Review: nuun Hydration

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Hi again run fam! To wrap up the year, I’ll be sharing ALL my thoughts on ALL the products I’ve been testing from The Running Event in Austin, Texas (read all about the event here)! Stay tuned to hear all about the hottest running gear coming out in 2019 and decide for yourself if it’s a must-have!

Today’s review: nuun Hydration

If you’re a runner, cyclist, or active person, you’ve probably heard of the leaders in hydration – nuun.

Nuun (pronounced “noon”) Hydration believes in clean product, clean planet, clean sport. I appreciate that. I want to know that what I put in my body is “clean” and natural, so I feel safe and confident with the ingredients of nuun products.


For a list of all ingredients in specific products, visit their site here.

One thing that makes nuun unique is the tablet form. Its really convenient for being on-the-go and traveling. While testing, I always kept a tube in my purse, backpack (that I take to spin/the gym), and took a tube while I traveled out of state. I found that having it in a tube and so convenient was one reason that I actually used it. I’d have a water bottle and just pop one in! Super easy!

The flavors are good – my favorites being Strawberry Lemonade and Wild Berry (energy). The taste isn’t overpowering or very sweet. You could pop a tab in a water bottle half-full and it would be a little stronger. With a full water bottle it’s pretty subtle.

So, does it work? I think so! I feel like with the regular use of electrolytes, I feel more energized throughout the day (not just during workouts!). I think the key to getting this benefit is regular use, which the nuun encourages by being so convenient with its packaging and tablet form.

Have you tried nuun or other hydration products? What do you think? What’s your favorite flavor?

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