Review: Addaday and Arcanum – Runner Health!

Disclaimer: I received the following Arcanum products and Addaday roller to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Hi again run fam! To wrap up the year, I’ll be sharing ALL my thoughts on ALL the products I’ve been testing from The Running Event in Austin, Texas (read all about the event here)! Stay tuned to hear all about the hottest running gear coming out in 2019 and decide for yourself if it’s a must-have!

First up, Arcanum:

Arcanum is a health brand using Hemp. The brand is all about athlete recovery without pills/medication – au natural. Despite what you may think, the Hemp used is unlike Marijuana. It is filtered and for homeopathic medicinal purposes only (more natural than pills that we don’t think twice about!). This will absolutely not ever test positive for drugs due to the difference in nature of the ingredient (per the company).


So, products!

The Quill – helps with sleep and recovery. Use it every day and consider it your “daily vitamin.” Just twist it and the proper dosage releases – rub it in on your wrists and you’re good to go! Here are the ingredients:


Sarco Breeze Sports Massage Oil – moisturizing massage oil. Great for dry skin, massage therapists, self use. Use over entire body and is great for muscle recovery and aches.

arcanum sarco

Sarco Freeze Topical Cooling Action – Cooling relief that aids in recovery! Hemp relieves soreness, application to skin allows for better absorption.

arcanum sarco freeze

So, my thoughts! I really enjoy the Sarco Breeze Sports Massage Oil. I have dry skin (especially this time of year in winter) and oils are my friend. I definitely don’t think you have to be a massage therapist to enjoy this product. The other two I am less likely to reach for, but am interested to try The Quill for a little longer to see the effects.

Speaking of massage – this next product goes well with the Sarco Breeze!

The Addaday Pro Massage Roller!

Ok this product is a must for any runner from newbies to experienced. We all know we “should” foam roll, but it’s so much work! I mean, I can run 12 miles beofre 8 am, but getting on the ground for two whole minutes to roll around… that’s when I’m lazy!

This magical stick is the solution! It’s so easy to just roll around your muscles without getting in awkward positions on the ground – and, best of all, feels GREAT on tired running legs. Especially afterwards – this helps with circulation and breaking up all that muscle tissue, so not only does it feel good – it’s helping your muscles recover faster.


Addaday got its name because the people behind the brand truly care about PEOPLE and RECOVERY – so the name is just that: Add A Day – add a healthy day to your life!

I really enjoy this massage roller and, though I have tried cheaper “knock off” brands, this one is way better – it really digs in and is long enough to get a solid grip and get some weight on it.

What are your favorite tools or products to aid in recovery?

Zwift Run!

Disclaimer: I received a Zwift Run Pod to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check to review find and write race reviews!

Hi again run fam! To wrap up the year, I’ll be sharing ALL my thoughts on ALL the products I’ve been testing from The Running Event in Austin, Texas (read all about the event here)! Stay tuned to hear all about the hottest running gear coming out in 2019 and decide for yourself if it’s a must-have!

Today, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on Zwift Run!

First off: what is “Zwift?”

Zwift is a virtual cycling and now running community. Zwift Run allows your to run at your pace, in the convenience of your own home (or gym) on the treadmill with ANYONE you want! Yep. All you need is a little foot pod and the Zwift app. You can customize your Avatar, create group runs, and join in on the fun!

zwift 3zwiftzwift2

Make the treadmill a little less dreamill! With friends!

It’s really brilliant. You can do training runs, run in different virtual worlds, plan a run with friends literally anywhere, any time. Even if you run outdoors 99% of the time (like me), this is great for those few times a year that you need to entertain yourself whether it’s due to weather, traveling, or whatever.

Even better for someone who is a treadmill regular! This will be a nice refreshing way to hold you accountable and/or add in that social running aspect.

We had a scheduled group run for the BibRave Pros – we just went to the date and found the 6:30pm social run and joined. When you open your Zwift app, you’ll be joined in on the group run and you can see your friends Avatars moving along as if you’re running on the same path.

I think Zwift Run is literally BRILLIANT. I LOVE this idea. As much as we all as runners would love to do all the social runs and meet up with friends for a weekday run, it’s not always practical. We have busy lives. I personally make it to one group run per week (Saturdays) and love that I can now join friends during the week or while traveling.

zwift 4

Have you tried Zwift Run? Get the Zwift Run pod here – set up is easy peasy (I figured it out without instructions!) and once you have the app, you’re all set to run with friends!


Review: nuun Hydration

Disclaimer: I received nuun Hydration to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Hi again run fam! To wrap up the year, I’ll be sharing ALL my thoughts on ALL the products I’ve been testing from The Running Event in Austin, Texas (read all about the event here)! Stay tuned to hear all about the hottest running gear coming out in 2019 and decide for yourself if it’s a must-have!

Today’s review: nuun Hydration

If you’re a runner, cyclist, or active person, you’ve probably heard of the leaders in hydration – nuun.

Nuun (pronounced “noon”) Hydration believes in clean product, clean planet, clean sport. I appreciate that. I want to know that what I put in my body is “clean” and natural, so I feel safe and confident with the ingredients of nuun products.


For a list of all ingredients in specific products, visit their site here.

One thing that makes nuun unique is the tablet form. Its really convenient for being on-the-go and traveling. While testing, I always kept a tube in my purse, backpack (that I take to spin/the gym), and took a tube while I traveled out of state. I found that having it in a tube and so convenient was one reason that I actually used it. I’d have a water bottle and just pop one in! Super easy!

The flavors are good – my favorites being Strawberry Lemonade and Wild Berry (energy). The taste isn’t overpowering or very sweet. You could pop a tab in a water bottle half-full and it would be a little stronger. With a full water bottle it’s pretty subtle.

So, does it work? I think so! I feel like with the regular use of electrolytes, I feel more energized throughout the day (not just during workouts!). I think the key to getting this benefit is regular use, which the nuun encourages by being so convenient with its packaging and tablet form.

Have you tried nuun or other hydration products? What do you think? What’s your favorite flavor?

Review: CEP Compression and Incrediwear Socks

Disclaimer: I received a pair of CEP Compression socks and Incrediwear socks to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Hi run fam! To wrap up the year, I’ll be sharing ALL my thoughts on ALL the products I’ve been testing from The Running Event in Austin, Texas (read all about the event here)! Stay tuned to hear all about the hottest running gear coming out in 2019 and decide for yourself if it’s a must-have!

Today’s reviews are all about SOCKS!

As runners, we must admit that running shoes are probably the most important piece of gear. And if you’re like me, SOCKS can make it or break it and are just as important.

Some socks are for running, others are for recovery – both equally as important.

So! Today I’ll be reviewing CEP compression socks and Incrediwear socks.

First up, CEP Compression:

CEP Compression socks are unique because they offer graduated compression, which is necessary to help blood flow in the legs (the whole reason for compression socks!)

Some other brands may offer low prices but are just one solid amount of compression throughout.

The graduated compression really helps get the blood flowing from the feet back up to the heart. When blood flow is slowed, this is when we experience swollen feet/ankles, which we definitely don’t want – especially after a run!

I found CEP Compression socks to be very soft and although they offer great compression, they are not impossible to get on.

I also really enjoy the bright colors. The thickness is nice too – about a medium thickness – not to soft or cottony, yet not the thinnest.

I wore them while running and while not running – they felt nice for both. I think I will tend to wear them post-run for recovery just because I’m usually just throwing on any ol’ socks I can find before my runs.

Now, my thoughts on Incrediwear!

Incrediwear is a really unique brand that offers something different than compression. Incrediwear uses bamboo technology to improve circulation. Upon trying on the socks, I didn’t think much of it and didn’t expect to really feel anything but while I was driving (I wore them out and about) my legs felt weird… like energetic! Kind of tingly but not in a super obvious way. Just subtle enough for me to notice something.

I was a bit skeptical on the whole “bamboo technology” but I realy did feel like these socks energized my legs. I also love that they come in tall socks (like TALL TALL – they are like thigh high) as well as low-cut socks. They even have finger-less gloves, which is great for someone like me with Raynaud’s!

I would definitely recommend these for anyone who struggles with circulation or just wants to improve their recovery. They even make for great gifts – I got a pair of the tall socks for my dad!

Have you tried CEP Compression or Incrediwear socks before? What has been your favorite?

Review: Handful Y-Back Bra and Leggings

Disclaimer: I received an Handful Y-Back Bra and pair of leggings to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Hi run fam! To wrap up the year, I’ll be sharing ALL my thoughts on ALL the products I’ve been testing from The Running Event in Austin, Texas (read all about the event here)! Stay tuned to hear all about the hottest running gear coming out in 2019 and decide for yourself if it’s a must-have!

Today’s review: Handful Bras!

I received a Y-Back Handful Bra and a pair of leggings to try.

The Y-Back Bra:

The Y-Back bra has a bit thicker straps than the original Handful bra and I like that for the high-impact of running. The bra is comfortable (like it’s not even there!) yet keeps everything in place. No bouncing or jiggling! For reference, I am a 30C (ish) and usually a XS or S in bras. My struggle is a narrow/small rib cage yet I have broad shoulders, making it hard to get bras (that actually fit) on/off.

I found that this one works for me in both the XS and S – the XS just being a tad more snug. I find myself reaching for the small more often because it’s easy to get on/off. I don’t notice any bounce or anything either, so – win-win!

I also LOVE this marble-y purple color. I plan on ordering more Y-Backs and trying the original with the thinner straps for everyday wear.

Handful Leggings:

The leggings by Handful are really nice. A smooth material – not quite as as stretchy as I’d like but I’m not a compression-leggings type. I like super stretchy and forgiving leggings. I’d wear these on my “skinny days” if ya know what I mean. If you like a snug fit, you’ll love the fit true to size, if you like stretchy: maybe size up.

I LOVE the patterns – Handful really does a great job with form AND function. I also got to meet the founder/owner and the Handful ladies at The Running Event and they are so so nice and genuine and truly really care about making women feel amazing! I will definitely be a customer for life.

Review: Vooray and Vuori

Disclaimer: I received a Vooray backpack and Vuori running shorts to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Hi run fam! To wrap up the year, I’ll be sharing ALL my thoughts on ALL the products I’ve been testing from The Running Event in Austin, Texas (read all about the event here)! Stay tuned to hear all about the hottest running gear coming out in 2019 and decide for yourself if it’s a must-have!

Today’s reviews: Vooray and Vuori!

I had never heard of either of these brands before The Running Event, so I was intrigued and excited to see what they were all about.

Let’s start with Vooray.

This was the first booth we visited at The Running Event and it was the backpack that encapsuled all of our other goodies – so it was like an all-around (great) first impression! I was realy impressed with the Vooray booth – beautiful backpacks, stylish fanny packs, and functional duffel bags. Everything is beautiful – sleek, good-looking, yet practical and lightweight.

I really like the black backpack given to us – I kept talking about it all weekend – how simple yet elegant it was! Plus, it’s a really great size. I have  HUGE GINORMOUS backpack for traveling, which is nice at times, but I really like the smaller (more practical for everyday) size of this one.

I even ordered a vew more Vooray items (with my own money) when I got home upon seeing the affordability on their website! I got a two-pack backpack deal for $24 (yep – $12 each) and a crossbody bag for less than $20, perfect for traveling.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Vooray to friends and family. High quality, low prices – 100% my style!

Now, what about Vuori?

Vooray is all about function AND style. Their clothing (which is all SUPER soft and seemingly made of magic materials) is meant to be functional for outdoor activities and be stylish for whatever you have planned afterwards.

I received a pair of running shorts to try and really enjoy them. They are  a bit shorter and more “low-ride” than shorts I’d normally reach for, but the material is VERY lightweight and the waistband is like wearing nothing – super soft and stretchy.


These shorts remind me of a certain very popular brand that people spend a lot of money on. Overall, an A and would receive an A+ if I could get a little longer fit for my 6′ body. My bet would be that you’d love these shorts.

There we have it! More reviews to come! Coming soon: Altra, Brooks, and more!

Have you tried these brands/products? What are your thoughts?

The Perfect (Runner) Gift: AfterShokz Trekz Air!

Disclaimer: I received a pair of AfterShokz Trekz Air and to give away and to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a runner in your life (totally OK if that’s yourself!)?

I wanted to give the gift of SAFETY and the best headphones in the world. I literally do not know where to begin with these headphones. I. love. them.

They allow you to still hear ambient sounds (safety comes first – always be aware of your surroundings!) while still hearing your music or podcasts with impeccable quality.

I have been using AfterShokz Trekz Titanium headphones for basically ever, and now we have the new and improved AfterShokz Trekz Air (how can these headphones get any better?!). They are almost exactly the same – they are thinner and, as the name suggests, light as air. I have literally walked out the door with them on and gone BACK inside thinking I forgot my headphones! literally to find them on my ears.

The Trekz Air have many similar qualities as the Trekz Titamiun as far as function – great sound quality, AMAZING battery life, lightweight, durable (they’ve literally survived a load of laundry, though not recommended), and connect seamlessly to Bluetooth. The bottoms on the headphones will adjust the volume, pause, play a song, you can talk on the phone… the whole bit. All in an even lighter package!

A few questions I commonly get about these headphones are…

But do they feel weird on your ears since they don’t go in your ears like earbuds?… 

Nope. At first, you might wonder “am I wearing these correctly?” but you are. They just sit there. They will not bounce or budget, despite what you might think.

But is the sound quality still good since they don’t go in your ear? What about that bass?…

The sound quality is JUST as amazing (if not, better) than any earbuds or other headphones I’ve ever tried. I like my music LOUD (too loud) and I love bass (hip hop/rap fan here) and these do not disappoint.

How is the battery life?…

Amazing. “6 hours of continuous play” per their website. I charge mine maybe once a week wearing them for every. single. run. Plus, they are rechargeable and charge quickly!

Can I wear them in the rain? What if I’m a heavy sweater?…

They are technically water resistant, not water PROOF – BUT – they can withstand a lot. I am convinced that the only thing that might mess them up is literally scuba diving with them. They have lasted through a load of laundry, a really sweaty Texas summer, and lots of rainy runs. I wouldn’t worry unless you’re going swimming!

How do I know which size will fit best?…

These headphones come in two sizes – regular and mini. Keep in mind that these headphones are not meant to fit snug to your head. They are meant to hang a little around your head. I wouldn’t worry too much – I honestly think most people can fit the regular size, and kids/women with small heads could pull off either size or the minis. I can wear either one comfortably. I recommend using their handy dandy sizing tool here.

I also want to note that if you’re concerned at all with the quality/durability of these headphones, AfterShokz has THE BEST (THE ACTUAL BEST) customer support. If something crazy happens to your beloved headphones, just fill out a warranty claim form and upon review they will send you a brand spankin’ new pair. They are also very active and responsive on social media and have a “chat” on their website (love that)!

So, down to the nitty gritty. I’ve included some fun facts about the Trekz Air…

Aftershokz Trekz Air

“The next generation of bone conduction technology is what’s inside our lightest and most organically designed open ear headphones to date. We cut the bulk and used titanium everywhere possible to ensure they not only fit more securely but sound better too. Trekz Air are inspired by the demands of elite and aspiring athletes motivated by their music and their world.”


  • Bone conduction technology delivers music through your cheekbones, ensuring ears remain completely open to hear ambient sounds
  • A 20% lighter build than its counterpart
  • A new organic design delivers increased comfort
  • Complete wraparound titanium design provides a flexible fit for unnoticeable all-day comfort and stability
  • OpenFit™ design ensures maximum situational awareness and comfort during long-term wear
  • PremiumPitch+™ guarantees a premium audio experience, including wide dynamic range and rich bass
  • Bluetooth® v4.2 connectivity and convenient multipoint pairing
  • LeakSlayer™ technology significantly reduces natural sound leakage
  • IP55 certified to repel sweat, dust and moisture, from workouts to wicked weather
  • Enjoy six hours of continuous music + calls on a single charge
  • EQ presets boost bass and reduce vibration on the go
  • Dual noise canceling microphones exclude surrounding noise, effectively enhancing speech
  • Audrey Says™ voice prompts guide users through power, pair, play and talk
  • Hassle-free 2-year warranty


  • Speaker type: bone conduction transducers
  • Frequency response: 20Hz~20KHz
  • Sensitivity: 100 ± 3dB
  • Microphone: -40dB ± 3dB
  • Bluetooth version: v4.2
  • Compatible profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP
  • Wireless range: 33 ft (10m)
  • Battery: rechargeable lithium ion
  • Continuous play: 6 hours
  • Standby time: 20 days
  • Charge in: 2 hours
  • Weight: 1.06 oz (30g)

So, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for yourself and a runner in your life, I highly, highly recommend taking advantage of the AfterShokz bundle deals! Use this link for discounts all year round!

The Running Event Experience!

Disclaimer: I received entry to The Running Event to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!


Where to begin!


What is The Running Event?

The Running Event in Austin, Texas is “THE Premier Conference and Trade Show for Running Specialty Retailers.” The Running Event (TRE) is like a HUGE EXPO ON STEROIDS for retailers to show off their products, broadcast what’s to come for the new year, and show you why they’re the best of the best.

The event is not open for registration for just anyone. This exclusive event is for retailers, vendors, and guest speakers only. So: SUPER IMPORTANT RUNNER PEOPLE. This year, TRE did something a little different and I (me! little ol’ me!) was fortunate enough to be a part of it!!!

TRE had an “Influencer’s Day” – so, Friday, we (BibRave Pros) were invited out to the (HUGEEEE GINORMOUS) Expo to check out all the vendors and chat with some new, popular, and upcoming brands. We spoke with Brooks Running, Altra Running, Handful, Addaday, Arcanum, Vuori, CEP, Incrediwear, Zwift, and nuun Hydration. Afterwards, we were free to roam the giant booths broadcasting their awesome products. I found a few that interested me such as Turtle Gloves and Stunt Puppy.


So, now that you know about TRE, let me rewind a bit. Putting this AMAZING once-in-a-lifetime experience into a single blog post is not the easiest of tasks – so bear with me and hang on for the ride.

I was chosen as a BibRave Pro, months ago, to attend Influencer’s day at TRE in Austin, Texas. For literal EVER, I held it in my excitement (ok, for months!)


I rode the MegaBus down to Austin, Texas from Dallas on a Thursday morning. That afternoon I got to meet some awesome runners that I’ve “known” forever but never met in person. I couldn’t believe it was actually happening! The weather was perfect, we walked around Austin a little while, then it was time for the Zwift Reception.


Zwift reception!

We arrive at a nice reception – just for US! With the Zwift team there with their treadmills ready to show us how to virtually run together (it’s really awesome). As I am attempting to soak EVERYTHING in (all while documenting on Instagram Stories, of course), we are directed towards our “swag bags.”

Ok – I knew some swag would be involved – but HOLY GUACAMOLE. Christmas came early!!!

Swag haul from TRE!

Everyone was ooh-ing and aah-ing at their swag bags and I was so excited about the everything going on, I don’t even know if I remembered to look at my own items. I did, of course want to try everything on immediately after coming back to reality.

So, we all talk about all the items we received and how much we can’t wait to try them out – all while Zwift is showing us how to run virtually together (two BibRave Pros were actually running on treadmills to show us)! We got to see their avatars race each other, cheer them on, have some cocktails and cheese cubes… I mean it couldn’t get any better! Right? Just wait…


Swag bag! (& boxes!!)

THEN, it was food time. Cheese cubes are great and all, but a group full of runners getting rungry could get dangerous. We all go get BBQ and are told that we are all invited to an exclusive Brooks party afterwards. Yes, Brooks! I thought – OK, maybe a small get together… Brooks tells us about some shoes… NOPE. NOPE NOPE NOPE. THIS WAS THE BIGGEST RUNNER PARTY EVER. (ever ever!!!)


Before the crowd and dance circles… little did I know…!

We walk our full bellies over to a super cool indoor-outdoor bar in a hip area in Austin. We were the early-birds and I thought… this is awkward – there’s like 20 of us in this huge place with an open bar… by ourselves? What is this… Next thing I know, I see the guy from MY running store in Dallas, Texas! I am obviously taken by surprise… “What are you doing here?!” He replies, “Don’t you know?! This is THE BIGGEST runner party of the year!”

He was right! Soon enough, the place was shoulder-to-shoulder with runners (with access to an open bar – just let that sink in for a moment…) with everyone dancing, talking, just letting loose! There was a great band, dance circles forming (then huge dance circles forming…) It was the best party I’ve been to. Ever.

Oh and THEN… DES LINDEN (yes, you heard me)

DES LINDEN walked in. O. M. G. I have never “fangirled” in my life. Until now. No words needed:


Oh, you know, just in the same room as DES LINDEN.

We partied until our legs hurt. I walked back to the hotel around 1am with my hotel-roomies and get about 4 hours of sleep (maybe? – who needs sleep at a time like this!) before our group run. Yes, we managed to run. Then a quick rinse before heading to The Running Event where it felt like just the beginning!

We all enjoyed our time together and I really loved seeing all the effort put into the vendor booths. There are so many amazing, dedicated running brands out there that truly yearn to make the running experience just that much better.

So, to recap: meeting amazing runners/humans/BibRave family, Zwift event, awesome swag, BBQ, Brooks (HUGE) running party, biggest expo ever of your life

I’d say it was two jam-packed days that I will never. ever. forget.

Thank you, BibRave, Zwift, all the amazing brands, and The Running Event for including us in this AMAZING experience and thank YOU (you!) for all your support and encouragement.

Photo Credit: Larry Castillo Photography

Review: Nathan Luna Fire 250 RX Run Chest/Waist Light (& DISCOUNT CODE!)

Disclaimer: I received a Nathan Luna Fire 250 RX Run Chest/Waist Light to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!


Now that the days are short, I’ve been needing my headlamp more than ever during runs. I really wanted to test out the Nathan Luna Fire 250 RX Run Chest/Waist Light because I love that you can clip it anywhere. My headlamp gets uncomfortable after a while and leaves a dent on my forehead, so I was loving the idea of wearing it on my waist.

A little bit about the Nathan Luna Fire 250 RX Run Chest/Waist Light:

Features & Benefits

Our newest runners’ light is also our most versatile! The lightweight & powerful 250-lumen Luna Fire 250 RX Chest/Waist Light features a comfortable strap for secure placement on your chest or waist, plus you can easily adjust the beam angle up and down.

As an added bonus, you can remove the light and clip onto your running shorts, jacket, hydration pack…anywhere, really…to customize the exact placement and beam angle of light. Those once-scary nighttime roads, paths and trails won’t know what hit them

  • Lightweight, versatile runners’ chest/waist light
  • 250 Lumens LED spotlight
  • Includes a comfortable chest/waist strap
  • Removable light clips on anywhere
  • Removable light clips on anywhere


  • LED: 250 max Lumen main LED
  • Battery: Lithium-ion Polymer Rechargeable via USB
  • Burn Time: 25+ Hours
  • Water Resistance: IPX4 – Weather resistant


  • 33 Lumens ( Low)
  • 100 Lumens (Med)
  • 200 Lumens (Hi)
  • 250 Lumens (Boost)
  • 100 Lumens (White/Strobe)

So, my thoughts!



I have been reaching for this every morning or evening rather than my headlamp. Its so light weight it does not bother me at all – and it is SO BRIGHT. It has three settings, each one getting brighter and brighter – and I always (even when it’s pitch dark outside) run with the lowest setting. It’s THAT bright. Which is crazy – my headlamp is 300 lumens so I thought this one might be too dim for my liking – nope! I don’t know how (magic, probably) but it’s way brighter that anything I’ve ever used!


I also LOVE that it’s rechargeable. I have only ever used lamps that took batteries and had no idea what I was missing out on. It charges quickly and holds a charge, too. I haven’t had to re-charge it yet. Just the initial charge. The light turns green when it’s fully charged which is nice.


This little lamp is super functional. It comes with a little belt that can be adjusted to wear on your hip, waist, chest, really anywhere. It clips on to the elastic-y belt (really easily) and could essentially clip on to anything. If you wanted to clip it to your pats, shirt, backpack, even a headlamp strap… you could! It also angles down so you can actually see the road in the darkness and see where you’re going. I was a little worried it was more for visibility for cars rather than for me to see where I’m going – I can definitely see (tested in complete darkness and dusk) and it allows cars to see me.

nathan 3

This little lamp shouldn’t be underestimated! It’s definitely earned a spot in my top “must haves” for any runner that runs in the early morning or evening (this time of year, any time after 5pm!)

Waist Lamp vs. Headlamp

The only thing that I realized with a waist lamp vs.a headlamp – it bounces a little more (I guess my body bounces more than my head – that may vary depending on your stride!) and if I turn my head to look to the side for cars or something, the light doesn’t move with my eyes (an obvious one, but just something to note). But really, overall, I like this more than a headlamp. I don’t show up to work with a wierd little indention on my forehead!


Nathan Luna Fire 250 RX Run Chest/Waist Light, retail: $39.99

Use code “NATHANBIB20” for 20% purchases up to $250 on Find the Luna Fire 250 RX here!

Sub-1:40 Half Marathon: I. DID. IT.

For over a year now, I’ve had this goal. This scary yet attainable goal that I KNEW I could reach and surpass for the half marathon. A sub-1:40. I’d take 1:39:59. A 7:30ish pace for 13.1 miles. I KNEW I had it in me. I didn’t take my eyes off of this goal. for OVER A YEAR. For hundreds and hundreds of days, six days out of the week, EVERY. WEEK. I have stayed focused.

FOR HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF DAYS! I woke up at 4:30 am, even 3:30 am! Whatever I had to do. I went to bed early, ate well, ran through 110 degree Texas summers, drank copious amounts of water to recover, did my cross training, stretched when I didn’t want to, overcame an injury with tedious exercises that seemed useless at times – I literally came back to running ONE minute at a time!… I. Stuck. With it. One day off. Every week. Running a consistent 40-50 miles per week. Every. Week.

I knew it was paying off! Just last week, I ran a 5K PR – 21:08 (6:44 min/mile average)!

I never considered myself a “fast” runner. Yes, I ran the 400 meters in High School in 60 seconds and change. Even then, I never thought I was fast. Lucky, maybe? I don’t know. I REALLY never thought – at least if you were to ask me 5 years ago – that I would run THIRTEEN MILES holding a pace in the 7’s. No way. No way!!

And here I am. I am still daydreaming about yesterday’s race… the Dallas Running Club Half Marathon on the morning of Sunday, November 4th, 2018…

At 6:00 am I get off of a school bus that shuttled runners to the Start line. It was still dark. Excitement was in the air. It was a chilly morning. Cold, really. I will admit – I got there (extra) early and may have huddled in a porta-potty for a silly amount of time to be in a pota-potty just for warmth. I was saved by the fact that I remembered my mittens! (Lucky mittens, of course).

It was getting close to Start time (finally!) and I do my usual dynamic warm-up while trying not to run into anyone. Everyone huddles towards the Start.

I see that there are Pacers holding up their little signs with how fast they’re going so I look for my group – 1:40. It was almost at the very front of the Start line! I felt like some sort of celebrity starting that close to the front, surrounded by all these lean men with brightly colored shoes who look like really strong athletes.

POP! The gun goes off!

I was in the front of the pack… staying stride in stride with these incredibly strong (and bouncy!) guys… each and every stride in sync for a whole 10+ miles, running shoulder to shoulder. I felt strong. Part of the pack! I felt unstoppable. I was focused. Relaxed. I felt weightless…

Then… Around mile 11 my mental “calm” broke with about the last hill I thought I could handle (it was a hilly course). “Last hill!” our amazing pacer assured us. “Stay relaxed going up. Looking strong! Stay left to follow the tangent!” He says. I was relaxed and right ahead of the pacer (ALMOST!) the entire 13.1 miles. It was mile 11… that last hill that got me. It broke my focus. I was, at this point, surprised and relieved hat I made it that far before it happened! I just told myself the hard part is here, so it can’t get worse. THIS is the part that counts.

Suddenly my legs were tired and all I could think about was stopping. Thankfully, I knew my friends would be cheering around mile 11 so I just focused on staying in the game until then. If they take pictures, I should at least look as strong as I did the first 11 miles, right? You’re strong. Keep going… Shut up, legs!!

I took it one. mile. at. a. time. Keeping my pace group in sight, I just kept a strong stride and tried really hard to tell myself that I felt good. My mind just wasn’t the same those last few miles. I had to dig deep (I truly learned what “dig deep” meant during training). I thought I blew it until I look down at my watch to see that I was still holding a pace in the 7’s (how?? I didn’t argue with the Garmin!!). With just one mile to go, there was no going back. No giving up. And I’m so glad I stuck it out… I can’t explain the feeling when I saw 1:39:42 on that watch.

This was truly a morning and experience that I will never forget. In the end it’s not about the numbers, it’s about that feeling. That unexplainable feeling…

Mile splits:

  • Mile one: 7:28
  • Mile two: 7:22
  • Mile three: 7:20
  • Mile four: 7:25
  • Mile five: 7:33
  • Mile six: 7:31
  • Mile seven: 7:36
  • Mile eight: 7:26
  • Mile nine: 7:44
  • Mile ten: 7:40
  • Mile eleven: 7:49
  • Mile twelve: 7:59
  • Mile thirteen: 8:00
  • Mile point one: 6:59

13.12 miles @ 7:36 [1:39:42]

Personal Record

Second in Age Group

Tenth overall Female

THANK YOU, thank you, THANK YOU, Lifelong Endurance for sticking with me through it all and for making this magical day possible. Thank YOU, as well, for your encouragement and support.

This was a huge mental breakthrough for me.

And you know what? After ALL THIS. You may wonder, what now? You may think that I’d wonder that, too. Not a bit. It truly is the journey, not the destination. I LOVE every minute of it. I am more determined than ever and won’t stop now.

Great things to come!

Thank you.