Review: Vooray and Vuori

Disclaimer: I received a Vooray backpack and Vuori running shorts to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Hi run fam! To wrap up the year, I’ll be sharing ALL my thoughts on ALL the products I’ve been testing from The Running Event in Austin, Texas (read all about the event here)! Stay tuned to hear all about the hottest running gear coming out in 2019 and decide for yourself if it’s a must-have!

Today’s reviews: Vooray and Vuori!

I had never heard of either of these brands before The Running Event, so I was intrigued and excited to see what they were all about.

Let’s start with Vooray.

This was the first booth we visited at The Running Event and it was the backpack that encapsuled all of our other goodies – so it was like an all-around (great) first impression! I was realy impressed with the Vooray booth – beautiful backpacks, stylish fanny packs, and functional duffel bags. Everything is beautiful – sleek, good-looking, yet practical and lightweight.

I really like the black backpack given to us – I kept talking about it all weekend – how simple yet elegant it was! Plus, it’s a really great size. I have  HUGE GINORMOUS backpack for traveling, which is nice at times, but I really like the smaller (more practical for everyday) size of this one.

I even ordered a vew more Vooray items (with my own money) when I got home upon seeing the affordability on their website! I got a two-pack backpack deal for $24 (yep – $12 each) and a crossbody bag for less than $20, perfect for traveling.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Vooray to friends and family. High quality, low prices – 100% my style!

Now, what about Vuori?

Vooray is all about function AND style. Their clothing (which is all SUPER soft and seemingly made of magic materials) is meant to be functional for outdoor activities and be stylish for whatever you have planned afterwards.

I received a pair of running shorts to try and really enjoy them. They are  a bit shorter and more “low-ride” than shorts I’d normally reach for, but the material is VERY lightweight and the waistband is like wearing nothing – super soft and stretchy.


These shorts remind me of a certain very popular brand that people spend a lot of money on. Overall, an A and would receive an A+ if I could get a little longer fit for my 6′ body. My bet would be that you’d love these shorts.

There we have it! More reviews to come! Coming soon: Altra, Brooks, and more!

Have you tried these brands/products? What are your thoughts?

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