A Real Runner…

During my lifetime (so far) running has always meant something different to me… it all started with my dad encouraging me to tag along on his runs.

Ever since I can remember…

I’ve longed to one day be able to keep up with Dad.

This photo is in the Webster’s Dictionary under the definition of “cool.”

We enjoyed running in a different way. We didn’t try to go for a certain amount of miles, or a certain time. Heck, we never even knew WHAT time it was. We would stop to pet cute dogs through the fence, sneak into apartment pools and jump in without question, feed the ducks… we were truly running free.

I never really thought about it, but running has always, in some way or another, been a part of my life…

In Elementary School…

I counted down the minutes until recess so that I could run up to every boy in my class and challenge them to “race me” across the soccer field. They couldn’t say “no” to a girl, right? I always won. (I grew fast). This was my confidence zone. My safe place. It was where I knew I was good at something.

I grew fast. Using those long legs to run faster than boys = #winning.

In Junior High…

I was recruited by the neighboring high school to run track. By 8th grade I was running Varsity track (I don’t know how this is legal). I ran sprints and relays (400m, 800m), high jump, and long jump. I dabbled in discus. I never took it seriously. When Coach told me to run around the school, I just got out of sight and talked to friends. I never really ran. I did drills and lots of “gym stuff.” I liked it OK but mostly for the social aspect.

In High School…

I managed to get pretty decent at the 400 meter dash. I don’t really remember running that much. It’s was a lot of drills and goofing off with the hurdlers. Coach once asked me to run a mile cool down with Jill, the long distance runner I LOLed. A WHOLE MILE 😂😂😂 Insane.

I ran the Texas Relays in Austin, Texas. This is a huge event. I broke my record in the 400m (which I didn’t even keep track of or care about but apparently Coach knew) and about peed my pants. There were thousands in the crowd and so many strong runners on the track… REAL RUNNERS…

That day, my Coach at the time told me “Wow! You ran your fastest out there!” Ok… I didn’t really care about time – just beating everyone else. (It was 60 seconds flat for the 400) BUT THEN… he said “YOU LOOKED LIKE A REAL RUNNER!” (he always complained about my arm swing). And THAT. That was a moment I will never forget…


I know I’ve been a “real runner” ALL ALONG. I’m so thankful for my new appreciation for running. What it does for me and for people.

Still running faster than the boys. 😉

We were born to run.

14 thoughts on “A Real Runner…

    1. aww thank you! I remember it like it was yesterday! I wish I could find one of us when I was smaller – I started running with him ever since I was big enough to put one foot in front of the other! 🙂 ❤

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    1. That’s awesome!!! That was my absolute best time ever!! Coach was happy so I was happy haha. I was actually a leg of the 4×4 relay so I knew my team was counting on me! It’s funny how I never even thought about time back then (definitely didn’t own a watch)… Just tried to cross the finish line before anyone else!

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  1. My fastest time was a 1:08. I also ran the 4×4 but only a few times on the “starting” team. That is funny you never worried about time… even though I was an average runner in high school I was always worried about improving my time! The 400 is certainly a tough event. I never ran the open 400 because I ran 300 hurdles which were back to back events but I enjoyed the 4×4 though going into the last 200 I always felt like I had to slow down a little to power back up to kick the final 100!

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  2. I ran 4 400s the other week to throw a speed workout in for a change up (something I loathe doing, I’d much rather just go put miles in but I know I need to do it) and was hitting 1:35s consistently so I didn’t think that was too bad given I don’t train for that event anymore!

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    1. Yeah that’s awesome!! Nice work. It’d be fun to time a few 400s! I have done some but now I think about “pace” vs. time so I’m not sure what I could do! You’re speedy!


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