Trophy Tuesday! Ennis Polka Fest 10K

This weekend I raced a 10K in Ennis, Texas called the Ennis Polka Fest Run. Many of us from my running group carpooled and went down with our eyes on the prize. They did team awards so we set off to win a trophy. It’s SO fun being on a team – wearing team shirts, cheering each other on, being there for each other at the finish – taking photos, cheering for each other during the awards ceremony, posing with our team banner, being the loudest bunch… it’s the best. It’s family.

Hot, Humid, and HILLY was the name of the game.

I started off feeling great at about a 7:10ish minute mile – OK, I can do this for 6 miles!, I thought.

Then another mile went by – it was humid. My shirt was already soaked and I contemplated taking it off. I’m on mile three and I thought Shit, OK maybe I’ll just race to the 5K point then jog the rest. I’m dying.

As time goes by I am really in my head with negative thoughts…

Will this be my first DNF? During a 10K?

This is HARD. Is it just me? ANOTHER HILL???

Ok, I’m still maintaining a 7:xx minute mile… HOW?

Ok, just finish the mile you’re in. Ugh, but I’m only half way.

Everyone will understand if you just take it easy.

But I’ve come this far… How good will it feel to win something?

Ok just one more mile then you’re in the last mile!

Just keep going.

I can finally see the Finish line. I hear the announcer and see people cheering. I hear a teammate yelling for me. Well, who knew. Somehow I find the energy to sprint across the finish line. It felt good to not give up. It felt good to finish towards the front with the boys. It felt good to win a trophy.

Huge shout-out to Lifelong Endurance. Thank you for helping me chase big dreams, no matter the challenge.

12 thoughts on “Trophy Tuesday! Ennis Polka Fest 10K

  1. Good way to power through those opposing thoughts and finish strong👍. Moments like these make you even stronger because you can look back and know that you endured through the 3 H’s. Heat, humidity,and hills!

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  2. Hey Ms Texas it’s been a while. So happy to see that your running with a club. My best memories and life long friends have come from clubs I ran with both the Flushing Meadow TC and the Bay Ridge club in Brooklyn. They got me out the door on many cold Sunday’s. Now my schedule has made me a lone wolf runner. Ok maybe a bit dramatic 😉. I will not be running New York this year due to an odd illness that hit me at the end of July. I never run with Sox. Therefore, I have pretty beat up feet. Soooo a bacteria entered one of my cuts which I ignored until I woke up in on July 31st with a foot the size of a softball. Of course a high fever joined the party. I take every freaking herb to avoid this and they failed me. I mean really it was their Super Bowl and they tanked. Two weeks in the hospital with heavy intrvenous antibiotics. There was actually a point where losing my big toe was seriously being considered. I asked for a second opinion and gave one. I mean I’m a Doctor lol. It appears that a Doc of criminal justice is not recognized in the medical community. SNOBS lol. Thankfully the meds did start to work and I left intact. I’m back to running 3 – 4 miles a day. Planning a 6 miler this Sunday. Im running slower then my post back surgery. I did not think that was possible. On another note, I loved your post 10 k synopses. Did I spell that correctly – Ah who cares. It’s not like anyone is going to read this far down my post 🤗. You summed up how we have all felt like in certain races. The mind games we play to push us. But hey you hung in and tan s great time. On that note I will end my novel. Btw I did not get married. Wr put it off and finally parted ways this past April 8 the. I’m honestly broken hearted beyond words can describe. I guess it will pass. As they say – Not sure who they is lol
    It is what it is. Not what it should be or could be. It just is what it is. But it sucks. Be well my friend. And as always safe running😊.

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    1. Di Dr. Joey! Or Dr. “htt573” if you are under cover (sorry to blow it). Thanks for the novel! As you can tell, it took me a few months to read it 🙂 kidding – I’ve been neglecting the blog lately. Just enjoying running and laying off the digital world a bit. Not too much, just a bit. Glad you’re back to running and healed from your foot situation! I really recommend socks! They are a great invention. I’ve never had one bloster or black toe, or anything like that! Seems rare in the running world. I think most people wear shoes that are a size too small. Take care!!


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