Review: Senita Athletics

Disclaimer: I was provided the mentioned outfit by Senita Athletics in exchange for my honest review.

First off, what is Senita Athletics?

From their website, Senita Athletics is:

“…where you can finally purchase premium active wear at an affordable price.

Currently, all of our products are under $50. We are able to keep our prices low by working directly with manufacturers and keeping overhead low. We have cut out the middleman, allowing us to avoid retail markup so we can provide you with better products at amazing prices. 
So, whether you are a marathoner, skilled yogi, or running from place to place, let Senita travel with you along the way.”

I love that they are able to keep their products affordable and not jack up the prices for no apparent reason. You don’t feel like you’re breaking the bank just to pay for a logo.

So, how about the quality?

When I received the Sarah Sports Bra and Ellie Tights, I was impressed right off the bat. Upon opening the package, they feel like quality material. By quality material, I mean they are up there with brands that charge out the wazoo for a pair of leggings. Both the bra and leggings are a thick, yet giving material.

My favorite part about both the bra and leggings is that they both have POCKETS! Yes! Even the sports bra! As a runner always trying to stash things anywhere I can, especially on race day, I NEED more pockets in my life. None of my leggings or sports bras have pockets, so this is by far my favorite part. Not only are the items affordable, they’re unique and practical.

As for the design, the pockets are generous – a little snug for an iPhone 6S Plus, but hey it’s not the pocket’s fault that phones are now the size or Pop Tarts. The pattern of the bra is really cute, as well as the color of the leggings. Again – unique.

I will say the only downfall I’ve found thus far is that items sell out QUICK. I kept adding something to my cart, would return and it would be out of stock. I am really glad I got my hands on the two items that I wanted (because of the pockets) – but just as a head’s up… if you’re eyeing it, snag it while you can!

So, how did they hold up while running?

The Sarah Sports bra was great – I am a 30C and the size Small was perfect. I didn’t even notice it there while running, which is perfect. It’s easy to pull over your head/get on and off, which is a huge thing for me. It does have generous padding, which I actually like for extra coverage, but it is removable if you so desire. The material is a polyester/spandex and it is sweat-wicking.

The Ellie Tights are just gorgeous leggings. They are top notch quality. They are 7/8th tights (hit a little above the ankle) and are high-rise (sit at or a little above belly button). I love the dark blue color – it’s very vivid in person. The side pockets are just amazing. They do fit my phone (iPhone 6S Plus) or would be great for gels or other little items. They are NOT sheer, thick, slightly compression-y material, yet breathable. I am 5’11” 140lb and the size Small fits lovely. They are capris for me, rather than 7/8th tights, but I am SO used to that.

So, overall I would definitely recommend this affordable, high quality brand and plan to purchase a few more items myself – particularly the Sarah Sports bra in more colors and the Rio Shorts (shorts with side pockets). I am happy to have found quality at the right price! Thank you to Senita Athletics for the opportunity to test these products!

Have you tried items from Senita Athletics? What are your favorite pieces?

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