I’m going to Tulsa! Tulsa Run Challenge: 5K + 15K

Disclaimer: I received entry to The Tulsa Federal Credit Union Tulsa Run to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

I’m so excited to announce that I’ve recruited my dad (thanks, Dad!) to go up to Tulsa, Oklahoma with me for an adventure! I will be running The Tulsa Federal Credit Union Tulsa Run Challenge! The challenge consists of a 5K race and 15K race – in the same day! Yep, both runs are on the same morning. How’s that for something different? And Tulsa, Oklahoma! I’ve never been, so I’m really excited! Dad is going to bring his bike and find somewhere in Tulsa to ride while I run! (suggestions welcome!)

8-31-2017 5-07-44 AM

So, what is this “Tulsa Run,” you ask?

From their website:

“The Tulsa Federal Credit Union Tulsa Run is turning 40! Come celebrate four decades of running in Tulsa by participating in the most historic race in Oklahoma. From its humble beginnings in 1978 with a little over 1,000 runners the Tulsa Run has been a marquee event in the Tulsa Community. With over 150,000 finishers of the 15k race we want you to add your name to the list!

With a 15k, 5k, and 2k distance there is a race for every athlete and fitness goal. Starting in downtown Tulsa, participants experience a diverse course that encompasses Cherry Street, Woodward Park, Veterans Park, Arkansas River, Red Fork District, Route 66, and finishes in the historic Art Deco District. The Tulsa Run is the host of USA Track and Field 15k Masters Championships. Join us for a Tulsa tradition!”

I’m so excited to be a part of this amazing tradition! Word is, it’s a fast course, swag is epic, and post-race party is unbeatable! I can’t wait to take a trip to Tulsa and experience this race and make an adventure out of it! Registration is confirmed and hotel is booked! Woohoo! See you soon, Tulsa!

Tulsa 2

The excitement of the Start Line!

Tulsa 3

Hoodies are my favorite! The swag has already won me over!


Excited to be a part of the Tulsa tradition!


Have you ever run the Tulsa Federal Credit Union Tulsa Run or other Oklahoma races?

Have you ever done two races in one morning? Any suggestions or thoughts?


6 thoughts on “I’m going to Tulsa! Tulsa Run Challenge: 5K + 15K

  1. I have not run Tulsa, but I have done two races in one morning. The past two years I have done the Gasparilla Ultra Challenge, 15k/5k Saturday morning and then a Half/8k on Sunday!! A medal for each race plus the challenge medal!!! With Gasparilla it is easier to run the 15k faster, there are 40k runners/walkers for the 5k!! It is next to impossible to get a good time unless you are a seeded runner in the first corral. Sorry I’m not much help.

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    1. Oh wow! Thanks for sharing! So did you go “all out” for each race? (If could’ve done so with the %K, would you?) I’m wondering if I’ll do the 5K as “warm up” then race the 15K. Or just go all out for both. 🙂


      1. Hi Jenna!! I thought I had replied earlier, but I’m finding I have neglected my blog responses!! I did not go all out for each race. My goal was to be able to finish all four races that weekend! Best of luck in Tulsa!!

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