Running Little Canada

Hello, runfam!

I just wanted to check in after a lovely week in Minnesota! I got to spend time with family and (of course) get some great running in!

I rounded out the week with 44.4 (AMAZING!) miles and it couldn’t have been a better week.

I ran my first few runs this week in downtown Minneapolis. It was really fun exploring such a unique, beautiful, and surprisingly clean downtown. I am beyond impressed with downtown MPLS!!!

I got to see lots of neat restaurants, the Mississippi River, and gorgeous old buildings and bridges.

The later part of the week I stayed with my sweet aunt in Maplewood, near Little Canada, MN. This is one of my favorite places. Ever.

Everything is so green, lots of little lakes and paths, docks with cute patios, boats, ducks, and friendly faces.

My runs felt great and effortless. When the views are this beautiful and the weather this perfect, it’s just a recipe for feeling unstoppable.

Speaking of weather – it was between 50 and 60 (maybe up to the 70s/80s) while I was there! This Texas gal didn’t even bother with packing a sweater or long pants! Thank goodness for Target.

Thank you to you all for your encouragement throughout my ups and downs, and to Lifelong Endurance for always keeping run fun yet challenging.

What are your goals for the week?

Do you set weekly goals? Monthly? Daily?

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