Medal Monday (on Tuesday!?)

It may be Tuesday, but yesterday was… let’s just say *not my day* (you know – THOSE DAYS)…

So, you heard it, we’re giving Monday and the start to a new month a DO-OVER!

Running has actually been going really well for me lately! No major speed bumps (KNOCK ON WOOD), just putting in the work and following my training to the T! Even through all this Texas heat and humidity. I can’t even remember the last time I’ve missed a run – even with traveling and you know, LIFE happening! Woot woot!

Running in Minneapolis, MN

Thanks to Lifelong Endurance, I know I can trust the process, so I just take it one day at a time, one run at a time!


Repping Lifelong Endurance in Denver, CO

So, what am I even training for, again? The simple answer: to become a stronger, faster runner in general. The detailed answer: run a 1:39:59 Half Marathon.

My next half marathon is the Dallas Running Club Half in November. Though, I do have other fun races coming up! In fact, THIS MONTH I get to run the Tulsa Run in Tulsa, OK with my dad! AND the Great Pumpkin Run Virtual 5K! I’ve never run a virtual run before so we’ll see how that one goes! [If you want to run these races with me, I’ll include some promo codes below!]

Race Ready!

My LAST race, the Plano Balloon Festival 5K and 10K, unfortunately got cancelled (for a good reason – the area was basically a lake on race day), but I still got my medals! So, gosh darn it, we’re doing a Medal Monday!

There they are! 5K, 10K, and “Elevate Challenge” medals!

What are your upcoming races?

What is your main goal as a runner/reason for running?

CODES for my upcoming races (save some moolah!):

DRC Half (11/4/18) Code: BESTHALF10 – $10 off the Half Marathon or 5K

Tulsa Run (10/27/18) Code: BIBRAVE18 – $5 off registration

Great Pumpkin Run Virtual 5K (no code, but here is the link to sign up! nice swag and chance to win $500!)

Remember to check my RACE DISCOUNTS page before registering for your race! This is always kept updated!

5 thoughts on “Medal Monday (on Tuesday!?)

  1. You can do it! I’d like to officially run a half marathon. I have done it on my own (2:24:13), but it’s not the same. I did just do my first official 5K and when you run with the pack boy does it encourage you to run faster. I did that in 26:49. Thanks for writing and happy running!

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    1. great running!! yes, it’s amazing how much faster you somehow get when you’re running in a race with so many other people! you would do great racing a half marathon and hope you go for it!


    1. Oh speedy! You can do it!! It’s funny how it works – we can feel tired and like “x” goal seems out of reach… but come race day that adrenaline rush of being around everyone can really help! You got this!!!

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