Review: Addaday and Arcanum – Runner Health!

Disclaimer: I received the following Arcanum products and Addaday roller to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Hi again run fam! To wrap up the year, I’ll be sharing ALL my thoughts on ALL the products I’ve been testing from The Running Event in Austin, Texas (read all about the event here)! Stay tuned to hear all about the hottest running gear coming out in 2019 and decide for yourself if it’s a must-have!

First up, Arcanum:

Arcanum is a health brand using Hemp. The brand is all about athlete recovery without pills/medication – au natural. Despite what you may think, the Hemp used is unlike Marijuana. It is filtered and for homeopathic medicinal purposes only (more natural than pills that we don’t think twice about!). This will absolutely not ever test positive for drugs due to the difference in nature of the ingredient (per the company).


So, products!

The Quill – helps with sleep and recovery. Use it every day and consider it your “daily vitamin.” Just twist it and the proper dosage releases – rub it in on your wrists and you’re good to go! Here are the ingredients:


Sarco Breeze Sports Massage Oil – moisturizing massage oil. Great for dry skin, massage therapists, self use. Use over entire body and is great for muscle recovery and aches.

arcanum sarco

Sarco Freeze Topical Cooling Action – Cooling relief that aids in recovery! Hemp relieves soreness, application to skin allows for better absorption.

arcanum sarco freeze

So, my thoughts! I really enjoy the Sarco Breeze Sports Massage Oil. I have dry skin (especially this time of year in winter) and oils are my friend. I definitely don’t think you have to be a massage therapist to enjoy this product. The other two I am less likely to reach for, but am interested to try The Quill for a little longer to see the effects.

Speaking of massage – this next product goes well with the Sarco Breeze!

The Addaday Pro Massage Roller!

Ok this product is a must for any runner from newbies to experienced. We all know we “should” foam roll, but it’s so much work! I mean, I can run 12 miles beofre 8 am, but getting on the ground for two whole minutes to roll around… that’s when I’m lazy!

This magical stick is the solution! It’s so easy to just roll around your muscles without getting in awkward positions on the ground – and, best of all, feels GREAT on tired running legs. Especially afterwards – this helps with circulation and breaking up all that muscle tissue, so not only does it feel good – it’s helping your muscles recover faster.


Addaday got its name because the people behind the brand truly care about PEOPLE and RECOVERY – so the name is just that: Add A Day – add a healthy day to your life!

I really enjoy this massage roller and, though I have tried cheaper “knock off” brands, this one is way better – it really digs in and is long enough to get a solid grip and get some weight on it.

What are your favorite tools or products to aid in recovery?

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