30 Minute PR: Just the Beginning

I wanted to share something you may have already read if you follow my Instagram.

I think it’s so important to love every version of yourself.


How BADASS does it feel to realize how much you’ve improved?!

👈 On the left: it’s 2016, I am running my first ever run longer than 4-6ish miles. I just randomly signed up for a local half marathon, the Big D Half Marathon. No training, newbie, and I thought “HOW do people do this?!?” It was hard. But I proved something to myself: I CAN. {Finished in 2:11/10:00 min/mile}
👉 On the right: it’s 2017, I’ve been working with the AMAZING Lifelong Endurance (game changer!), working hard, still a newbie 😜 and having fun running the BCS Half Marathon in College Station. I felt unstoppable. {Finished in 1:42/7:46 min/mile}
I love this picture because both of these pictures were taken at the finish line. 🏁 Not only can I see that I have become physically stronger, but I have grown mentally strong in ways I did not imagine possible.
👊 and this is just the beginning. Thank you to Lifelong Endurance for a coaching me through (basically a 30 min PR in a year?!) and thank you Bibrave and ALL OF YOU!!!

Let’s do this thing!!! 💪💪

Below are some race photots to remind me that I am strong during this time of such low mileage! I am healing and trying to get stronger to prevent this piriformis issue to become just that – an “issue.” I hope to get back to the grind soon!

In the meantime, I am running a few days a week, cycling, and doing some functional strength movements.

Happy Friday!

How do you stay motivated when you feel like you’re not improving?

What “fun” strength workouts do  you like/recommend?

5 thoughts on “30 Minute PR: Just the Beginning

  1. Amazing improvement Jenna! I like to do band work and yoga to improve my strength. When I feel like I am not improving I write more detailed information in my running log. Then, I see if I can pick out what is stopping me from improving or use it to prove to myself I am actually improving in small ways even if it does not feel like I am.

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    1. Thank you, Amanda! That is a really great idea to get more detailed in your journaling. I really need to do yoga – I always feel so great afterwards and it is great for strength and stability!


  2. I have a bunch of strength workouts on my page that i like! Basically they are a combo of all the programs I’ve done in the past and I picked my favorite exercises :). Yoga is also a different challenge. Spinning classes can be fun, but I have to go light on resistance. Hope you feel better soon!


  3. Huge improvement in a short time! Congrats! Kettlebell routines are my ‘fun’ go-to. Right now I’m 13 weeks postpartum and definitely feel like I’m not improving. Although I look back and see I am! It’s a slow uphill climb back to hard core fitness post baby. Ha!

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