July miles! & Hello, August!

August first! You know what that means… *checks Garmin Connect app*

It took a while of being submerged in the online running community to realize it was a “thing” to track miles, let alone post about how many you run each month (week, and day!) Now, adding up the miles is like… it’s like getting a test back that you Aced, receiving a package in the mail you forgot you ordered, it’s like… I did that!?

Since I started racking up the miles in around 2016, I’ve thankfully had Lifelong Endurance by my side and I’ve built my runner legs s l o w l y. Just to show how far I’ve come (this whole “running a lot of miles” hasn’t been a thing for me for very long!) – I’ve gone from considering 4 miles a “long run” and maybe 10 total miles per week seeming like a TON to now easily running 35 or so on a “cut back” week and 45-50 miles on a normal week. It’s amazing how the more you run, the less impossible it seems.

Looking back on previous months, I’ve run anywhere between 170-200+ miles (274-322+K) per month – EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. – for over a year!!! I can’t believe that. Not that numbers are everything, quality over quantity, and a break is always GREAT but I’m also allowed to be really proud of myself for that kind of consistency while – most importantly – feeling strong and healthy.

So: 184.7 running miles (297.2K) in July, 6 miles this morning to kick off August, and the possibilities are endless… Let’s do this!


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