Review: Turtle Gloves (plus discount code!)

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Turtle Gloves Turtle Flip Mittens to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

With this winter we’ve been having, mittens have been a necessity (yes – even in Texas).

Turtle Gloves Turtle Flip Mittens are a race-day necessity!

Plus, having Raynaud’s, I’m known to be a “hand-wear fanatic.”

So, there is my credibility.

Let’s dig in!

What are “Turtle Gloves?”

Turtle Gloves is a brand that has become known for their versatile Turtle Flip Mitten aka my favorite mittens on Earth.

I am a bit biased, because before testing this mitten I’d already owned a few pair – I mention this because that means I really love them! I’ve loved an used them for a while now. I did receive a pair to test, but I also purchase a few pair of my own and have even gifted a pair. I’ve truly decided that these are my favorites.

They come in three weights – light, midweight, and heavyweight. Living in Texas, the light/midweight have been great.

The sizing is generous. Id say most people could pull off a Small, men with large hands a M/L. There’s also a Youth and XL available for tiny or extra large hands. I am 6′ tall with long fingers and can wear a Small but prefer the M/L for extra space.

So. These aren’t just mittens. You knew this was coming!

These mittens can “flip” and easily turn into fingerless gloves – and even then – if you warm up a bit more can be pulled up your arm to turn into arm warmers (perfect for race day!) and THEN if you really warm up can be bunched up on your wrist and act as a sweat band. These babies do it all – making them perfect for running (the transitions are suuuper easy!) and for race day. They even have little loops in case you want to hook them to a backpack or something.

Other tidbits: they are easy to wash, moisture-wicking, breathable, and have stretch to them. Plus they come in a variety of fun colors, and come in reflective versions as well!

There is no other mitten like this and I totally 100%, completely recommend them. Not only is the product great and super useful, the people behind the product are really great and genuine. I love supporting small businesses when I can and really truly think that everyone should know about this inventive product.

Try Turtle Gloves for yourself and use code TurtleBibRave for 15% off! Let me know how you like them below!

Find the Turtle Flip Mittens here:

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