Review: CEP Compression and Incrediwear Socks

Disclaimer: I received a pair of CEP Compression socks and Incrediwear socks to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Hi run fam! To wrap up the year, I’ll be sharing ALL my thoughts on ALL the products I’ve been testing from The Running Event in Austin, Texas (read all about the event here)! Stay tuned to hear all about the hottest running gear coming out in 2019 and decide for yourself if it’s a must-have!

Today’s reviews are all about SOCKS!

As runners, we must admit that running shoes are probably the most important piece of gear. And if you’re like me, SOCKS can make it or break it and are just as important.

Some socks are for running, others are for recovery – both equally as important.

So! Today I’ll be reviewing CEP compression socks and Incrediwear socks.

First up, CEP Compression:

CEP Compression socks are unique because they offer graduated compression, which is necessary to help blood flow in the legs (the whole reason for compression socks!)

Some other brands may offer low prices but are just one solid amount of compression throughout.

The graduated compression really helps get the blood flowing from the feet back up to the heart. When blood flow is slowed, this is when we experience swollen feet/ankles, which we definitely don’t want – especially after a run!

I found CEP Compression socks to be very soft and although they offer great compression, they are not impossible to get on.

I also really enjoy the bright colors. The thickness is nice too – about a medium thickness – not to soft or cottony, yet not the thinnest.

I wore them while running and while not running – they felt nice for both. I think I will tend to wear them post-run for recovery just because I’m usually just throwing on any ol’ socks I can find before my runs.

Now, my thoughts on Incrediwear!

Incrediwear is a really unique brand that offers something different than compression. Incrediwear uses bamboo technology to improve circulation. Upon trying on the socks, I didn’t think much of it and didn’t expect to really feel anything but while I was driving (I wore them out and about) my legs felt weird… like energetic! Kind of tingly but not in a super obvious way. Just subtle enough for me to notice something.

I was a bit skeptical on the whole “bamboo technology” but I realy did feel like these socks energized my legs. I also love that they come in tall socks (like TALL TALL – they are like thigh high) as well as low-cut socks. They even have finger-less gloves, which is great for someone like me with Raynaud’s!

I would definitely recommend these for anyone who struggles with circulation or just wants to improve their recovery. They even make for great gifts – I got a pair of the tall socks for my dad!

Have you tried CEP Compression or Incrediwear socks before? What has been your favorite?

3 thoughts on “Review: CEP Compression and Incrediwear Socks

  1. Thank you for sharing Jenna. I wear compression socks both for longer runs and recovery. I am 60 years old with some circulation problems and I find they really do help.
    I am really intrigued about the bamboo, and this in itself is an incredible feature for runners who try and have their sport as sustainable as possible. 🙂

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