Week 20: Marathon Training

Let’s get right into how this week went! Just one thing (as always!): THANK YOU to my amazing, awesome, number one… Coach Andrew Simmons with Lifelong Endurance. I would be completely lost without him and who knows how this whole marathon thing would turn out. I’m so thankful for his guidance. All my runs and workouts are prescribed by Coach Simmons. Feel free to contact him with any coaching questions at andrew@lifelongendurance.com!

Let’s do this thing!

[ week 20 / 10 weeks until 26.2 ]

Sunday – Long run. 13 miles, 2:04:12, 9:33 min/mile.

Nice, easy miles – enjoyed the cool, quiet morning. The last 4 miles were tough – the last mile in particular was exhausting. I was hot, tired, and my legs were heavy. But I did it and overall the run felt good and I felt great afterwards. After today I’m feeling better about these long runs. A distance over 10 miles is intimidating to me, but becoming more and more “doable” as I build confidence. I’m currently feeling pretty confident because now I’ve done it a few times and now I know I can do it. 

Monday – Rest day. No run, strength training.

Did a crossfit (strength training) class today since I was feeling good after my long run yesterday. We did side planks, lunges, arm things, and push ups among many other things. It wasn’t too tough, but a nice supplemental workout. I like that we take time before and after class to work on stretches and foam-rolling.

Tuesday – Tempo run. 6.01 miles, 51:28, 8:34 min/mile.

TOUGH run today! 6 x (800m @4:00-4:15) with a 60 sec rest in between. I went early, so it wasn’t too hot (below 90) but it was HUMID. I don’t know why, but sometimes 8min/mile is “easy” for me (I find myself having to slow down from that on a long run), and other times its not. That’s an interesting thing about training that I’ve found and with running almost daily – your body works differently on different days. Some days feel great and others may not, but those tough days are the days that make you stronger.

Wednesday – Easy run. 3.03 miles, 26:57, 8:54 min/mile.

I was a bit worried today because my knee hurt a bit after my run yesterday – but I iced and rested it and it was golden in the morning. I had a great 3 miles – in fact, today was once of those days when I had to slow myself down. I felt like I was going easy and kept looking down at my watch to read 8:00 min/mile! Now why couldn’t that have been so easy yesterday? Anyway, I really slowed myself down and took it easy. My knee felt fine after this run, too, so I was happy! It’s always nice to not have an injury.

Thursday – Easy run. 5.01 miles, 45:31, 9:05 min/mile.

I felt a little stiff today, but was OK. It wasn’t too hot and I actually had a few parts of my shirt that weren’t completely soaked in sweat for the first time this summer!

Friday – Easy Run. 4.01 miles, 37:24, 9:20 min/mile.

It was like deja vu today! I was just running, wasn’t I? Since I ran in the evening yesterday and early this morning, I felt like I was just on this sidewalk. I was tired, but I was just fine once I got going. I noted that I was a bit stiff in my hips and knees but overall felt OK.

(My Nike+ app always says a bit different mileage/time than my Garmin, which I go by)

Saturday – Rest and recovery!

Total miles for the week – 31.1 

Total miles (running only) for August – 121.13

Thank you for following me on my journey! I truly and greatly appreciate all of your support and comments and enjoy hearing about how your training/life is going as well. I hope you all had an amazing weekend!
If you could travel anywhere and do any race, what would it be?

Have you ever done a Ragnar Relay? What was it like (trail or road?)?

17 thoughts on “Week 20: Marathon Training

  1. Another great week of pushing your limits Jenna! You’re doing great!

    If you could travel anywhere and do any race, what would it be? So many but I really want Big Sur International along the Pacific Ocean.

    Have you ever done a Ragnar Relay? What was it like (trail or road?)? Not yet but I really want to be part of one next year!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Frank!! Oh that race sounds amazing! And I want to do a Ragnar relay too… I’m going to try to do Austin next year! A trail run would be fun, though… Something different 🙂 thanks again for the encouragement!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m currently in Bordeaux, France, and will be running the Marathon du Medoc as my ‘dream race’ – although, it’s not going to be a race so much for me!

    There are many great marathons out there, and each one is special in its own way. Of the five I’ve done, Dusseldorf has been my fav so far. But I’ll check back with you after I run a few more this fall!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That sounds amazing! I’d love to run in France! Yes, you’re right – there are so many out there! Please do check in and let me know how they go! I love hearing about different runs. Have a great time at Marathon du Medoc!


  3. Hey Ms Texas congrats on the long run! You and you’r coach are really playing it smart. I can’t tell you how many first time marathoners burn out by doing the long runs to early. I also do quite a few late night early morning runs, which has become my version of a double workout. Don’t worry about any difficulty you feel as you progress. I NEVER feel good in my 18 plus workouts.Trust me, anyone that runs with me can attest to my constant complaining throughout the workout! However, race day arrives and it somehow all comes together – Most of the time! By that picture of you flexing in the gym it looks like you have progressed to roid use. I told you that stuff in CO was a gateway drug HA HA .Honestly, you clearly better find a new supplier .Ok,that was mean – you look ripped LOL. Now you have deprived all of you’r followers of knowing what race I would love to do since you grade questions with no curve. I ‘am going to find a 101 to follow and answer their’s HA HA. Bet you didn’t see that coming 🙂
    I had a pretty slow week 40 miles – Skipped the long run Sunday and spent the day at the US Open – Not a big deal – I do this every year. OK OK DON’T BADGER ME :). The race of my dreams would be the Comrades Marathon.

    Quote of the week: From the late Dr George Sheehan
    “To keep from decaying, to be a winner, the athlete must accept pain–not only accept it, but look for it, live with it, learn not to fear it.”

    I think you have found enough pain in my replies LOL. Have a great week!

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    1. Thanks so much! Yes running is fun. Best way to just zone out and just get outside. Definitely… Each run does count, even if it’s not a “good” one. Sometimes it’s tough but always worth it!

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  4. Great week and month!!! I always think of how crazy I am when I do evening runs and then morning runs the next day.. Toally deja vu feeling like you said, lol! Actually, marathon training feels totally deja vu. Sooo….much….running…. LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Fantastic week, Jenna! And outstanding monthly mileage. You’ve been incredibly consistent with your training. I personally have never done a ragnar relay and have no desire to, mainly because I prefer having my creature comforts. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!! That’s true. I think it would be exciting to get out of my comfort zone and perhaps meet some new runners since you have to form a team. I may try it out – there’s one in Austin, not too far from where I live. 🙂 thanks again for your support and encouragement as it is truly appreciated! 🙂


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