Up Next: Wildflower Trail Run 25K

What’s next?!

As you may know, I’ve been racing a lot (well, a few this year – seems like “a lot” to me). I’ve been racing mostly half marathons, some shorter distances, always going for a PR. This is fun and great but I wanted to switch it up. Do something different. Something adventurous.


In NINE days, I will be taking on my first ever TRAIL RACE! Yup.

I am so excited for this new challenge! I’ll be taking on the 25K at the Trail Racing Over Texas Wildflower Run. I WILL NOT be looking at PACE at ALL. I might even flip my watch or put something over it. This is for fun and for the adventure! I may even get muddy. I would prefer not to, but I’m keeping an open mind. OK, I straight up don’t like getting dirty so there’s that. But we will get through this! 😄

ALSO. Something especially fun about this adventure…

I’ve recruited Dad! Yep! he’s super excited. This will be his first trail run too. We agreed that we didn’t want to camp out, so we’re hotel-ing it. Maybe we will be more adventurous next time. But, in Texas, Air Conditioning is pretty essential for survival and in May, you just never know.

A little bit about Dad…

My dad was my first running buddy. Ever since I was big enough to walk, Dad encouraged me to tag along on his runs. Before that, he strapped me to his bike! We were always outside exploring. We didn’t run for time or pace… heck we didn’t even THINK about that. It was about finding a cute puppy to pet, tasting a honeysuckle, feeding the ducks, sneaking into an apartment pool… it was the little details I remember. Not the miles or the effort. The little things…

So! As I take on this new adventure, I am challenge myself and I challenge YOU to ✨notice the little things.✨ Today I noticed a honeysuckle bush in my own neighborhood that brought back so many memories – and I hadn’t even realized it was there…!

Thank you all for your support and thank you Lifelong Endurance for keeping me healthy and STRONG and building the runner I am today.

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