Hot Chocolate 15K Dallas Race Recap!

I can’t believe it’s year FOUR of running the Hot Chocolate 15k in Dallas. I still feel like a “newbie!” This is always a fun race – I always see so many familiar faces and this year was one of the best! I got to see so many amazing runner friends, it was a nice chilly (but not COLD COLD) morning – that *perfect* chilly running weather, and running felt great!

I didn’t go out with a goal in mind, I just wanted to run what felt good! So, I am really happy with a 1:10 15K – with negative splits*!!!

*Run nerds understand

I’m going to share my adventures via photos with captions this time! Let’s get to the good stuff!

Pre-race in the warm building!

All set in my corral! Realizing I forgot my sunglasses… and the sun is out – I’m not used to running this LATE! (8:15 am!)

My running co-op peeps – ready to start!


…and we’re off! …and I need sunglasses. Feeling good, though!


Oh! It’s getting a little warm! A 15K is a *little* longer than a 5K… Almost there, I think!

Looking jolly at mile nine after tackling the last massive HILL.

We did it! Oh! That speedy gal that passed me was Tori!!! Hey giiirl!

I also got to meet Stacey (miles4mom!) She did awesome!

Once again, sunglasses would’ve been cool. Pic with our bling!

There you have it! Year 4 in the books. Happy with this progression!

Have you ever run the Hot Chocolate 5 or 15K races? Which city?

3 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate 15K Dallas Race Recap!

    1. Thanks girl!! Run Free!! I love wearing our WRRC gear so we can all find each other 🙂 Thanks – you are too!! I’m doing 5K next year because it starts earlier lol – and I have to get my 5 years in a row!

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  1. Great running Jenna. That is an excellent time. I think there are Hot Chocolate runs in Canada, but there is nothing near where I am. Hope your year has gone well with the pandemic.


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