit. My absolute favorite thing to do is use running as a way to explore a new city and an excuse to travel! Run-cations are THE best.

So, I wanted to share something really cool that I’ve never seen before! The Seattle City Guide! Check it out on Pinterest:

This just makes me want to pack my bags and GO! I wish there was a City Guide like this for every major city. Yes, there are travel websites out there, but I want to know where the LOCAL people go, what they do, and what the city’s REALLY like!

So, if I were running Seattle I’d check out Fleet Feet Seattle (I always hear about “Fleet Feet!” but we don’t have one here!) and, OF COURSE, post-race brunch at Biscuit Bitch. Holy YUM. This is seriously right up my alley.

seattle city guide

Oh, and DON’T SKIP THE DONUTS. Never. Ever. Skip the donuts.


This guide even shows you nice routes to run while in Seattle – even Strava routes! YES!

seattle 2

So! Are you running Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle? What will you be checking out while you’re there?

4 thoughts on “RnR Seattle: City Guide

  1. Yes! Biscuit Bitch is awesome!!! If you get a chance, you have to go there. My hubby is a foodie, and when we visit Seattle, he is in foodie heaven. I am not running RnR Seattle, but I am running a marathon about an hour east of Seattle in August, the Tunnel of Light. Hubs is not running, but is coming with me just to visit Seattle! 🙂

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    1. Oh awesome!! Sounds fun. I really have to go now. I love trying new (delicious) food!! Portland was great for that and I’ve heard Seattle is, too!! Enjoy the Tunnel of Light!

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  2. I’ve been trying to get my hubs to go to Seattle for a while–the fact that there is a restaurant called “Biscuit Bitch” is going right at the top of the list of ways to convince him! (He’s not really against going we’ve just always ended up somewhere else!). Seems like you are always traveling to cool spots for races Jenna, so awesome!

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    1. I hope that’ll persuade him! Haha – same here – it’s always been on a “want to go” list but the list is just so long! Thank you – I try to go somewhere when I can and am thankful I get to travel a bit for work and squeeze in some fun, too! 🙂

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