The Running Event Experience!

Disclaimer: I received entry to The Running Event to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!


Where to begin!


What is The Running Event?

The Running Event in Austin, Texas is “THE Premier Conference and Trade Show for Running Specialty Retailers.” The Running Event (TRE) is like a HUGE EXPO ON STEROIDS for retailers to show off their products, broadcast what’s to come for the new year, and show you why they’re the best of the best.

The event is not open for registration for just anyone. This exclusive event is for retailers, vendors, and guest speakers only. So: SUPER IMPORTANT RUNNER PEOPLE. This year, TRE did something a little different and I (me! little ol’ me!) was fortunate enough to be a part of it!!!

TRE had an “Influencer’s Day” – so, Friday, we (BibRave Pros) were invited out to the (HUGEEEE GINORMOUS) Expo to check out all the vendors and chat with some new, popular, and upcoming brands. We spoke with Brooks Running, Altra Running, Handful, Addaday, Arcanum, Vuori, CEP, Incrediwear, Zwift, and nuun Hydration. Afterwards, we were free to roam the giant booths broadcasting their awesome products. I found a few that interested me such as Turtle Gloves and Stunt Puppy.


So, now that you know about TRE, let me rewind a bit. Putting this AMAZING once-in-a-lifetime experience into a single blog post is not the easiest of tasks – so bear with me and hang on for the ride.

I was chosen as a BibRave Pro, months ago, to attend Influencer’s day at TRE in Austin, Texas. For literal EVER, I held it in my excitement (ok, for months!)


I rode the MegaBus down to Austin, Texas from Dallas on a Thursday morning. That afternoon I got to meet some awesome runners that I’ve “known” forever but never met in person. I couldn’t believe it was actually happening! The weather was perfect, we walked around Austin a little while, then it was time for the Zwift Reception.


Zwift reception!

We arrive at a nice reception – just for US! With the Zwift team there with their treadmills ready to show us how to virtually run together (it’s really awesome). As I am attempting to soak EVERYTHING in (all while documenting on Instagram Stories, of course), we are directed towards our “swag bags.”

Ok – I knew some swag would be involved – but HOLY GUACAMOLE. Christmas came early!!!

Swag haul from TRE!

Everyone was ooh-ing and aah-ing at their swag bags and I was so excited about the everything going on, I don’t even know if I remembered to look at my own items. I did, of course want to try everything on immediately after coming back to reality.

So, we all talk about all the items we received and how much we can’t wait to try them out – all while Zwift is showing us how to run virtually together (two BibRave Pros were actually running on treadmills to show us)! We got to see their avatars race each other, cheer them on, have some cocktails and cheese cubes… I mean it couldn’t get any better! Right? Just wait…


Swag bag! (& boxes!!)

THEN, it was food time. Cheese cubes are great and all, but a group full of runners getting rungry could get dangerous. We all go get BBQ and are told that we are all invited to an exclusive Brooks party afterwards. Yes, Brooks! I thought – OK, maybe a small get together… Brooks tells us about some shoes… NOPE. NOPE NOPE NOPE. THIS WAS THE BIGGEST RUNNER PARTY EVER. (ever ever!!!)


Before the crowd and dance circles… little did I know…!

We walk our full bellies over to a super cool indoor-outdoor bar in a hip area in Austin. We were the early-birds and I thought… this is awkward – there’s like 20 of us in this huge place with an open bar… by ourselves? What is this… Next thing I know, I see the guy from MY running store in Dallas, Texas! I am obviously taken by surprise… “What are you doing here?!” He replies, “Don’t you know?! This is THE BIGGEST runner party of the year!”

He was right! Soon enough, the place was shoulder-to-shoulder with runners (with access to an open bar – just let that sink in for a moment…) with everyone dancing, talking, just letting loose! There was a great band, dance circles forming (then huge dance circles forming…) It was the best party I’ve been to. Ever.

Oh and THEN… DES LINDEN (yes, you heard me)

DES LINDEN walked in. O. M. G. I have never “fangirled” in my life. Until now. No words needed:


Oh, you know, just in the same room as DES LINDEN.

We partied until our legs hurt. I walked back to the hotel around 1am with my hotel-roomies and get about 4 hours of sleep (maybe? – who needs sleep at a time like this!) before our group run. Yes, we managed to run. Then a quick rinse before heading to The Running Event where it felt like just the beginning!

We all enjoyed our time together and I really loved seeing all the effort put into the vendor booths. There are so many amazing, dedicated running brands out there that truly yearn to make the running experience just that much better.

So, to recap: meeting amazing runners/humans/BibRave family, Zwift event, awesome swag, BBQ, Brooks (HUGE) running party, biggest expo ever of your life

I’d say it was two jam-packed days that I will never. ever. forget.

Thank you, BibRave, Zwift, all the amazing brands, and The Running Event for including us in this AMAZING experience and thank YOU (you!) for all your support and encouragement.

Photo Credit: Larry Castillo Photography

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    1. It was SO great meeting you, too! It really was a great experience! I’m glad Texas managed to have some nice weather that weekend! I hope we get to do it again :)! Happy to meet up if you’re ever around Dallas – any time!

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